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'Beast talking'

Same looks, different personality:

Ch1: change:

They'd been walking for hours on end and everyone was tiered as they entered the village of Edo. A month ago inuyasha had confessed his love for Kagome and promised to mate her when Naraku was defeated. She had a dreadful feeling but was sure they could get past whatever it was. He promised the next time he saw Kikyo he'd tell her he was choosing her and she should find someone else for her.

It was night now and inuyasha had followed Kikyo's soul stealers. She cooked the meal then went to follow inuyasha; something was seriously nagging at her to follow. She's learned to mask herself enough to not be detected by inuyasha, so she did and stood behind the bushes and watched.

"Good to see you came, inuyasha" Kikyo said wrapping her arms around inuyasha's neck "I thought she'd stolen you from me"

"No one could steal you away from me" inuyasha said "especially not a stupid 15 year old shard detector"

Kagome felt her heart snap, she couldn't believe he said that. She wanted to run, to cry to Sango, and get far away she knew she'd forgive him though. Her feet wouldn't move, something told her to watch.

"So you told her?" Kikyo asked as she pulled of his outer and inner haori

"Yea and she believed me" he kissed down her neck making her moan "she's so naive "

"What do you expect from a reincarnation?" inuyasha just grunted laughing "make love to me inuyasha, I want you so bad."

He stripped them both in seconds and was pounding away. Kagome felt her heart shatter and something else she couldn't describe. She got to her feet and everything went black, when everything came back she was curled up in her sleeping bag with Sango asking her what was wrong.

"Nothing Sango" she rolled over "I'm going home tomorrow"

Sango gave Miroku a worried look; Kagome's tone lacked all emotion and was cold enough to freeze hell. She figured she'd talk when she came back in three days. They curled up for the night and went to sleep.


"I mean exactly that" Kagome said as she packed everything whit a cheery mask on

"Three days tops Kagome" inuyasha seethed Kagome said nothing, no even a good bye as she jumped in the well.

That had been two years ago, she'd grown since then. She'd sealed the well and locked her self in her room when she'd first got home. Her mom had urged her to tell her what was wrong and after three months she finally demanded Kagome to tell her what happened. Kagome had broken down crying and sobbing as she told her what went down. She'd cried for a month and cried herself to sleep until one day she finally got angry. She completely destroyed her room yelling and screaming in rage. Souta had rushed in, but had to quickly get out or suffer injury from flying objects. She completely remade her room and sought a whole new wardrobe. Her walls ounce yellow, now blood red with different sized black stripes; matching bed set, and her red wood desk, dresser, and nightstands. She'd taken out the normal light bulbs and replaced them with a red bulb and a black light, so it was very bright in her room. Her music preference had changed and she was a completely different person.

She's train her miko powers, she'd found a secret miko training facility that helped her using feudal and modern techniques, and trained her fighting ability. She'd red internet, books, and anything that could help her.; she even took a course in the army to help with her fighting. She now knew boxing, wrestling, kung fu, jiujutsu, and military killing skills. She knew how to use a sword, dagger, katana, and bow and arrow. She surpassed any miko and could rival probably any demon. She was also fluent in many demon languages.

Kagome awoke from her sleep ready for what was to come. She bathed and went to her closet to pick an outfit. She skimmed trough and picked a sleeveless, black, V-neck top that said 'don't fuck with me' in red letters with a pair of glowing red eyes below the words. She knew it was gonna be hot so she chose a dark denim mini skirt, she paired it with some breathable, black, knee-high, leather hiking boots. She put on her special, dark goggles that kept bright light out and packed everything she needed for this in her new black, death note back pack which sported a picture of L and Near. She put a spell on it so it she its capacity was endless and it weighed as much as a tiny kitten.

"it's time" Kagome said to her mom as she went off with her bag and her bow and arrow. She had a tiny dagger strapped to each thigh. "I'm off, bye mom, Souta, grandpa."

"are you sure your ready to go back?" Kagome's mom said hugging her "you don't have to if you don't want to"

"mother" Kagome said in a stoic and cold tone "I must go I can't abandon my quest. These two year were healing trials, Cya soon."

"bye" her family watched as she disappeared to the well house and a flash of blue light swallowed her.

Kagome felt the familiar well welcome her through. She jumped out the well in a single leap and stood taking in her surroundings. She was about to head to Edo when the sound of a creature reached her ears. She raced off north and was met with a huge panther youki stalking towards a wounded neko. She shot an arrow at it and it dodged toward her. she pulled out her daggers. This panther was immensely powerful but it was completely dumb. It reeked of raw untamed demonic power butt it lacked the mental capacity to us it.

"what a waste" Kagome said disgustedly at it.

She ran towards it and jumped as it swiped at her with its paw. She jumped on its paw and ran up its huge frame climbing on its back. It jumped and rolled trying to dislodge the tiny girl from its nearly 55 ft. tall frame. Kagome held on as she made her way up to its neck. She too her dagger and plunged it into the back of its neck. It was enough to separate the base of its skull from its spinal cord making it paralyzed and unable to make any noise.

She went to its ear and spoke in its language "you're a disgrace of life. I'm leaving you hear for the lowly demons to feed on. Have fun being dinner"

She went over to the neko and spoke in regular talk.

"can you understand me?" she asked coldly. It had changed into its small form and looked at her uninterestedly, but mewed a yes in its language. "good I'm going to heal you"

Kagome let her power flow over it and watched its wounds heal. It transformed into its bigger form. It had cold and calculating black eyes with cobalt blue at the edges. It looked like kilala only it was black with a cobalt blue stripe on each cheek, and two around the bottom of each leg and two at the end of its tail. It signaled that he was now hers forever.

"no you have a name?" she said taking both fangs from the panther demon. It mewed no "then since you are an ice neko you shall be called Aisushinu."

It liked the name ice-death and asked where she wanted to go. She rode him all the way to Totosai's cave. She had Aisushinu carry the large fangs into the cave. She dropped the fangs in front of the startled old man.

"I require a sword and sheath to be made out of each fang. The one on the right is mixed with my miko powers so start on it first. And black ying sign on it and a red yang sign on the other so they will conjoin at the hilt to become a double ended sword." Kagome ordered "I will be back in two days for them"

"who are you" he asked

"I am Kagome" she said "I used to travel with the half breed son of inutashio, a monk, a demon slayer, a kitsune, and a fire neko."

"impossible that miko has been gone for two year." He said as he started on the fangs

"I have returned" she said walking out "tell no one, they will know soon enough."

She hopped on the Aisushinu and took off towards Edo. They landed on the outside of the village 5 hours later, her watch read 6pm. She could feel her old pack's aura, all of them, and Kikyo's. she mentally growled but her face was cold, stoic, and emotionless. She stepped into the open and leaned against the god tree. She flared her aura through the village and waited sure enough they all rushed out weapons ready.

"who the hell are you?" inuyasha yelled

"I'm so disappointed you don't remember me" Kagome said, her bangs hiding her smirk.

"I'm not gonna ask again, wench" inuyasha said readying for his attack

"you know I really don't miss you calling me that, then again I never missed you." Kagome said in her cold tone "oh well half breed I'll give you a reminder"

"huh?" inuyasha said looking confused

"sit" she said stoically.

Everyone dropped their weapons in shock; they looked at the hanyou then her.

"Kagome?" Sango asked tears in her eyes

"yes Sango" Kagome replied raising a fine black eyebrow. Sango rushed to Kagome crying her eye's out hugging her.

"lady Kagome we missed your presence so much" Miroku said hugging her "your leaving took a serious toll on the group."

"after you left inuyasha brought that clay potted bitch into the group!" Sango hissed "Shippo cried his eyes out for a month and inuyasha would hit him for it. Then he just stopped talking at all. He wouldn't draw, speak, laugh or show any emotion at all!"

"may I ask why you left, Kagome?" Miroku asked

"they day before I left I went into the woods to see the half breed and the walking urn rutting." Kagome said simply

"don't call me that bitch" Kikyo said firing and arrow at Kagome.

Kagome turned around and the arrow stopped an inch from her eye, it turned back toward Kikyo and shot at her with immense power and force. Kikyo gasped as it came at her, closed her eyes and waited for the blow. After a minute she opened her eye's to see it floating the tip touching her forehead a little.

"don't try that again. Your life and the half breeds will be ended by my hands but not today." Kagome said her voice lacking emotion "where is my kit" she asked Sango.

"Shippo come here please" Sango called. The kitsune walked out the hut stoic and cold as he looked at the scene "look who's here"

He flowed to where Sango was pointing and looked at Kagome. He sniffed the air and his eyes widened he hadn't smelled that scent in so long he was surprised he remembered it. He looked at her his eyes welling with tears.

"mama?" he asked in disbelief. Then the tears flowed and a genuine smile broke on his face. "MAMA!"

He ran full sheep to her sobbing. She smiled a sad smile and hugged him. He sobbed about how he thought he'd never see her again and how much he missed her. Out the corner of her eye's she saw a flash of yellow and jumped in the air doing a back flip. She dropped Shippo onto Miroku's shoulder and pulled out her daggers. She landed between Kikyo and inuyasha her dagger's at their pressing enough to make inuyasha bleed but no harm done.

"I have shown enough mercy delaying you deaths you're pushing it." She hissed "I have no care if you attack me because your inferior weapons cannot harm me but don't ever harm my kit or your existence will end on the immediately."

In a flash she had Shippo in her arms and was sitting in the god tree.

"Oi, bitch!" inuyasha said "that's my tree, and what are you! You don't smell like a demon more than a human and it's increasing slightly."

"Hn" was all she replied "I will not be staying long; I am only here for two days then I must retrieve my things. Aisushinu come here."

The neko came out of the bushes it was hiding in and growled at inuyasha and Kikyo. It had watched and didn't like the way the hanyou and dead one talked to its master and its master's friends. It twitched an ear to say he was listening.

"When I am not around you are to protect my kit, Shippo, with your life do you understand?" she said emotionlessly it nodded and she took a big raw steak from her back pack and tossed it to the ice neko. It caught it and ate it then curled up under the tree on full alert.

"Oi! Are you listening?" he yelled "stop acting like- like- like my idiot brother!"

"You call him and idiot yet you rut with walking pottery." Kagome said raising an eyebrow "I'm sure he finds women that are alive to rut with, and that alone shows he's smarter than you."

"Kagome where'd you find him?" Sango asked inspecting the neko who just grumbled softly, not liking being touched.

"I save his life why do you ask?" Kagome said

"Because there are only a few of his kind left" Sango said "I haven't even seen an ice neko in my life!"

"His name is Aisushinu is it not child?" Kaeda asked, Kagome nodded "then it is true what the scrolls say you are not Kikyo's reincarnation."

"Of course I am not" Kagome said as if it were obvious "I am Midoriko's reincarnation and my neko is the reincarnation of her neko Aisu. Although my powers surpass Midoriko's I am still her reincarnation. That also means that I will be collecting my soul from that walking urn when she dies by my hands.

"You won't touch her!" inuyasha yelled

"I will not sully my hand in doing so half breed all I have to do I speak 5 words and I shall have it, this discussion is over. Night is coming and I have things to do tomorrow and I will not have you keeping Shippo up with your whining."

Kagome jumped further into the tree with her pack and rested on a branch. She covered her and Shippo with her heated electric blanket and put a mini one on her neko and went to sleep but stayed alert.

Fin for now

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