Crazy Love Affair

Chapter 1: The Popular Model.

"Mikan-chan, come over here!"

Nearly dropping the cook book in her hands, Mikan turned around to look if her friend is in some kind of trouble, as she heard her screamed her name and asking her to come over. She immediately returned the cook book in its proper rack and walked to her friend's side.

"What is wrong Sumire-chan?" Mikan asked. Sumire looked at her with twinkling eyes and showed the fashion magazine she was reading.

"Look! Natsume-sama is modelling the latest clothes designed by the NH Brand," Sumire answered. "Isn't he hot? He's wearing punk clothing for a delinquent look! He's with Hotaru-chan too. They looked good together."

Mikan groaned and leaned forward, looking over the magazine in her friend's hands. She found herself blushing over it. Natsume had raven hair which looked soft even in picture and a pair of striking eyes that could make girls go gaga if he stared at them. Her eyes darted towards Hotaru. She was gorgeous. But what really made her blush was their daring pose. Natsume was nibbling Hotaru's ear, which made the poor girl blush and close her eyes. Her right hand was in his hair, stroking it and the other one was around his shoulder. While Natsume's hands were inside her shirt, but not really touching anything private and for that, Mikan sighed with relief. And for the finished touched, Hotaru was sitting in Natsume's lap.

"That was really a breathtaking picture," Mikan commented, closing the magazine. Sumire daydreamed, "It was every girls dream to do that with Natsume-sama! Hotaru-chan is really lucky."

"Well, I just know that it's not my dream to do that with him," Mikan stated. Sumire grinned at her, "Don't be such a hypocrite Mikan. I know you fancy him too."

Mikan blushed. She shook her head to make it go away, "I'm not. Let's just go Sumire. I still need to stop by the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the cooking club."

"Before that, I'm buying this first!" Sumire hollered and rushed to the cashier, leaving Mikan dumbfounded.

Crazy Love Affair

Early in the morning on the next day, Mikan was in the clubroom of her club. She was baking cookies for her friends. She had just finished the first batch of it and placed it on the table to cool it down. Then she put the next batch on the oven and waited for it.

The door of the clubroom suddenly opened, revealing a boy who was panting heavily. He had raven hair and was wearing thick glasses. Because of his sudden intrusion on the clubroom, Mikan can only gaped at him.

"C-Can you please let me hide in this room? There were students chasing after me," he begged. Mikan nodded and the boy closed the door. Then she heard cursing and commotion outside the clubroom. Mikan gulped, the boy was not telling lies.

After a few minutes, the noise died down. The boy sighed with relief. Mikan looked at him pitifully. She went on her side and stretched her hand towards him.

"My name is Mikan Sakura," she smiled. The boy hesitantly took her hand, shaking it and said, "My name is Natsu Tachibana."

He pulled out his hand immediately. Mikan asked, "What was that? Why are they chasing you?"

"They were getting my money," He confessed. "I ran away from them. But tomorrow I know they will hunt me again."

"Don't worry. You're always welcome to hide here," Mikan grinned. "Do you want to taste my cookies?"

He accepted her offer and ate one, "Hmm, It's delicious." Mikan smiled.

Crazy Love Affair

"What? You've been bullied again?" Ruka shouted in his high pitch voice. Natsume nodded, taking off the thick glasses in his eyes. He was in his room in the studio, preparing for another photo shoot.

"How many times would I tell you that you better quit that public school and come to Hotaru's celebrity school to study?" Ruka said while hugging Natsume from behind. Natsume shivered and wiggled out from Ruka's grasp. He glared at him.

"And how many times would I tell you that you better stop touching me or else," Natsume threatened him. He discovered five years ago that his best friend was a gay and he was madly in love with him. He was still getting goosebumps whenever he remembered those times. Ruka pouted.

"Not fair, Hotaru can touch you during the photo shoots and I cannot?" Ruka said. Natsume rolled his eyes, "She's a real girl. Not some homo like you."

"Aw, that hurt," Ruka said. "And she was in love with you too."

"Please, it's impossible for Imai to love me," Natsume stated.

"Natsume, you're dense," Ruka commented, pursing his lips in annoyance.

"I'm not. Geez, Ruka. Why are you so insistent about it?" Natsume muttered, frowning and irritated by Ruka's behaviour.

"Because it's the truth, she is my rival for your love!" Ruka shouted, pointing at Natsume.

"Ruka, don't say it out loud. And I don't want both of you to fight over me because it would just be meaningless," Natsume stated. "I mean you're a man Ruka. And Imai, I really don't think of her as a girl."

The door opened and Hotaru came in. She had a pained expression in her eyes.

"Oi Imai, you should knock first before entering," Natsume said.

"You don't think of me as a girl?" Hotaru asked. Natsume's eyes widened, "You heard that?"

"Loud and clear Hyuuga," Hotaru uttered. Natsume ruffled his hair and said, "Yes, I don't think of you as a girl."

Ruka tried to change the topic, "You said you were bullied Natsume. But how come you're unscathed?"

"I hid in a clubroom. A certain girl let me," Natsume replied. "Then she gave me cookies. It's delicious. Well, I hope I can see her again tomorrow."

"Why?" Ruka asked. Natsume gave out a small smile, "She's interesting."

"No!" Ruka hollered, "She's stealing you. I can't let her do that! You're my Natsume!"

Hotaru was quiet in the corner, clenching her fist.

Crazy Love Affair

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