So, I'm writing a multi-chaptered horror. First time.



The Puppeteer sat on his throne in the dark. The room was only illuminated with very dim moonlight that seeped in from the window by the corner. The Puppeteer smirked, resting his chin on the back of his palm. His eyes narrowed some and the chuckle that followed was a dark and eerie one.

The thunder rumbled outside; the lights of lightning seeped in through the window and the wind made the curtains danced, giving hint of what was inside the room.

The Puppeteer was wrapped by strings so silky and so thin—so thin and sharp that there was no doubt they could cut through flesh cleanly and flawlessly if he willed it. He played with the strings, plucked it a little, producing an eerily tranquil melody in the silence. He rubbed it a little with his thumb and index finger and licked it with his pink, moist tongue as he looked about at the marionettes lying around his throne on the floor—his subjects.

Some of those marionettes lost legs and arms. Some had crimson colored liquid oozing out from the spot they had lost their limbs—even if they were made from plastic. The puppeteer kept the same sadistic smirk, watching as his marionettes continued to ooze out the thick, red liquid. He tugged on one marionette's string. The marionette with hair so golden, wearing casual outfit and checkerboard wristband. However, the marionette's eyes were merely little dots of black—those of a puppet. Then, he brought the marionette close, looking at it eye to eye. His grin grew, watching those dead pair of eyes with his lucid jade one.

"Roxas," he breathed, rubbing a thumb over the marionette's cheek, holding it firmly and gently in his right hand.


The blond jolted awake from his sleep, taking in a sharp breath, feeling adrenaline coursing through his veins, and feeling his breathing going a little bit faster than usual. He blinked himself to his surroundings, noticing that he was just dreaming.

Was he dreaming?

What was he dreaming about then?

He didn't remember anything.

It was probably an unimportant dream anyway. He rubbed the back of his sore neck and looked around. He was still at school. Oh shoot, the school was probably over. There was no one in the classroom and the sun was setting.

"You sleepyhead," Olette's giggle could be heard.

He yelped softly, jumping up from his seat a bit. "Oh, it's you, 'Lette. Don't scare me like that," he huffed, smiling. "So, uh, I guess I've managed to sleep through my political science class again…"

"Yeah and quiet soundly at that. You were drooling and snoring," Olette giggled.

Roxas' eyes went wide. "What? Really?" his jaw dropped open slightly.

"I'm just kidding. But I saw that you were shifting some though. Were you having a nightmare?" the girl with beautiful curly hair tilted her head to the side, concerned.

"I… guess I did. I don't remember though."

"As forgetful as usual. Really, Roxas, it's a crime to be able to sleep so soundly on a piece of wooden desk," Olette pouted a bit, always the one to have a hard time sleeping.

Roxas grinned brightly, chuckling softly. "I guess that's my talent."

Olette laughed. "Yeah, be proud of it, idiot," she shrugged. "Well, now that you're awake, sleeping beauty, you'd better head back home. Your mom said that dinner's ready."

"Oh really? Sweet!" the blond jumped up from his seat and started packing.

Olette sighed. "Roxas, you're already 19. But you act as if you're fourteen."

Roxas pouted.


The Puppeteer watched calmly, planted firmly in his red throne. He observed what he could see from the marionette's eyes. The female marionette with curly brown hair. The Puppeteer licked his dry lips, wetting them. He smirked under his breath, drinking in the sight of the blond.

"Soon, my marionette," he whispered, running an index finger down the blond marionette's back.


Roxas gasped, halting abruptly as he was walking through the pavement. He shuddered and arched back. Afterward, he looked around, eyes wide, blushing a bit. What was… that just now? It was as if someone just ghosted fingers on his back.

He shook his head.

Maybe he was still half asleep.

That really wasn't appropriate at all. Besides, there was no one there except him.

He was probably too hungry. He should really head back home.


The Puppeteer's smirk grew wider, amused that he was awarded with such response from his marionette. He played with the string a little, tugging it gently. Then, he smoothed his index finger down the back of the marionette's ear, then to its neck and shoulders, waiting eagerly for the marionette's response.


Roxas was eating his dessert when he suddenly released a moan and let out a breathy, pleasured sigh. His parents watched him with very peculiar expressions, almost frowning. His dad even corrected his glasses to make sure if the boy sitting in front of him was his young boy. His sister laughed. "Seriously, Roxas. You should stop acting like you're about to have sex with your cake every time you're eating your dessert," she commented.

"Naminé, hush. It's inappropriate for a girl to say something like that," his mom warned.

"Aww, mom. C'mon. Roxas was the one who moaned," she giggled.

Roxas bit back the blood that was ready to rush up to his cheeks.

"Very good."The Puppeteer chuckled, extremely amused. Again, with his index finger, he reached inside the marionette's shirt and ghosted his finger up the puppet's abdomen. He then massaged gently around the marionette's thigh and lower waist.


Roxas bit the inside of his lips, suddenly feeling himself rather… aroused… without any reasons at all. And he was really sure this was not because of the cheesecake.

He breathed in shakily, toes curling up in response, biting his lower lip, trying not to let out another moan in front of his family. W-what was happening to him?

He was old enough to hold back sudden arousals. And there wasn't anything in the dining room that was arousing him. However, he felt really pleasured and really good. He felt the tingling around his stomach area and around his thigh. He took in yet another shaky breath, feeling the insides of his stomach suddenly burning from sensation as he felt the gentle massages around his area.

He swallowed hard, already feeling his own body heating up. "I-I'm finished!" he stood up suddenly.

Naminé gasped softly, startled. "Well, geez, Roxas. Wait… you're not finished with your cake yet. I thought…" before Naminé was finished with his sentence, Roxas had already stormed inside and disappeared.


Slowly, the puppeteer rubbed the area around the marionette's nipple. He rubbed it gently and then sped up, all the while watching the marionette's reaction.

Then, he slowly ghosted his finger down. Then, with two enormous finger that was obviously a little bit too big for the marionette, he rubbed the marionette's arousal through the clothing.


"A-Ah!" Roxas squirmed, locking his door and immediately throwing himself on the bed, not even turning on the light. A drop of sweat rolled down his temple. He took in a shrill breath.

The moonlight shone into the room, making out the blond's silhouette.

He took in yet another deep breath and released shakily, beginning to rub his legs together, feeling his arousal fully erected.

"W-what's happening to me? I… ah!..." he choked, suddenly feeling a pair of hands spreading him wide open.

And without knowing what was going on, the buttons of his shirt were slowly unbuttoned, one by one… and his shirt was pulled open, slid off his arms and off his body, leaving his upper body bare. He could feel his nipple turning very pink and hardened, perking up. He reached around, trying to stop everything from happening, but it seemed as if he was paralyzed—maybe from pleasure or from fear.

Just what was happening?

He blushed profusely, letting out a very silent moan, his toes curled up at the intense pleasure.

Then, he could feel his pants slowly unbuckled itself and slid off of his legs, leaving his whole body bare. His arousal popped out of its hiding, fully erected.

He felt the wetness running down the tip of his length to the base and he felt the soft massaging around the base. He moaned, louder now that he couldn't hold in it anymore.

He drew his knees up.

He figured that it would be too late to stop it now.

… Absent mindedly, he reached for his own arousal and started stroking and pumping. He could still feel the strange soft massages that caused the pleasure to be doubled. He arched back, head burying deep inside his pillows.

His knees were drawn up even further and he could feel the push of his legs up to his knees, spreading him very wide apart. His throat turned dry and he turned his head to the side to let his voice be muffled by his pillow. He continued to stroke, eyes clenched shut, sweating and moaning profusely. He was about to cum when he suddenly something small poking around his entrance.

He took in a shaky breath, not used to the sensation. He had never touched himself there before. Yet, something… something was poking on his entrance and he could feel the wetness of his cum dripping down.

He relaxed… but then, he tensed as he felt the intrusion. He breathed in sharply.

He could feel something… something the size of a pencil or two of them going into his entrance. And he could feel it moving inside of him, going in and out slowly. And he bucked into the thing, completely taken away by the immense pleasure.

His eyes were clenched shut and sweat was glistening on his whole body.

He swallowed again, stroking in the same rhythm with the thing which was going in and out inside of him. As the thing moved faster, so was he.

Afterward, he could feel the intense bliss and pleasure building up and he knew he couldn't hold it in anymore. He tensed, arching back.

Then, he came, spurting out everywhere, some landed on his stomach, some on his cheek and mouth.

And he could still feel the pleasurable massaging.

And slowly, the touches and massages were gone.

And he took in labored breaths, extremely exhausted.

His legs slowly landed and rested on the cover of his bed. He could still feel the stickiness of his cum and the tingling of his body.

His breathing slowly calmed down. He was in an intense bliss.


What just happened?


"My marionette."


Proofread and Updated: 30 July 2010

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