WARNING!: this story contains Wincest and mature content! If you don't like either then .READ! I gave you fair warning!

My first Sam and Dean fanfic! Hehe and my first time writing a mature content fic! I hope I didn't do too bad, and REVIEW! They keep me going and keep me from writers block! (not kidding!)

Author's Summary: Sam and Dean are blind to the obvious, we all know this! So of course it takes awhile for them to understand why the hell they wanna 'do' each other. *sigh* but they do, in a way, and then, because luck has never been on their side, Sam is (of course) kidnapped by demons. When things go spiraling downhill at a pretty fast pace, they need to look at what's right in front of them. But them being brothers, morals and conscience's get in the way. The way Dean sees it: Right and Wrong are as simple as Black and White…….right? –Edited: 5/26/10-

Well why don't we see:

"Fuck me, Dean please!" Sam whined, bucking into the hand that was fisting his cock. Cock twitching at his words, Dean forced himself to concentrate on NOT just flipping his little brother over and fucking him right then and there. He sucked on Sam's neck, making him whimper, before lowering himself and slowly licking Sam's length, base to head. A white light flashed in his eyes and Sam came so hard he blacked out for a few seconds, leaving Dean with a too painful hard on. He reached over to the night stand and grabbed some tissue, wiping Sam of white cum and pulled his little brother into his arms. Sam managed a smile, and a long slow kiss, before he fell asleep.

After watching him for a few minutes, shoulders already broadening, chest hardening with muscles, Dean couldn't help it when his dick twitched and he slowly untangled himself from his brother's limbs and worked his way to the bathroom. Cursing his conscience to hell, Dean jerked off to thoughts of fucking Sam senseless and he came hard.

Earlier that day-

They had been on the road for hours, and Sammy was already starting to nod off in the back seat. Dean was starving, having only eaten a sandwich several hundred miles back. It was a small flimsy thing with barely anything on it, and Dean wished they would pull over at a burger place, god damn ANYWHERE as long as he got food. But of course he didn't speak up, his father was already pissed for a reason Dean didn't know, and Dean never complained. Not even when he was all marked up by that damn werewolf a year back, and if he could handle that, he could handle his hunger for awhile longer. Dean cursed himself inwardly as he realized he talked himself out of jumping out of the car at the next stop and running to the nearest food joint. He leaned his head against the cool glass of the window and watched the trees and pavement slip by at a blurring speed. He yawned loudly, not even realizing he was dead tired until his eyes started to close on their own, and he fell asleep.


Opening his eyes Dean saw the ceiling of another motel room, an all too familiar sight. He looked at the clock and groaned. It was six in the morning; he shouldn't even be up awake yet. Rolling over his body collided with something warm that grunted, opening his eyes he saw Sam open his eyes slowly and push at Dean so he could have more room on the bed. Pushing hard enough, Dean went tumbling onto the floor, too tired and not even fully awake yet to yell at Sam or even care much that he was going to have a bruise. He laid there for a few more minutes before he forced himself up and walked over to the bathroom.

After he took a shower, and went to the bathroom, Dean came out in a towel to see Sam sprawled out on the bed clutching at his pillow. Smiling slightly, he quickly got dressed, and found a note lying on the table in the middle of the room.


Had to go out sooner than I thought, I left you some money and a credit card in the envelope. Take care of Sam, don't go out to another damn bar or I will kill you, and I'll be back in a week or so, I'll call soon.

Sighing, Dean opened the envelope that was under the paper and counted out the money and read the name on the credit card. When Sam was opening his eyes for the second time Dean was putting the money and card in his wallet.

"Hey Dean, what's for breakfast?" he asked, rubbing his eyes and slowly sitting up.

"Damn, sorry Sammy I didn't go get it yet, take a shower and I'll go now." Dean said, as he slipped his wallet into his back pocket, and slipped on his leather jacket. He heard Sam murmur an agreement and Dean found the motel keys on the nightstand, he slipped out the door, and locked up. Squinting his eyes against the already bright light of the sun, he started walking across the lot and found a doughnut place just around the corner. A little flirting; and he walked out of there with free doughnuts, egg and ham sandwiches, and a name to the place where they were at; Casper, Wyoming. Dean had almost burst out laughing when she told him, so their dad was working a haunting in Casper, Wyoming. He chuckled as he unlocked the door and stepped inside the cool motel room, taking another look around it really wasn't all that crappy. No stains on the walls or floors, and the beds were clean and smelled as such; all in all, he was happy at his father's motel choice.

"Hey, I'm back!" Dean called to Sam, who was still in the shower, as he took a seat at the small coffee table.

"Hey, what did you get?" Sam asked hungrily, stomach nearly growling as he walked out of the bathroom.

"Some doughnuts and ham…." Deans voice trailed off as Sam walked out and into the room in only a towel that hung loosely on his hips, showing the v that led down to;

"Dean?" shaking his head Dean looked up, slightly flushed and wide eyed as he realized A. he was staring, and B. he was staring at his brother.

"No, uh….. Ham and cheese sandwiches, hurry and get dressed, their getting cold, and I'm not gonna stand around and listen to you bitch about it later." Relieved that his voice didn't shake at all, he focused on pulling out his sandwich and taking a big bite out of it. He closed his eyes and moaned at the delicious taste, it may have been a cheap sandwich and a little too stale, but he hadn't eaten in forever. Opening his eyes again, he caught Sam looking at him with a look in his eyes that made his cock harden. Wait, wait back UP! He was NOT getting turned on by his brother. No. He ripped his gaze away and reeled in the panic and lust he was feeling, putting on his best 'calm and cool' expression, and taking another bite out of his sandwich.

After a few more minutes of shuffling and rustling sounds, Sam plopped down in a seat across from him and reached in the bag, his eyes widening slightly.

"Dude, there has to be at least fifty sandwiches in here!" he exclaimed, as Dean reached over and pulled out another greasy sandwich, taking a bite before answering.

"And, your point?" he said, mouth full, and successfully pulling a disgusted look from Sammy. His perfect lips twitching down into a frown, and his brows furrowing, it was nearly as cute as his 'pouty face' as he had used to call it. He shook his head and tried to clear his brain, he was slipping again.


Around five or six sandwiches later, Dean leaned back against the chair, patting his full stomach, and making a satisfied noise in the back of his throat. Sam laughed and flopped down on one of the two beds and flipped through the channels on the TV. Sighing, Dean got up and went to join him, sitting on the other bed and watching at least ten seconds of the talk show Sam was watching before getting restless. He got up and paced around the room, looking for something to do…… and then he got an idea.

"Hey, Sammy?"

"Yeah, Dean?" Sam answered, looking up from the TV.

"Let's go out and do something, I'm bored." Sighing, Sam smiled slightly and sat up.

"Like what, hey where are we anyway?"

"Casper, Wyoming." It took about five seconds after the words were out of his mouth before Sam doubled over in laughter. The sight causing warmth to spread throughout Dean and he frowned slightly.

"Yeah, yeah, it's not that funny, so we gonna go or what?" Sam took a deep breath and stood up

"Yeah, but where?" he asked, sliding on his shoes and jacket.

"I don't know, but does it matter? I just need to go somewhere."

And that's how Dean found himself in a mall full of screaming girls. They had only gone there because apparently it gave out tons of free samples and it had an arcade, which Sam really wanted to go to, but the second they stepped in, they were greeted by tons of insanely loud girls. Apparently there was some boy band that just happened to be making an appearance. They tried to get back out, but they had been swept up in the mob that was known as 'Scary Fangirls'. He had seen them before, but seriously they scared him to death, and he was lucky he and Sam didn't get separated. They spent an hour listening to horrible music, and the entire time Sam was pressed up against him, trying to keep as far away from the girls as possible. This was not helping Dean's sanity what-so-ever, and when they could finally leave, he practically dragged Sam out of there, and back to the motel.

When they finally made it Dean blatantly ignored Sam and bee-lined straight for the bathroom. He locked the door and ran the shower, stripping and stepping into the cool water. He tried to let it relax him but his hard on was pretty hard to ignore, and finally he just gave in. He wrapped his hand over his already leaking cock and started to slowly stroke himself. Images of Sam washing through his mind, he tried to push them away, before just giving in and letting them flash, and make him even more excited. He imagined Sam kneeling down in front of him and slowly taking his length in his mouth, head of brown hair bobbing up and down, and the thought was just too much. Dean came in hot spurts over his hand and stomach. Trying to calm his breathing he finished taking a shower and quickly got dressed. He mentally shook himself, this was his BROTHER that he was having a hard on for here. Dean thought he put all this away, but apparently he hadn't. He sighed and took a step outside, pausing in mid-step at what he saw.

Sam was sprawled out on his bed, pants lowered and his hand was clenched over his cock. Oh god, Dean's cock jumped and immediately went hard. Sam had a misty look in his eyes, and his lips were parted, and about five seconds after standing there Dean made up his mind. Fuck it, he thought, as he walked up to Sam and pushed Sam's hand out of the way and grabbed his brother's dick.

"Dean, what are you-" Sam started to ask

"Ssh, just let me." He half moaned half purred into his brother's ear, causing Sam to shiver. He smiled and licked and sucked on his earlobe, and started to slowly move his hand. Sam moaned, and bucked into Dean's hand, causing a smirk to form on his lips. He leaned in and gently touched his lips to his brother's, before deepening the kiss and soon he was sucking on Sam's tongue.

Sam was overwhelmed; Dean was now sucking on his neck, and twisting his hand slightly as he pumped him, rubbing his thumb over his head slightly with every pump. Sam wanted more, he wanted to feel Dean inside him; he wanted his brother to fuck him senseless.

"Fuck me, Dean please!" he whined, all embarrassment thrown out the window with Deans first touch.


He cleaned himself quickly before walking back out into the room; he figured Sam would want him there when he woke up, so he steered to the bed Sammy was laying in and slowly slipped under the covers. For awhile all he did was stare at his brother, he couldn't get enough of him, and if his damn conscience didn't get in the way he would have already fucked Sam. He closed his eyes as he thought those words, shame washing through him, and he fell asleep, comfortable and happy except for the sick nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Casper, Wyoming is indeed a real place! I didn't lie! Lol I looked it up in the internet! They have some actual haunting over there too! X3 im just that good! Lol jkjk

So this is my first Sam and Dean and my first Lemon……at least I think that is what you would call it. Or since this isn't anime it's smut right? XD Review please! I know a LOT of authors say this but it's the only thing that will keep me sane! I promise to put up chapter 2 if I get reviews! Im evil like tht!