Physical Evidence

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"Ricardo Manoso, you are being charged with sexual assault in the second degree. How do you plea?" Judge Antonio Dicce bellowed.

"Not guilty, Your Honor." Ranger replied.

"Judge, Mr. Manoso is a dangerous man. He is a highly trained government soldier and given his resources and the fact that he has a private plane, the state requests that he be held without bond until trial." Prosecutor Nicholas Reed spoke up.

"Your Honor, Mr. Manoso has strong ties to the community. He owns a thriving security company and has relatives in the area. He is an upstanding citizen and has been a consultant for the Trenton Police Department for years. He has helped put most of the criminals in custody behind bars. He is not a flight risk." Trent Carver, RangeMan's top-notch defense attorney, jumped in.

"Due to Mr. Manoso's ownership of a private plane and possession of sufficient resources to disappear, he will be held without bond until trial. Court dismissed." Judge Dicce banged his gavel.

Ranger lowered his head in resignation. His lawyer placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Carlos. It seems Sergeant Morelli is gunning for you and he is pressuring the district attorney's office to ensure that you don't get released." Trent explained.

"I know. I didn't expect to be released. Morelli has convinced everyone that I'm some kind of monster. Anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn't hurt a hair on Stephanie's head. When she wakes up, all of the charges will be dropped. I just hope she is alright." Ranger responded." I don't know what happened when she went to get her things from Morelli's house, but he hurt her and somehow framed me for it." Ranger hissed. Please come back to me, Babe. You have to wake up and be alright.

"I'll try to prevent you from being put into general population, but don't be surprised if it does happen." He warned.

"I can handle myself, Trent. Just make sure that my men get visitation and that I'm kept up-to-date on Steph's condition. She should have woken up by now." Ranger directed.

"Will do, Carlos. I'll be in touch. Hang in there." At that, Trent shut his brief case and departed the court room. The bailiff, Clyde Johnson, came over to escort me back, placing the cuffs on my wrists and leading me through the side door. Clyde is one of my contract guys when RangeMan needs extra men.

"Sorry, Ranger. If it's any consolation, I know you didn't do this. My money's on Morelli putting Steph in the hospital." Clyde spoke quietly. "I hear that Bombshell has a head injury."

"She'll be okay. She has to be." Ranger replied. "I appreciate the vote of confidence."

"Even the cops know you didn't do this. Morelli is the only one who believes it. How did he make sergeant anyway?" Clyde asked incredulously.

"I don't know. And he's conveniently the only one who was there before Steph landed in the hospital unconscious." Ranger growled. "He may have been the one to hurt her, but I was the catalyst that put her in his path that night."

"You can't blame yourself. You're not responsible." Clyde insisted.

"Yet, I'm the one in hand cuffs on my way to jail right now." Ranger grumbled. If I'd controlled myself, Steph wouldn't be in the hospital. I forced her to make a choice and when she chose me, Morelli chose to change all of our lives.