Crazy Love Affair

Chapter 17: Their Past (Part 1).

5 years ago...

"Damn it...it's so hot." Natsume Hyuuga put a hand beside his face and tried to fan himself. He sauntered over the streets of the city and swore under his breath again. He was already wearing light and thin clothes since it was already summer. A long, blue short reaching below his knees and a red t-shirt on top should already be fine but considering the very hot weather, he was better staying at his lonesome apartment. "Why did I agree to go with you guys anyways? I'm just wasting my time. I'm better off reading my manga at home without any clothes on."

With what he just said, the girls with him flushed in embarrassment. The guys coughed a little, trying to ignore what he just said but their red faces betrayed their actions. Ruka Nogi stepped out of the group and laughed, patting his best pal's back. "You're the best Natsume, with your dry sense of humor. But don't overdo it. The girls might faint with too much blood in their heads in this hot weather."

"Then you shouldn't have force me to join you."

"What's wrong with having fun with us for a change Natsume?" Ruka grinned, saying his words with cheerful voice which sometimes ticked his best friend off. "You're always locked up in that big apartment of yours. Your family lives overseas so you have much freedom and you're not using it. What a shame man!" He continued, "So you're better off hanging out with us. I promised we'll have fun."

"Oh, and I'm having so much fun right now," Natsume told him sarcastically and added, "With the hot weather and everything, yeah, it's really fun." He stomped forward, letting them know he was upset. He was not a man of words but a man of actions and clearly he was showing them how he was while mad.

"See...you're having fun." Ruka smiled enthusiastically and tapped Natsume forward, forcing the latter to step his foot hard in the ground to avoid falling. He mumbled gruffly and glared at his thick-headed friend. Ruka oblivious of Natsume's hostility, declared, "Nothing beats the fun you can have with your friends."

Natsume, stunned by his best friend's heedless words, momentarily stopped to calm himself. He was already at the edge because of the weather and Ruka was not helping to improve his mood. His careless attitude was pushing him to the limits. He allowed his friends to overtake him to have a moment for himself. He closed his eyes, taking multiple gulps of air.

By the time he opened his eyes, he couldn't see any of his friends anymore. He looked around and smirked. "Is this a chance given by God?" His smirk widened. "I can go home!" He spun around, made a last look behind him and continued forward...just to be knocked out on the ground.

He sat up and groaned, looking at the culprit who bumped into him. His eyes narrowed into slits as she saw it was a girl. She had dark purple, short hair with amethyst eyes. She was a slender woman, wearing skinny jeans and fitted tank-top, exposing her immature curves. Noticing she was being stared up, she looked up, meeting Natsume's exquisite crimson orbs.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked sternly, collecting the tinted shades, a pink wig and a blue cap lying not far away from her. "It's so rude to stare, you know."

"What's ruder, you bumping to me or me staring at you?" He retorted and pushed himself up, not bothering to give her a hand. "And what makes you think I'm really staring at you? Don't flatter yourself. You're not that pretty." He dusted his clothes.

"You're not a gentleman, aren't you?" She stood up, putting back the wig followed by the cap and tinted glasses. "And I'm not flattering myself. Most boys think I'm pretty enough to become a model."

"You're not convincing me." Natsume pointed at her get-up. "You looked ridiculous and stupid." He smirked and walked passed her, getting away before any of his friends spot him. But before he could run away from the place, something hit his head, causing him to stop and turned around. Not too long, a wig smacked him on the face too.

"What the hell!" he hollered and looked up, seeing the girl he had just encounter, panting unevenly. She was pissed.

"You..." She marched towards him and tapped his chest angrily, "...I don't look stupid. If I could just spend my entire day without anyone chasing after me then I'd be grateful to toss away this get-up. You don't understand because you are not famous. There's no paparazzi taking your pictures every fucking day, determine to find any dirt about you." She punched his chest a couple more times before continuing, "I just hate this kind of life. I thought I'll be happy because my mom said I would if I become a model. But this life is so lonely."

She was about to push him but he caught her hand. "Stop..." He rubbed his chest and said impassively, "You're hurting me."

"Isn't that Hotaru-chan?" Some bunch of giddy girls stopped before them. They were grinning so wide their face could split up. "She's so cute. Is she really Hotaru-chan?"

Noticing his companion stiffened, Natsume looked at her. She looked pained and lonely and sad. He sighed and tugged her behind him. He picked up the forsaken cap on the ground and put it in her head. He faced the girls and said, "Don't compare my girlfriend to that ugly, little whoever-she-was girl."

"What?" the girls frowned. "Hotaru-chan is not ugly. Maybe your girl is." One of them put her hands on her hips and queried, "I mean who is she compared to a famous model? She is nothing."

Natsume grimaced and swung her fist towards the girl's face stopping inches before it hit. "You dare say another hurtful word towards my girl friend then your face will definitely have contact with my fist." He smirked as he saw the girl shivered with fright and slumped on the ground when he withdrew his fist.

"You ruthless bastard..." the remaining girls hissed. They picked their friend on the floor and hurriedly ran away, leaving Natsume and his companion behind. He snickered and muttered, "Idiots as if I even dare to lay a finger on them." He shook his fist and risked a glance at the girl standing before him.

She was grinning evilly and looked at Natsume, making their eyes met. "Ah...You can be a good guy if you wanted to."

Natsume rolled his eyes and draped a hand on her head. "Just don't get into trouble again. You looked like someone famous so many people chase after you." He crossed his arms and sighed. "But I don't get it, you're so unladylike. Why would they mistake you as a model?"

"I am a model. They're not mistaking me for someone else because I'm real."

Natsume blinked his eyes a couple of times before snickering loudly. "You...a model? Don't deceive yourself kid. I'm going now." He gave her head one last pat and turned around, walking away. Her cheeks were tinted with red and she held the spot where he patted.

She let out a deep breath and shouted, "What's your name?" She had to know. He is the man who was so incredibly rude and know-it-all at first but had a soft, caring side.

He waved his hand and hollered back, "My name is Natsume Hyuuga. See you around wig girl."

She watched him until he disappeared in the rush of crowd on the next lane. She raised a hand and had put it in her chest, feeling and hearing her wild heartbeat. Her face was also red. The spot he touched was like burning in her skin. She wouldn't forget him, not now, not ever, she thought. "Natsume Hyuuga..." she smiled. "Natsume...thank you."

Crazy Love Affair

Hotaru Imai, after meeting Natsume Hyuuga, was now lost in the city.

She was walking without direction on the streets but didn't dare to ask. Her phone was out of charge. She had her wallet but it was full of credit and platinum cards. She sighed. She was useless during times like this. She looked at the sky and it was already painted by red-orange, meaning it will be dark soon.

She sauntered on the park. She watched the kids played in the sand box without a care in the world. How she wished she could go back to being a kid, without any worries and problems. She remembered her mom, telling her that she should continue her broken dream. That Hotaru should grow up and become a celebrity, a passion her mom quitted for her. A dream that closed to gave birth to her.

And now she felt obligated to fulfil her mom's desires. Now, she was a model, running like crazy from numerous fans. Entering a celebrity school and never had a day with people who weren't famous.

She sighed and held the chain of the swings, slowly rocking herself. How odd. She wasn't crying. She was just –

"...when I look back...boom...no best friend...that was very low and uncalled for...you left us and I arrange all that just for – hello...Natsume! Natsume!" A blonde boy, looking furious and upset stormed towards the swing and sat on the empty spot beside her. But what really called for her attention was the name Natsume.

The blonde boy closed his cell phone and put it inside his pockets. She scrutinised him carefully, taking notes of his face, actions and mannerisms. He was mad but his aura was nothing like Natsume Hyuuga. She thought that the blonde beside him, whether connected to Natsume or not was gentle and kind, so unlike his friend.

"Ah..." she opened her mouth to speak, catching the blonde boy's attention.

He turned around and raised an eyebrow. "Who are you?" He tilted his head, a grin spread on his playful face. "You look kinda dumb but cute." He laughed, pointing at the pink wig and cap.

"I don't want to hear the same thing twice in a day." She stood up to leave. She stepped her foot forward and walked away from the boy. But all too sudden, she didn't notice the rock before her so she tripped on it and skidded down. Ruka took off from the swings and approached her. He stooped down and offered his hand.

"Are you alright?" he asked, checking her from any bruises or wounds. When he found none, he helped her stood up.

"I'm quite fine. I was just distracted a little but I'm alright." She turned around and noticed for the first time that her ankle was hurting. She winced in pain and knelt down.

"What happened?"

"I twisted my ankle," she told him. "I was so careless. How can I work tomorrow?" She grunted. She would really get a long, noisy sermon later. And it's the last thing she needed right now.

She heard the rustle of clothes and glanced at Ruka who stooped down in front of her. He was showing her his back and said, "Come on. I'm going to give you a piggy-ride." He chuckled when she groaned loudly. "It's not going to be bad. I'll carry you like a princess to your house."

"No. It seems like my brain wanted me to cease all communications with you," she scowled, flinched as she put more weight on her injured ankle. Nevertheless, she managed to maintain her emotionless facade. "You seemed like an idiot and I don't associate with idiots."

Ruka sighed and steered his body, grabbing her hands and forced her to ride on him.

"Wha-What the hell are you doing?" she screeched as she felt her feet left the ground and before she knew it, she was daggling behind his back. "Put me down!"

"I will not. Injure people should just enjoy this ride." Ruka laughed and started walking. "So where are we going?" He momentarily stopped and pushed her up so she wouldn't fall. "Where is your house?"

"I refuse to answer." She looked away, muttering incoherent words before saying, "You might be a stalker, robber, or anything for all I care."

Ruka inhaled sharply. "Do I look like some creepy stalker to you?" He paused. "Look...I'm not a bad guy, ok? Just trust me on this...snotty girl."

She glared at him for quite a long time before heaving a long sigh. "Fine. I trust you. If you can just lend me your phone so I could call my mom." She added mentally, "Or my manager. Whoever's not busy...or angry."

"Sure..." he muttered and scrambled for his phone in his pockets. Once he found it, he gave it to her.

"Ah...thanks..." she said in a small voice. She flipped the phone open and dialled her mom's phone number slowly. She had put it against her ear and listened to the monotonous tone the phone always had. She gulped loudly when it went through. Boy, I'm doom, she thought.

Crazy Love Affair

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