Author's Note:

Before you read on, this is not a Marionette update chapter. This will only contain author's note, which is not related to the story at all. So, feel free to move on with life and ignore this… rambling of mine. (: If you are interested in reading my schpill and find out what's been going on with me, feel free to read on.

So, I heard about the fact that ff net is going to start wiping out stories that contain sexual and violent contents and are more suited for MA rating rather than M rating. So that means that sooner or later, Marionette, Chocolate, Dark Underworld, and tons of my gory fanfictions will be deleted indefinitely. That is really sad to think about—even sadder to know that I'll lose all of the reviews that I've received. I guess this will be kinda the end. (I know that some people will be happy about this, because I know people who hate my sexual and violent filled fics.)

The reason why I decided to write this author's note and submit it to Marionette is because I love Marionette a lot. And I still love that I receive reviews for it even until today. And of course, a lot of people are still reading it as can be seen from the statistics in my account. So, I thought it would be appropriate for me to update Marionette with this… author's note chapter.

First ff net deleted all the links I have in my profile that linked to all the art and fanfictions that have been so graciously gifted to me. And now, they're going to eradicate my stories, which contain basically a lot of the stuff that belongs in the MA rating category.

I guess you can argue either way.

I wasn't aware that ffnet doesn't allow sexual and violent content in the website. I assume that since ffnet is basically filled with M rated stories with smut and everything in it, all I have to do is rate it M. Now, they're saying that it's actually MA-rated and it doesn't belong in the website.

Oh well, right? You can argue either way. I should have been aware of this and I shouldn't have made assumptions.

But it has been a great experience being here. I met some really interesting and amazing people. Not only that, I've had stinking flamers and trolls. But of course, I've also talked to very endearing reviewers and readers who are just so sweet and lovely. It has been really really amazing.

I know that ffnet doesn't allow a chapter update that contain only author's note, but honestly, I guess I've broken ffnet M-rated rule too much anyway and they're going to delete this story in time. So I don't think this matter anymore.

Just wanted to write something to let you guys know (all of you who still cared and have been so amazing) that I'm not at all dead and I'm still very much alive on both deviantart and I also read all reviews, even though I might not reply to all of them. But I do reply to all of my private messages.

Anyway, I would love to hear from all of you. I won't be writing a lot anymore and even if I write, I'd think twice about submitting it to ffnet. (Well, I will actually most likely be submitting stuff to ffnet if I write something, but I'd still think twice about it. If/When I submit a new story again, I'd love to hear from you guys again).

My life has been great, except that it's been super hot, but hey, it' s summer. Things are going great for me and everything has been working well except for the part where ffnet is going to screw a lot of great stories in ffnet over.

Yep, that is all I have to say. Thanks for reading until the end.

Feel free to PM or write a review to this update if you'd like and I'll definitely try my best to reply to them—as best as the crappy internet in this hell hole I live in right now can manage.

It has been an amazing experience.

Thank you all for spending the time to read my story/stories and of course, thank you all of taking the time to write a review and leave a message to me. It's always very welcomed. They brighten my day and of course, they help make me feel that what I've done was not a waste of time.

Even though Marionette was written and finished in the span of less than a year, writing the story was like my full time job. I got into arguments with my family members for it because I spend more time writing stories than hanging out with them.

But I didn't regret it one bit. I'm proud of Marionette even with all the grammatical mistakes it has. I'm proud that I wrote it. I'm proud that it's up on the internet. I am… not yet proud enough to reveal to everybody I know in real world that I wrote such a… dark story—so to speak. But I AM proud. (:

I am most delighted to read from every single one of you.

Thank you, guys.

It has been a long and special journey.

I can't find it in me to write anymore and I have no reason for it—I just can't anymore. It's funny.

I apologize that I disappointed you with the news that this is not an update for Marionette.

With that last note,

I will once again send out all my gratitude.

I can always be reached through PMs.


terra hotaru signing out.