The Broken Mirror

Chapter One

(+This story was brought to you through the alliance between Brown Phantom and my self. We hope that you all enjoy it+)

A/N: Story starts off from Kanna's POV

I have no purpose in my life but to obey the orders that are given to me by Naraku. And I do them, for I have no reason not to. I was created by Naraku, I was born of Naraku, and I am a piece of Naraku. A mere extension of himself used to carry out his commands whatever they may be. And to carry out those commands I use a mirror.

A mirror that takes the souls of others… a soul, a piece of a person, something I will never know for I have no soul myself.

And now I have new orders, orders that I must carry out as I have always done before.

"Bring me the soul of the human girl Kagome." Naraku had whispered into my ear.

He was not near me. He was many hundreds of miles away. But I hear him constantly in my mind whenever he speaks. Sending me his instructions and orders; no matter where I am, I am always able to hear him.

I did not show any surprise to his command, for I felt no surprise, now or ever

"Is she important?" I asked in my quiet voice, talking to him as if he was standing before me. He will hear me as if he were.

"I have come to realize two things about her." Naraku said, his voice as cold and icy as ever. "She possesses the ability to see and sense for the shikon jewel shards. That ability will prove very useful for gathering the remaining fragments for me; and gaining this ability I believe lies in her human soul."

"And what is the second reason?" I asked.

I heard Naraku give a chuckle, dark and low it sounded. "The hanyou Inuyasha loves her. So many times I have seen it in him. If she were to fall then so shall he. Head a few miles south until you reach a village. Inuyasha and his group should arrive there by soon." He paused for a moment and then said his final words "Do not fail."

Then all was once more silent.

South…that is where I was supposed to go and that was where I would go.

I was currently in a lone forest surround by trees; their green leaves moving gently in the wind. Wind I could not feel since all I can do is see and hear. I turned towards the south and began walking, my mirror held in front of me as it always was.

Inuyasha loved the human girl Kagome. Love…another emotion I had never had nor wished to experience. Just one of many to me.

When I had been born of Naraku he created to be his most loyal servant. To do so, I was stripped of everything his other incarnations were allowed; emotions and a soul. I feel nothing; no remorse, fear, hatred, sadness, joy, hunger, thirst, weariness; nothing at all. I am merely a living doll forever painted with a blank face and empty eyes.

I continued to walk the empty dirt road. Seeing no humans; and even if there were any they would simply ignore me. I have the body of a ten year old child and I carried no aura or scent of a demon. To them I was nothing to fear, unless my albino appearance unsettles them. However, in the end they would find that their judgment was always severely flawed.

By my knowledge I would reach the village within an hour. And when I arrived the villager's lives would end.

(Third Person POV Now)

"YOU PERVERT." Sango shouted as she slapped Miroku across his face.

Miroku fell on a ground in a daze with a red hand print on his face.

Sango shook her head. "Honestly monk, every time I gain even the smallest bit of respect for you, you ruin it by doing something lecherous."

Shippo the little fox demon sat on the ground next to Kirara, Sango's pet demon cat. The small child smiled. He loved watching Miroku getting smacked.

"Inuyasha, would you come down here please?" Kagome called to the hanyou who sat up in the tree just lying there.

The half demon ignored her continuing to lounge up in the tree completely content and oblivious to the-

"Sit Boy."

There was a crashing sound and suddenly Inuyasha was laying face down on the ground moaning in pain.

Kagome smiled with triumph. "There. That was not so hard was it?" She asked as behind her Shippo laughed and laughed at Inuyasha humiliation.

Inuyasha then looked up at Kagome and shouted. "Damnit wench what is it? Can't a guy relax for a bit without being-" He did not get to finish because Kagome interrupted by saying what she needed to tell him.

"I sensed a jewel shard. That way." She pointed in the direction of a small village that couldn't be seen from their position.

"Finally. Let's get going guys." Inuyasha insisted.

Shippo groaned. "We're all tired Inuyasha. Have you forgotten why we stopped here in the first place?" Sango, Miroku, and even Kirara nodded.

Inuyasha growled irritably and snorted as he turned away. "Fine stay here then. You coming Kagome?"

"Might as well; you need me to find it anyway." The Miko answered. She then got on Inuyasha's back and the hanyou took off.

After a few moments of silence Inuyasha asked "Do you sense anything in possession of the shard? A demon or some human maybe?"

Kagome, still clinging to his back, shook her head. "No I don't sense anything in possession of the shard…but it is hard to tell."

"Well we will just have to find out then won't we?" Inuyasha said as he increased his speed and moved nearer and nearer to the village.

(Kanna POV)

They were coming, I could sense it. Naraku had been correct. Inuyasha and his companions were indeed drawn to these Jewel shards. One of which currently resided in my mirror. Naraku gave it to me to increase its power.

"The taking of the Miko's soul will not be easy my dear Kanna, much like last time you tried. Use this shard's power and rip Kagome's soul from her body entirely."

My master trusted with many things. Many personal secrets that he had never shared with his other minions; but he never shared with me the reason why he sought these jewel shards. And I never asked why. Curiosity was not one of the privileges I had been granted when I was created.

I looked around at the now empty village. The bodies of villagers lay scattered around. Some lying on the road, others in their homes, and some even leaned against walls; men, women, and children.

They were nothing but shells now. Empty husks, their souls fed to my ever hungry mirror. They felt nothing when I removed their souls. To them it was like slipping into a long deep sleep. One of which they would not wake up from. They even breathed like they were simply asleep.

One of the demon wasps that Naraku had lent me came buzzing out of nowhere and informed me that only two were coming; Inuyasha and Kagome, and that they were only minutes away from the village.

I ordered the wasp to return to Naraku and inform that I would return shortly with Kagome's soul. The wasp flew away back to it's master. And I hid myself.

There would be no failure this time.

(Third Person)

Kagome and Inuyasha arrived in the village and they immediately could tell that something was wrong.

"It's too quiet." Inuyasha said as his hand drifted towards his sword.

"Where are all the people?" Kagome asked. She then moved towards one of homes and when she looked through the door way she gave a loud gasp and took a step back.

The hanyou ran over quickly. "Kagome what's wrong?" He asked with concern.

"The…the people." She said as she pointed shakily.

Inuyasha looked inside and his eyes widened slightly. Slumped against the wall was a women, young perhaps twenty-five. Her eyes were open but they were blank and expressionless and stared blankly into space.

And on the floor was a child. A little boy who was about five years old; he simply lay there unmoving.

Kagome ran to another hut then another and she found all the people were like this. Inuyasha even found some just lying on the road. Like they had all just fallen where they stood.

"Are…are they all dead?" Kagome asked as she moved closer to Inuyasha.

Before the half-breed could answer someone else did. "No; they are not dead."

Both Inuyasha and Kagome turned and there standing in the middle of the road was Kanna; still with her ever emotionless face and blank gaze.

Inuyasha drew his Tetsaiga. "Kanna. I should have guessed that you did this."

However the girl ignored him and turned her gaze to Kagome. "Naraku requires your soul. I must take it from you now." She said as she held her mirror in front of her and directed it at Kagome.

"Don't even think about it!" Inuyasha roared as he lunged at his target with his sword over his head, ready to chop her in half.

"Inuyasha! Don't!" Kagome yelled in a panic. Last time Inuyasha tried that he had been struck with his own Wind Scar and nearly died.

Apparently that little incident had escaped Inuyasha's memory at this moment, for he insisted on attacking Kanna. Mostly to ensure her mirror didn't catch Kagome's reflection.

Kanna's mirror, ready to steal yet another soul, had caught the hanyou's reflection instead of the miko's. Not what she intended, but this could work to her advantage. If Inuyasha's soul was contained too, he couldn't stop her from leaving with Kagome's soul.

If Kanna could grin at Inuyasha's folly she would have just then. Instead she just held her mirror out to do it's job.

Inuyasha felt the slow tug of his soul being pulled out of his body. Before it left entirely, he quickly jumped forward and brought his sword to Kanna's mirror, hoping to do some damage.

The result caught everyone off guard, even Kanna. The mirror couldn't reflect attacks and steal souls at the same time, so it took the full force of Tetsaiga just then. And it loudly split in half.

It was like a bomb went off just then, or the Shikon Jewel shattering all over again. There was a bright light and a shockwave, sending Inuyasha and Kanna flying backwards in opposite directions. Inuyasha crashed into the side of a hut and Kanna into a cart of straw.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome shouted in worry, having only been forced to her knees from the shockwave. Once she got up, she rushed to check on her not-too-secret love interest.

He looked fine; no blood or slashes or anything worse than a bump on the head. He sat up and rubbed his head. "What the hell was that?"

Kagome shook her head. "I don't know. But it looks like you got something done." Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone down the dirt road start to stir. "I think all the souls she already took just returned to their bodies."

Inuyasha saw the cleaved mirror on the ground once his eyes could focus. "Heh. And now Naraku's little brat can't hurt us. I'm getting rid of her once and for all."

He stood up, and at the same time Kanna started digging her way out of the straw. When she emerged, Inuyasha and Kagome were both too shocked to do anything but stare at her.

Kanna looked pretty much the same as always, but this time, she had two white dog ears on top of her head, right in front of the flowers she wore. Her blank onyx eyes were now golden yellow and lively. And her once milk white skin was now a now a normal tan shade.

When Inuyasha saw this his mouth dropped open and his eye began to twitch. All previous thoughts was replaced with massive confusion.

Kagome; she simply stared and mouthed "Oh My God."

Finally Kanna realized there was something wrong because her eyes widened when her new dog ears gave a small twitch. Her pale hand slowly reached up and touched the ears. When she felt them she did something neither Inuyasha or Kagome thought possible of her.

She let out one long terrified scream and then she passed out.

(+And there is the first chapter of The Broken Mirror. We hope that you all enjoyed it. What is going to happen to Kanna now? Find out in chapter two+)