The writing is mine, but the characters aren't. Alas!

Rumor has it there are more 'spy games' in Castle's and Beckett's future, and that little tidbit was the inspiration for the set of mini-fics in chapter three:

Secret Agents



007 (a drubble: 200 Words)

Wine in hand, Beckett distractedly scanned her shelves, hoping something would grab her interest.

Not one of Castle's books, no. That would be a bad idea, tonight.

Cannel, Chandler, Chesterton, Doyle, Fleming, Patterson, Sayers, Stout…

Her eyes flitted back up to 'Fleming,' and she pulled "Dr. No" off the shelf. She'd first read it in high school, after getting hooked on the movies about a "Certain British Secret Agent." With a finger, she traced over the corny cover art, feeling every wrinkle in the battered paper. Books had brought Rick Castle into her world. Now these books were taking him back out of it.

Castle had thought she'd be relieved.

Well, she was, wasn't she?

For him, continuing Fleming's series would be a childhood dream-come-true. For her, it was the exit strategy she'd wanted all along. She'd never asked to have him tagging along like a lost puppy, getting under her feet and under her skin, mocking, making her coffee, making her laugh, brightening her day…

No – she was not thinking that! This was a relief. A good thing. Right?


She paused, then pushed "Dr. No" back into its slot. Perhaps this was a "Heat Wave" night after all…




Spy Games (a drabble: 100 words)

He ducked behind the pillar just as the rifle blast sounded.

"It's useless! You're cover is blown; you have no exit. Give us the file!"

"Never!" he shouted, and returned fire with a rolling dive. If he could just reach that low wall…

He didn't see the second agent until it was too late. Something slammed into his chest. He looked down to see a bright red stain…

"Awww, man…. Alexis, you were supposed to be on my team!"

Beckett dropped her paintball gun and, laughing, helped him up.

"What can I say, Castle? Your daughter makes a terrific double-agent!"




Stealth (a dribble: 50 Words)

"Seriously! You saw how Agent Grey just vanished the moment our heads were turned? SO cool. I'm getting him to teach me that!"

"You don't know already?" asked Beckett

"Know what?"


Castle looked where Beckett was pointing. When he turned back, she was gone.

"Now that's hot…" he breathed.



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