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Chapter 14

Lives on Update







All the males were in a mad dash to get everything under control. Shouting commands which seemed to fall on deaf ears over all the noise, there wasn't enough arms to catch them all as they were destroying the castle.

"There's too many of them!" Miroku shouted with two fighting children in his arms and one wrapped in his tail "Rongji let go of Minroku's hair!"

"Shin you get down here and let go of Kiramaru!" Shippo shouted at his son who was currently flying around with one of Sesshomaru's sons by his ankle.

"Let go of big brother, whelp!" shouted Hiriko as he speed on his cloud and let his acid whip slash across Shin's back making him shout and drop him. Kiramaru landed gracefully only to be tackled into the wall by Inuko and Roku making several glass objects shatter as they hit the floor. Shiro rushed and picked them up by their collars only to have them tackled out his hands by Hiriko and Kiramaru.

"AAAHHH FUCK!" zuko cried out as he curled into a ball on the floor clutching his abused member.

"Zuko what happened?" Shiro asked as he chased after Xio who was throwing fox fire at Yoshimaru who continually ducked and dodged while throwing well placed kicks and punches.

"Kohano kicked me because I wouldn't let him get Renji" Zuko said standing slowly only to have his legs taken from under him as Lotus and Takeshi were flung into him by Kazuhito's wind tornados.

Everything was just utter chaos as children ran rampant through the castle. The huge area had broken objects everywhere, torn and shredded curtains and table cloths, food splattered on the walls, there were large holes in the walls where things have been thrown through. The large area was undeniably destroyed; things were singed, crumbled, smashed, blown up, and ruined. Everyone was shouting and in the midst of chaos no one noticed as the giant main doors opened, and several figures stood in the doorway, until...B-B-B-BOOOOOOOOM!

There was six total aura's flaring wildly about the room making everything freeze mid motion. All of their auras were thick and heavy practically weighing down every occupant in the room. The anger and rage in the auras were so thick you could choke on it as they all screeched out doom. No one moved for fear of setting off the six very pissed mothers. The females surveyed everything and all the damage done to their not so humble home. It looked like they'd been attacked by surprise and greatly outnumbered; there was even a whole in the ceiling and that ceiling was as high as the Sistine chapel! All Kagome had done was take all the girls out to a wonderfully secluded place for a freeing, feudal era, spa day only to come home to this, and she could tell that the others were as equally angered as she. They all began to growl as their eyes bleed, even Sango was growling despite her human status. Someone was going to pay…dearly.

"They're gonna kill us all" Miroku whispered in fear as his face drained of all color.

"Kami help us" said Shippo, equally pale. None of the males had seen their mates this angry since 10 years ago when they defeated Naraku and made the jewel's power disappear.

"RUN FOR IT!" shouted one of the children and every male scattered in every direction running for their lives including the bigger males.

"OH NO YOU DON'T; AFTER THEM GIRLS!" Kagome shouted as they chased after their children and mates "I know you don't think you're getting away! And if you think for one second the servants are cleaning this up you got another thing coming!"

In a matter of 15 minute every male child was rounded up in the center of the hectic room all clutching their rear ends and whimpering at hot, stinging, pain that surrounded that area. Yoshimaru, Shin, and Kiramaru each looked as if the whooping didn't affect them but their auras betrayed the pain they were actually feeling. Over the span of ten years their family grew significantly and it seemed that there was too much testosterone to leave unsupervised. After a thorough whooping and verbal lashing, they set them about cleaning, so the servants only had to replace what was broken and fix the cracks and holes in the walls and ceiling.

After the final battle the whole land celebrated the evil hanyou's demise. The celebration lasted two whole weeks and sometimes got a little out of hand. The ten years that followed was named the baby boom period by the western castles staff, for the nursery wing never seemed to empty. Kagome and Sesshomaru's triplets are now at the growing age of 11 and becoming more independent as they grow. They now have 9 year old Inari who looks like she's a young clone of Kagome only with electric purple streaks in her hair and a red stripe on each cheek, and the 5 year old twins Kasyme, who looked exactly like a female version of her father personality wise and all, and Hiriko only who got Kagome's eyes.

The twins now 19 just took a mate 7 years after the battle…and by a mate that means Kanna (A/N: she was 8 and they were 9 when the battle took place). Turns out she had fallen for both brothers but couldn't choose between the two. So the brothers decided either they both get her or neither gets her. So in turn they decided to both mate her and now have 3 year old triplets Roku, Takeshi, and Lotus. All had dark reddish brown hair, Kanna's eyes, and pale alabaster skin. The only way to tell them apart is Takeshi has Zuko's mark on his eye, Lotus has a strip of whit in his hair, and Roku has two black bands on his wrist and ankles.

Shippo, who looked 21, had grown into a fine young of man 6'3 that filled out well with broad shoulders, a deep tenor voice, and thicker muscles than Inuyasha. Rin, 19, had grown into a slightly curvy young woman of 5'7 that was a little on the busty side, wide hipped, and toned long legs. They mated 6 months after the battle on Rin's birthday and now have three children. There were twins Xio & Shin, 9, who had short light brown hair with long auburn bangs framing their face, emerald eyes, and a tail like their mother's. Then there was little Kamiko, 6, who had long black hair, big green eyes, a bushy auburn tail, wings like her mother, and was a complete daddy's girl.

Hinata got her brother and two pups back, 12 year olds Ichiro & Hideki love and Idolize Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Hinata mated a month after Naraku's demise and had two children. Inuko, 7, is like a mini Inuyasha with white hair and puppy ears, mellow blue eyes, and caramel skin close to his mother's milk chocolate skin. He's so much like Inuyasha his first words were 'Feh' and 'Keh', his second and nickname to his uncle was 'Lord asshole', which got Inuyasha into serious trouble with Hinata. Lotus, 4, looks just like his older brother only with amber eyes. Hinata is currently 4 months pregnant with a baby girl and due any moment.

Sango, Miroku, and Kohaku left two months later to rebuild and repopulate the slayers village. Over the chorus of ten year the village grew and thrived at a steady pace with Sango, Miroku, Kohaku, and Kagura as teachers. They even accepted demons in the village and now protect villages from humans, hanyous, and demons alike. They have Minroku, 10, long black hair, violet eyes, and the calm, smooth, and womanizing ways of Miroku. Rongji & Renji, 4, with brown hair, violet eyes, and a long black tail & cat ears, and a temper like their mother and usually keep Minroku's wandering hand in line.

Kohaku who is now 26 is happily reunited with Sango, who was so overjoyed she nearly hyperventilated. He remembered everything and had learned to live with it. About 5 years after the battle, when he turned 21, he mated Kagura. He'd grown into a lithe young man of 6'0 with a trimmed beard and sleek muscle build and mated with Kagura. When they first announced their courtship everyone was skeptical but it seemed Kohaku had loved her for years. Sango was a bit unhappy with the huge age difference but wouldn't stand in the way of their happiness. They live with Sango & Miroku in the slayers village with their two twin boys, Kohano & Kazuhito, 8, and twin girls, Wazane and Miu, 2. Both boys have brown hair while the girls have black hair, all have a few freckles, and reddish-brown eyes.

As the children set about repairing the castle, the six mothers went to sit with their mates and discuss damage control. They watched the pups clean, chatted with their mates, and began to think over their lives and how everything played out. Naraku had affected all of their lives making them a complete hell, but through all that turmoil and chaos their lives turned out better than they could dream. They had loving mates to hold and comfort them, lots of wonderful children that kept them busy and on their toes, and peace of mind knowing that anything that comes their way is minor compared to what they'd already been through. If they could go back and do it over they'd leave everything the same not willing to risk changing the outcome. Everything is in perfect harmony and they hope the soft melody of their lives never changes its tune.

"Kami almighty, what happen here!" Inutaisho said walking into the room

"Oh my" Hoshiko said looking around "why are the pups cleaning this up?"

"They're the ones that made the mess so they're going to clean it up" Kagura said glaring at one of the pups that was slacking off

"This is what happens when you leave males unattended" Sango said as they all glared at their mates "all Kagome wanted was a girls day out and we came home to chaos"

"Sango, dearest, we have no idea how this even happened" Miroku said head bowed in exasperation "the day had went so well until lunch"

"Well anyways, how were the states?" Shippo asked redirecting the conversation

"Oh do tell" Kagome said excitedly "I always wondered what the states looked like in this time period"

"Well where do I begin?" Hoshiko said then noticed the children gathered round too scared to speak and hid behind Kiramaru "yes pups?"

"Welcome back Bāchan, Ojīchan" Kiramaru bowed and winced at the pain in his still tender butt "we have finished cleaning and minor repairs, Okāsan, and would like to apologized for our behavior"

"Apology accepted" Kagome smiled as they all nodded sadly, apologized, and turned to go towards the gardens and join the girls "Boys where are you going?"

"To the gardens to join the girls or spare with the guards in the dojo" Inuko said

"No you're not" Kagome said "all of you are going to bed until dinner"

"But, Bāchan" pleaded shin

"No buts" Kanna said "you are all going to bed and not to come out until dinner"

"Then it's straight to bed after dinner, no desert" said Sango which caused a round of complaints

"That ain't fair" shouted Inuko

"No? well then this will be" what Hinata said next caused a major uproar "you're all grounded for two weeks which means the only time we should see you out your rooms is for lessons and when it's time to eat"

"SILENCE" the mothers commanded flaring their aura's to exert dominance over their pups "a simple apology will not get you off the hook for your behavior. The servants have been informed not to bring you any reprieves. What we say is what shall be now off to your room NOW!"

The pups immediately fled to their rooms to escape their angered mothers.

"Your commanding ways are most alluring, Sango, love" Miroku smirked


"I was merely complimenting you, my dear. Now…" Miroku said then smirked as he grabbed Sango and stared lustfully down at her "hit me harder"

This caused everyone to laugh as herd as Sango was blushing. Yea, they wouldn't change a single thing.

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