THE UNIMPORTANT JEDI FROM SPACE! As in, the space battle from earlier.

As Bane was reaching for his blaster, Grievous' Jedi senses were tingling. He turned around, and there one was. In its flowy brown robey (Whose line ref.) and possibly dying from heat stroke, but that didn't make any difference to Grievous! He was about to totally unleash his bad ass-ness all over this Jedi filth, but Bane put his arm out. How this stopped him though is questionable.

"Sorry bucker, but I'm goin' in first."

Grievous said nothing.

But Bane smirked like there was a two way conversation going on and he tipped his hat up with two fingers and said, "This ain't my first rodeo."

Bane pulls out his blaster and he is going to totally head shot this sucker. He aims. The person looks up at them, confused and sickly. PEW! The stranger goes down. Bane strikes his hat and twirls his blaster back into its holster.

"And pop, goes the weasel."

Grievous coughs angrily, he was trying to act smug and not believing in Banes total bad ass-ness. As he goes to see what the Jedi had in their pockets he says, under his breath of course, "*small cough* let's see him try that on a main character ("

As he is reaching into the persons pocket, A BIG RUPTER OF SAND GOES OFF RIGHT NEXT TO BANE! Causing Bane to freak out and jump, landing on his ass, staring up at the geyser of sand.

Both were looking at the said sand geyser. It looked very weird and also very fast. They could ever hear the sand moving against gravity. But then it stopped.

And there stood a black chick in a white Jedi outfit! Her arms behind her and an angry scrunched up face looking at the space between Bane and Grievous.

A bit anti-climactic; she spoke after a moment's silence.

"O-NO-U-DI-N'T!" Wagging her finger and shaking her hips. Bottom lip in a side pout.

Neither Grievous nor Bane understood what she had said. But she looked strange and this was getting nowhere and neither would stand for it!

Grievous pulled out a light saber and Bane whipped out a blaster. They took aim. Dramatic pause. Grievous and Bane looked at each other. Then! Grievous lunged forward and bane shot his blaster! Which hit Grievous in the elbow and he dropped his saber! Making it fall on the black chick Jedi persons foot and she yowled in a stereotypical black chick way.

"Yoooooooowll! Daaaaay-am! XO Whu-chu go and do that for bitch?" The black chick possibly Jedi pushed Grievous in that old fashioned way of starting a fight.

Grievous stepped back a bit at the touch. He growled at the black chick. "Do NOT. Touch me! 8{="

But the black-Jedi?-chick did not let up under the awesome might of Grievous' death stare. Grievous would have NONE of this! It was demeaning so he pulled out another light saber and stabbed her in the stomach. He pulled it up and out making it totally sucks to be the black chick right now.

If Grievous had a mouth, his bottom teeth would be out front and flaring like a walrus' (XD ha!). But he does not, so that simile is not very good. Luckily, said bad simile is not needed any longer, for what with the random occurrence that had just transpired allowed the two to curiously walk in the direction that the girl had popped out of the sand in; west. There their ships were, just down a steep hill of sand.

Flying next to Bane was most certainly NOT how he wanted to spend the next, who knows how long, but Dooku had been quiet clear, and Grievous was not one to disobey Dooku. Besides, who knew, maybe he'd meet up with a Jedi and get a chance to kill one again.

While Grievous busies himself with fantasies of bloodying a battlefield with Jedi blood, Doctor and TODO were busy discussing things like, 'who had the worst boss' or 'who gets treated less fairly', and so on and so on. And also whose boss was the coolest. Their conversation went pretty much like so:

"Well oh my. You must have it rough!" TODO exclaimed.

"That would be a way of looking at it. But he really isn't all that dangerous to me since I am the one that fixes him every time he meets a Jedi."

TODO looked happy and surprised! This mechanic droid was amazing! For TODO had seen how Grievous had treated him upon his return. Though, Bane was kind of like that as well. But that way of thinking was much too selfish for TODO. He was a good tech droid!

As the two robots talked away about whatever, Grievous and Bane were conversing over what they were to do. Since Dooku had made it quite clear that Grievous was not to harm Bane in anyway, he was stuck following him around. For if he disobeyed Dooku he may not get the chance to kill any Jedi! That was more depressing than a fanfic that hasn't updated in five months.

So as Grievous and Bane continued their discussion that is probably plot worthy of being described, TODO noticed that they were heading to Mustafar; a very hot lava planet that Grievous should probably not go down to. So he stayed in space while Bane flew the rest of the way though the atmosphere.

Below space and on the surface of the planet, Bane's head has heating up fast. He should take his hat off, since heat expels from the head quicker, but he's a badass cowboy/man and he doesn't take off his hat-even if it is baking him from the inside.

But Bane is a manly cowboy, as stated. He just walks in long strides on the metal platform and bridges looking for some suspended lava. This Dooku character said that it was going to be somewhere in a southern area of the planet, and Grievous and himself had checked the place with Google maps to see where he would be going. Too bad they hadn't gotten anymore direction before the small blue hologram had left.

Bane had thought about dragging Grievous with him down to the planet, but there were liabilities that the cyborg robot couldn't quite handle, so he is on his own. Plus Grievous was getting threatening so it was best to keep his head.

But back to the mission! So Bane goes down corridors and halls, bridges and steam lines. All 'till he gets to another empty room where he has finally found what he's looking for. There on the other side of a gaping whole where if he miss-stepped on the jump he would fall to his very hot and lava filled death is his goal.

And now Bane stands like a true cowboy waiting for the noon hand to strike. For his enemy to come out onto the dirty sand street, empty except for everyone hiding in barrels and behind doors and windows. He stretches and bends his fingers, ready to grab his gun but in this case preparing to get a running start in just a second. Stepping back some steps, he bends down ready to thrust his body. Luckily Grievous doesn't have to deal with this drama. He has triple jointed hinges in his "knees".

Bane runs and jumps. He's flying through the hot air and he's just too bad ass to do the whole waving legs thing so his legs are spread apart since that's how you jump in the beginning. But he brings his back leg up to his other and he lands epically on the other side of the hole.

It was an intense moment of only a few seconds, but man, it just ebbed up his coolness. Not as much as Grievous' cape wearing, but still. Now that the vile of Lava was in his possession, he called up to Grievous to ask if he was still in the same space he had left him in.

The noises the holographic communicator in Grievous ship go unnoticed. Why? Because he was busy beating Doctor, that's why! Why again is he beating Doctor? Now that is a question best summed in a flash back.

Grievous hates being alone with the droids; they make him so angry! Especially his Doctor; the idiot always talks back to him and he just can't STAND it!

Doctor and TODO would never SHUT UP. They just went on and on about the stupidest things that he, General Grievous, would never care about ever. Even after he'd threatened to destroy them right there and now they still had the gall to continue with their mindless chatter.

Getting more annoyed by the second-since he's that kind of person-Grievous tightened his grip on the 'wheel' of his cruiser. It was looking like it would brake if he put any more tension on it. But alas, he came up with a plan just before that.

TODO and Doctor continued their chatter while Grievous was trying to locate Bane on Mustafar. It was proving much more difficult than he'd thought. There was no way in any hell that Grievous would stoop low enough to ask Doctor for ANY help. That was demeaning in many more ways than one.

But anyways, Grievous turned around in his seat fast. He looked Doctor straight in the robot droid face daring him to say ANYTHING hint, he does dare:


Oh the sarcasm. How it grated at Grievous' sensors. D

"You," Grievous turned to point at TODO.

"Me?" TODO was worried now. The many stories he and Doctor shared went right into his memory banks and he was very scared right now. Maybe he'd piss his pants if he wasn't a little techno-service droid. Or a droid at all, har.

Anyways, Grievous pointed at TODO and TODO got scared, asking with a quivering 'voice', "Y-yes?"

"What are we going for next."

"Uh-uumm" TODO starts looking through his drive to find out but it is taking much too long for Grievous and he's getting impatient at TODO's "um, just give me a moment please. Uuuh, it should be around here somewhere"

"I believe it was somewhere in your project folders."

"Ah, yes," TODO finds it 8D Thanks to Doctor's help. "Here it is. We are to go find the meat of a…"

"WHAT!" This dramatic pause is not very dramatic nor useful to Grievous; why he screamed.

"We are to find a Killer Penguin of Polur."

"Kill it?"

"It doesn't say…"

Grievous doesn't reply.

"I suggest not killing it master."

"Why not?"

"What if he wants it alive? It doesn't sound like these Killer Penguins are very unique."

Grievous doesn't say anything to him either.

And everyone on Grievous' ship gets really quite. Very quite. But this is space, so it was already more silent than the creepy old abandoned house on the hill or something. That is, until the beeping of the (*cough*banana phone*cough*) holo-transmitter came on.

"Are you going to get that?" Doctor said after the second round of beeps.

"What in Tarnation is going on?"

Bane must have called at a bad time. Ha! Yeah right, he was in a sticky situation himself right now.

"What is it," Grievous sounded pissed. The regular pissed, not the 'I'm going to tear out your soul and eat it with my non mouth' pissed.

"Where are you at? We need to get out of here."

"The same place you left me in you idiot! Hurry it up and get over here!"


The transmitter went out.

Bane grumbled some unintelligible cowboy saying as he stared at the big hole that was now even bigger.