Chapter Five

Kanna POV

The battle against the worm demon had exhausted me so I sat down at the base of a tree. I was not the combative type, I was an informant and overseer who's methods for doing so were now gone.

Now the group in front of me, they were the fighters all of them. Well, maybe not the fox. His methods are abysmal at best. And even though the Miko has great talent, she doesn't have the heart for battle. The half-breed and the slayer, they were the best as far as I could tell. The Monk might think he was better, but his tricks were limited in numbers. He probably only got more recognition because of the gender status in our culture.

At this moment, all I wanted to do was rest. Which now was much more enjoyable and for reasons I didn't care about. As long as I could enjoy it, I would. But the others wanted to do more than just rest.

They asked me a great deal of questions, all of which I answered. For no reason other than to make it short and then they would leave me alone.

"Where is Naraku's hideout?" The Demonslayer asked, voicing everyone's first concern.

I looked at her blankly for a moment and then answered clearly. "I don't know."

Inuyasha scoffed. "Bullshit. You were his top lieutenant. You should know where he is."

I glared over at that half-breed. Damn his arrogance, it would get him killed one day. "Naraku never stays in one place for too long. He changes his location every three days or so, and he is never in the same place twice. And I didn't always go with him when he did. When he called for me I came. That's how it worked."

"But you had to have close to him regularly so you should know what kind of locations he prefers." The Monk stated semi-all-knowingly.

"The kind of locations he prefers... are the kind of places no one else does."

"Be more specific than that." Inuyasha ordered.

"I can't." I told him sternly. "He likes forest, cliffs, swamps, and graveyards. Sometimes castles if he can trick the inhabitants or just kill them off. You have a lot of ground to check if you want to find him. Your best bet is for him to come to you."

"Then you're going to be our bait." The half-breed said.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I'm pretty sure Naraku is going to want to at least check on why his most loyal servant is no longer answering him, so he's got to come looking for you sometime."

"He's probably right Kanna." The Miko told me.

I sighed and closed my eyes and crossed my arms. I didn't like this situation. If I stayed with them, they most likely would try to kill me sooner or later. But if I leave, more demons will try to kill me sooner and if they don't, Naraku would do something... I can only assume would be unpleasant. It appeared I had no choice. "Fine, I'll stay with you for now. But I want you to teach me more about these new experiences of mine. I don't like not knowing what my body is doing." I said.

Inuyasha scoffed "You're not really in a possession to make demands child."

"Actually I think I am in a rather good position, you would not have chased after me unless you needed me. Right now I am the greatest source of information you can get on Naraku. You lose me and you lose your best chance to beat him." I said with a small smirk. I sort of liked the feeling of having control for once.

Inuyasha and I stared at each other intently, in some sort of stand-off. For some reason, I kept on thinking if I did this long enough he would falter and agree, and I guessed he was trying to do the same thing.

"Alright, enough of that you two." Kagome said, stepping in between us. "There is no need for any of this. Let's just find a spot to relax at. We could sure use some soothing after all this."

Normal POV

That night the group had found a reasonably good hot spring to bathe in. This particular part of Japan in the Feudal Era was rich in hot springs so finding one wasn't such a hard thing for travelers needing to soothe their aching bodies. And they found one that was split into two by a rock wall, allowing both genders to bathe separately at the same time.

As normal, the girls in the group got first dibs on bathing and chose the larger side. Shippo joined because he was never accused of being perverted. What made tonight different was that Kanna would join them.

"No way! That looks way too hot!" Kanna shouted as she sat down on ground, her new ears twitching slightly. Even though the sense of touch was a new one to her, she instinctively knew that being burned would be unpleasant.

"It's perfectly fine." Kagome said as she leaned back against a rock. Sighing with pleasure as the water relaxed and eased her mind.

Kanna then pointed at Shippo, who was floating on an inflatable ring, while clutching her yukata tightly. "There's no way I'm undressing in front of a boy!" her face slightly red, this was another new feeling that she did not like; embarrassment, she now cared if males saw her naked.

"Like you have anything to see in the first place." Shippo muttered he eased more into his floatation device.

Kagome looked between the two kids for a moment before focusing her gaze on Shippo.

"Shippo, maybe you should hurry up and go join the other boys tonight."

The fox demon gasped. "You... you're actually telling me to leave so you can be with her instead?" He had always stayed with Sango and Kagome when they had bathed; this was the first time one of them had asked him to leave. He felt hurt

"No, of course not, but maybe this is the best thing to do."

"But why should I go?" he demanded

"Would you rather she bath with Miroku instead?" Kagome asked.

Both Shippo and Sango shuddered at the thought. "He wouldn't do that to a kid." Shippo stated. 'Would he?'

Sango then looked at Shippo. "Shippo, you better do as Kagome says."

The fox demon didn't look like he liked it, in fact he didn't, but did as the two women said anyway. He got out of the water and ended up showing Kanna his rear end. She blushed and looked revolted, and once he was in reach she hit him on top of the head, giving him a good-sized bump.


"Just because." Kanna said absently.

"SIT BOY!" Kagome shouted out of instinct.

A loud splash was heard on the other side of the rock wall. "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR? I COULD HAVE DROWNED OVER HERE!" Inuyasha shouted in anger.

Kagome blushed in embarrassment. "Whoops sorry." She called over.

Shippo frowned at Kanna and then walked over to join the other guys. When he was gone, Kanna still remained standing there. Truth be told she had never actually bathed before. She had never actually had a reason to, since she had never dirtied herself when she had been traveling, and until now she had never actually produced any kind of sweat when performing exercises.

However, she had to admit the idea of bathing was interesting nonetheless, so after checking to make sure that fox brat was gone, Kanna undid the bound of her yukata and let it fall to the ground. However on sheer uncontrolled impulse her hands covered her chest and below the waist, her face turning a bright red as Kagome and Sango giggled.

"It's alright Kanna; you don't have to be embarrassed we're all girls here." Kagome said as she motioned for Kanna to enter the water.

Kanna looked down and slowly dipped her foot into the steaming water and soon the rest of her followed. Her ears twitched excitedly as she immersed herself. It was not as hot as she had expected.

Kagome smiled and moved through the water over to Kanna, who had sunk deeper into the water, enjoying the pleasant feeling it gave her.

"Come on Kanna I'll wash your back for you." Kagome said as she produced a washcloth.

"Why would I need you to wash my back for me?" Kanna asked, not seeing the reason for such a thing.

"To be nice and to make sure your entire body is clean. Besides it's easier for someone else to reach that spot than yourself."

Kanna frowned a bit but after a moment longer she turned around. "Alright, fine but be careful."

"Oh relax Kanna I will be gentle."

-Meanwhile on the other side of the hot spring-

Shippo sat in his floatation ring drifting around in the water, while Inuyasha and Miroku sat on the opposite side of each other.

"Why does this feel awkward?" Miroku asked finally breaking the silence that had surrounded them.

"Maybe because a girl who has always been our enemy is now sitting on the other side of us." Inuyasha huffed irritably.

"She took my spot, I should be over there with Kagome, Sango, and Kirara." Shippo sighed unhappily.

"Oh stop your whining runt; I got a 'Sit' that I didn't deserve, and you don't hear me moaning about it." Inuyasha barked, although he massaged his back which still ached a bit.

Then suddenly all conversation ended when they heard laughing from the girls side. Shippo looked over at the girls side which was blocked off by a large boulder. "What do you suppose they are talking about over there?" He asked.

"Who cares?" Inuyasha grumbled, as he slipped a little deeper into the water to ease his back pain.

Miroku suddenly stood up from the water, a wet towel wrapped around his waist. "I for one care, as a Monk I must make sure that nothing unholy is happening to our female companions." He said as he made his way for the rock.

Neither Inuyasha or Shippo made a move to stop him. "I bet 45 seconds" The Hanyou said as he closed his eyes.

"I give it 30." Shippo replied.

-Back on the other side-

(Kannas POV)

Although I did not like to admit it, I was actually enjoying myself. Having real contact and conversation with people, was still something new to me though. When serving Naraku, I nor any other of his creations had any real contact with each other. We were always off doing some service for him or plotting to kill one another. The only I ever really had had any real relationship with had to be Kagura, and that had been merely a professional one.

But with the Miko and Demonslayer it felt different, they were kind to me even though I spent a good portion of my life seeking to kill them and suck out their souls, and yet now they were treating me as if we were old friends, I simply could not-

Suddenly my train of thought was broken, I heard something. My new ears, although they were somewhat of burden, they were proving to be very useful, I could hear a twig snapping from forty feet away if I listened hard enough, but right now I was focusing on a new noise. It sounded sort of like scrapping; it had a sort of wet noise to it as well.

I looked over at Kagome and Sango, they did not seem to hear it, but the noise was clearly there. I turned my head around a bit, trying to find the origin of the noise and then I found it.

My head turned to the large boulder that had been separating the boys from the girls, and at the top of that rock I could see that idiot Monk staring down intently at Kagome and Sango.

And for the first time in my entire life, I felt violated. Why was he staring down at the girls like that? The freak. I then did something I never thought possibly of me; I let loose a loud shrill shriek.

"EHHHH A SPY!" I cried as pointed up to the Monks hiding spot.

Sango and Kagome followed my pointing finger and the moment they saw Miroku their gazes turned dark and venomous.



Those were the word they used as they hurled whatever they could grab at the monk, who amazing dodged all of the projectiles, only to lose his footing and fall backwards.

I got a sense of satisfaction when I heard the loud splash from the other side.

Kagome and Sango sat back down in the water with a hmph, both their faces deeply read, although I could not tell if it was from anger or if they were blushing.

"Dirty lercher." Sango said

"I wonder if he cracked his skull." Kagome responded with some concern. "Oh, and thanks for letting us know he was watching Kanna."

"Yea, with you around now, it should make keeping Miroku on his side more easy."

Kirara mewed in agreement.

And I… I let a small brief smile form on my face at the compliments I had received, they felt good. "Thanks, but... what were those things you called him?"

Kagome and Sango blinked in confusion. "We called him pervert because he was being one."

"What's a pervert?" I asked. I never heard of such a word before. I think I heard Kagura say something that sounded like that once, but I had other priorities so I paid it no mind back then.

The two teenage girls shared a look. "Looks like we'll got a lot to teach her."

-Back on the Boys Side-

(Normal POV)

Shippo and Inuyasha watched as their friend lay floating in the water, his eyes spinning from the fall. However they did not seem worried about Miroku's well-being at all.

"35 seconds. I was the closest I win." Shippo said as he stuck out his tongue at his rival.

"Lucky guess brat." Inuyasha muttered.

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