Title: Cute
Author: Gotham's Princess
Rating: K+
Timeline: Post-series
Summary: There were many words that could have been used to describe the Bartlet Administration, but 'cute' was not one of them.
Disclaimer: I don't own West Wing, or any of the characters. If I did, would I be writing fanfic right now?


There were many words that could have been used to describe the Bartlet Administration, but 'cute' was not one of them. No, that phrasing was saved for the Santos Administration. The Santos Administration — with its "dashingly handsome" leader, adorable First Children, 'his-and-her' Chiefs of Staff, and a 'couple' in Sam and Ainsley that some (see Margaret) would say now rivaled the will-they-won't-they of Josh and Donna in their glory years. (Though Josh and Donna would say their glory years were now or yet to come, thank you very much.) It drove Josh mad, when on a slow news day, the press would play around with stories involving the First Couple and their married Chiefs of Staffs having dinner together in the Residence or something else along those lines that could be deemed 'cute'.

"We have policy, you know!" he would rage to Donna, to Sam, to whoever would listen (or whoever could feign paying attention best). Administrations were supposed to strong, radiate power and bring with them a sense of awe. They weren't supposed to be thought of as 'cute'. 'Cute' brought to mind mental images of kittens, puppies, and ice cream cones, not presidencies that were trying to push through intense healthcare and education reforms. How could the American people take a 'cute' presidency seriously? How could they be seen as a threat to Republicans if the press kept calling them 'cute'?

Usually, when Josh got on these rants, there would be someone who could calm him down. True, no one liked being known as the 'cute' presidency, but it was better than nothing right? President Santos would humor him. Joey Lucas (well, more accurately Kenny) would tell him that the Santos Administration was polling amazingly well with the people. Sam would remind Josh that whatever the press was calling them was better than a scandal. Lou would say that she wasn't the one being called cute, so it was passable for now. Bram would note that it was better than being called ugly. Donna would smile and press his hand to her growing stomach, and say that the administration was about to get a whole lot cuter, and he should go ahead a deal with it, and get back to work. And until boredom or massive annoyance set in, Josh usually would.