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Chapter 1 – More Dream-Walkers.

The jungle was lush and living, the different animals living there was giving off happy sounds and there were young ones of every species running around once more, Eywa wanted her children to have joy in the lives again after the great tragedy that had come over her realm.

Tsu'tey sighed as he sank down into one of the warm pools close to the new Kelutrel, they had not had those close to the old Home, and so this had been a perk when the Sky People had found and showed them another tree not far from the Thundering Rocks, making it possible for them to travel about the same distance for the rite of passage.

It had been six months since the evil Sky People had left Pandora, and slowly everything went back to normal. At least in the jungle and where the damage of the flora and fauna had not been great, but it would take many years for the land to heal at the mining site and at Hell's Gate.

Tsu'tey frowned when he thought of all the damage made by the aliens and let his hand unconsciously trace over a few scars on his chest.

He had been shot during the final battle, severely enough to be immobilized, but not enough to kill him. His ikran had saved him from a certain death a few hundred yards from the ground, before he hit the jungle trees.

His lifelong friend had taken him to the ground and laid him down in a bushy area, laying down over him as the Sky People on the ground had come closer, and played dead, laying his head in an odd angle, closing his eyes and taking as shallow breaths he could.

The trick had worked and Tsu'tey had promised to hunt for his friend as thanks for saving his life.

Several hours later, Tsu'tey had woken from a light slumber reluctantly as he had heard shouting voices, his people searching for survivors and his ikran had risen and let out a shriek to call the searchers over.

And his savior was no one other than Jakesully, Toruk Makto, who was grinning when he saw that his clan-brother was alive, shot, but alive.

Said savior was now heading to the pools with another dream-walker; Normspellman. They were talking about Norm's upcoming rite of passage, as he was almost ready to find his own ikran to bond with.

"I see you, brother." Jake waved to Tsu'tey and Norm greeted the warrior as well, before stepping into the pool sitting down opposite to Tsu'tey.

They bathed with their loincloths on, as this was a shared pool, with both men and women and children. They had more private pools for those who wanted to bathe solo or with their mate. The Na'vi was not as prude as the Avatars were, but they weren't naked all the time either. Some people in the shared bath removed their coverings, some didn't.

Jake turned to Tsu'tey and Norm, his face more serious than it had been a minute ago.

"More dream-walkers arrived two nights ago." He started, making his two brothers widen their eyes significantly.

Tsu'tey sat up straighter in the pool.

"More warriors too?"

"No, or yes, but we sent them away, only four dream-walkers was allowed to land here. Maxpatel swore on his honor that they are good people and that Grace knew about them and had approved to send for them before the war."

"So she sent for them around nine months after we left Earth?" Norm asked and looked like he was trying to figure out who Grace could have approved and sent after as she had made no mention of that to them when Jake and himself had arrived.

"Yes, two men and two women. We will meet them in five days, enough time for them to get used to their new bodies."

"What if Eywa have no wish of them, there are enough dream-walkers here, will they go away?" Tsu'tey huffed and crossed his arms, while glaring at his leader. He had stepped down as Olo'eyktan when he was incapable of leading his people from his bed.

"They know the punishment for disobeying Eywa, Olo'eyktan and the Clan's wishes. They have been informed and I will speak to them when we get to Hell's Gate." He glared back at Tsu'tey, huffing at his brother's hostility towards the Avatars. Maybe he was the empty cup now.

"Did Max tell you any names of the new dream-walkers?" Norm asked with peaked curiosity.

"No, only that the women's Avatar's looked really good." He lifted his hands and made the shape of an hour-glass in the air, wiggling his eyebrows at Norm.

Tsu'tey looked at Normspellman and wondered why the man looked embarrassed and punched Jakesully in the shoulder and his leader just laughed at his friend.

Norm took pity to Tsu'tey and explained.

"Humans often choose mates due to how they are shaped." He made the motion Jake had done more slowly. "Large breasts – thin waist – and big hips. It's all because of evolution, big hips often meant that the female could give a man strong sons and large breasts meant that she could feed them well."

Tsu'tey nodded as he understood Normspellman's explanation of his leader's strange hand motions.

"But don't ever do that…" Norm showed the movement again. "…in front of a female. She will slap you and think you are calling her fat, as she will believe that you want a female that look like that, even if she does look like that in your eyes, she might not see herself as you see her." Norm saw that Tsu'tey looked more confused now than ever. "Females are very confusing, just remember to never do that movement in front of a female, and you will be fine."

The warrior nodded at Norm's strange explanation, but was going to try to not do that in front of a female. Ever.

Later that afternoon Tsu'tey made his way over to the Hometree, walking up to the level where the Tsahìk resided. She had told him to visit, so she could see if his strength was back, or if he needed more rest.

He was itching to go out in the jungle and not have to think of taking it easy when he hunted or ran in the trees. Six months was too long time to be confined to easy prey and movements.

Pushing the long tapestry of beads apart, he greeted Mo'at with all his respect. She had been aided by Eywa to heal him, and he was very grateful for her help, even if he did not tell her that directly, Mo'at knew his gratitude.

Mo'at made Tsu'tey move his arms and bend his body, so she could see if he was fully healed. She nodded, grabbing his arm and bending it more, pushing him to stretch his formerly damaged muscles.

"Good. You have healed well, Tsu'tey." She pulled out the sharp thorn she has hanging around her neck and pricked his skin, tasting his blood. "Your strength has returned fully… however…" She walked around him and grabbed hold of his queue, looking at it intently.

"Tsahìk?" He looked at her wearily, wondering what she sees.

"You need balance, Tsu'tey." She let go of his queue and looked at him with a mysterious, but also serious, smile.


"Balance, yes. Which you only can find in a female." Her smile turned into a grin, and she looked at him knowingly.

Tsu'tey looked at her with wide eyes. A female?

"You are getting old Tsu'tey." She teased. "Younger warriors have already mated, why not you?"

He growled a bit, but then he paused. Why hadn't he taken a mate? First he was to mate Neytiri, which had been decided since they were youths, but as she had mated after Jakesully's acceptance into the Clan, with Jakesully, he had been angry with her choice and too consumed with those feelings to think of other females. And after the War with the Sky People, he had been too damaged to think of other things than his recovery, so what stopped him from taking one of the females now?

"I do not know, Tsahìk. Maybe Eywa has someone in mind for me?" He shrugged and looked at her with uncertainty he had never felt before.

Mo'at looked at the man she had seen grow from child to boy to the man he now was. She had been a witness to his both births and regarded him before as her son-to-be. Now he was the best warrior in the Clan, strong to lead and wise to make tough decisions. Now he had to make another difficult decision to make in his life – to choose the female to balance his future life.

Five days later a small party was travelling to the place called Hell's Gate. Jake, Tsu'tey, Norm and Neytiri flew on their ikran, Norm rode with Jake and Neytiri had gone up to the ikran nest and found a new companion. Tsawke was her name, called that after the golden sun color that was splashed over her body.

Seeing the big complex beneath them, Jake shouted and dove fast with his companion to the Avatar compound in the back of the construction. They all landed on the lawn, their ikran shouting out their arrival, before they flew over the grass to a couple of trees, climbing up to rest while waiting.

"Jake, Norm!" Doctor Max Patel came jogging over the grass from a door leading into the complex. He was smiling underneath his exopack and waved to them. When he came up to the four Na'vi, he greeted Tsu'tey and Neytiri with a respectful bow.

"Everything okay here, Max?" Jake crouched so Max didn't need to break his neck.

"As well as it could be. The new Avatar drivers have settled in well and are itching to see Pandora with their own eyes." He looked to Neytiri and Tsu'tey. "If you would allow them to, of course."

Tsu'tey growled a bit and looked away, not really knowing why he accepted Jakesully's invite to come and greet the new dream-walkers. Jake had told him that if Tsu'tey was there and looked intimidating, the new ones would not disobey the Clan.

Max motioned them to follow him to the Avatar compound in the back, where the new ones were waiting to greet the Olo'eyktan and his friends. On the way there, they passed more dream-walkers and other Na'vi, who had chosen to stay and teach the Avatars of the Na'vi and the Avatars taught English to them in return.

"Oh, I have a surprise for you, Norm." Max smiled at his tall friend, who looked even more curious than he had when they landed.

"Really? Did you find a new plant?" He still loved to look at all the flora of Pandora and try to continue Grace's work.

"No, you can never guess." Max grinned as he approached three Avatars they had not seen yet. "Guys, this is Jake Sully, Norm Spellman, Jake's mate Neytiri and the best warrior in the Clan; Tsu'tey."

Tsu'tey was pleased of his introduction to the new dream-walkers; he looked at them like he would greet those he trained for the rites. The both males swallowed and stood up straighter in front of the Na'vi warrior.

"I see you." All three said at the same time, bowing to them.

"This is Gina Davies, xenobotanist." Max pointed to the female, she was just about 9'3, a bit shorter than normal and she had chopped off all her long black hair to her shoulders, except her braided queue of course, giving her an alien look among the Na'vi. She had dark shorts and a tight green t-shirt on

"Here is Rogan Harshell, biologist and language professor." A man in his forties nodded to them, he was 9'9, had grayish hair, tied into a long ponytail with his queue, he was wearing long cargo pants, and a t-shirt with 'Harvard' printed on it.

"And this is Tim Stevens, biologist." He was a bit younger than Rogan, in his thirties perhaps. His dark hair was loose, a few braids made here and there. He was 9'8 and had a broad frame, making him look strong and athletic.

Max looked around and sighed.

"Alright, where is the runaway?"

"She wanted to try her abilities more." Gina said and pointed to the large tree behind them.

They looked up among the branches and saw how a few moved as if someone climbed on them. A few small dry branches fell down on the ground and some birds flew away in fright when being disturbed.

Max walked up to the tree, muttering obscenities, and hoping she wouldn't cut herself this time.

"It is very rude to keep our guests waiting, you know!" He shouted up the tree. When he didn't get an answer, he bent down and picked up a pebble and aimed for a second and then threw it up halfway into the tree.

"Oww!" A crack was heard and a larger branch came down, followed by a blue shadow, which landed on a sturdy lower branch.

The female glared down at Max, her eyes vowed retribution on some level. She was more dressed as a Na'vi than the others. She had no shoes, as she was trying to toughen up her feet. She still had human shorts and a top, but they were short, the shorts having been cut off in half-length and the top ended just beneath her chest, showing off her long legs and slightly-larger-than-Na'vi-chest. She had her hair pulled back in a high ponytail, her queue hanging below it. Her face was framed with a dozen braids, and all of them had shining white pearls hanging in groups of three or four along them.

Her tail moved viciously behind her, she was upset that her climbing had been interrupted. Then she lifted her gaze to see the guests Max had spoken of. One of the males made her interest peak when she saw him and the familiarity in his face. She jumped down on the ground and landed gracefully next to Max. She looked to Max who nodded in confirmation to her and motioned her forward.

"Norm?" She said softly and stepped closer to the scientist.

Norm had first no clue to why a pretty Avatar-driver would address him first, rather than to greet Jake and Neytiri. But looking closer at the female, he began to notice small things, like the silver chain around her neck with a 'S' dangling from it, the shape of her face and her eyes, reminding him of someone back on Earth.

"Oh Jesus. How? Why? When?" He exclaimed when his mind finally pieced together the information for him. He took a few steps to her, looked her in the eye and then pulled her close for a hug. She began to sob and hugged him as close as she could, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Jake looked at his friend and had no idea who this woman was. Apparently she was someone Norm knew on Earth but never in a million years had he thought he would ever meet her on Pandora.

"Ma Jake… do you know who she is?" Neytiri whispered, smiling for the happiness Normspellman obviously felt when he saw the female.

"No, his mate maybe? But he never mentioned her to me." Norm had been fairly open about his former life on Earth, but he had never mentioned a woman in his life.

A few minutes of hugging, they let go and Norm wiped a few tears away from her cheeks, then turning her around to face Jake and the others.

"This is my younger sister, Sarah." Norm said, smiling at his friends.

A few hours later, after a meal and the customary threatening-of-people-allowed to-stay-on-Pandora, Sarah and Norm wandered off to a more secluded area of the Avatar compound to talk.

"What I don't get is; how did you get in on the Avatar program? You told me you weren't interested." Norm motioned for his sister to sit down on the grass under a tree as he did the same.

"I wasn't at first, but the more you told me, even if you really shouldn't have, the more I wanted to know." Sarah let her hand move over the soft grass, trying to find the words. "I applied for the program, got called for an interview, passed the tests and they created an Avatar for me."

"But who sponsored you? You are not a scientist." He was still baffled to see her there.

"Some high-shot decided they wanted a teacher here, a real one, no offense. And I have the education and the experience to teach language and other things to people who don't understand a bit of English. And I want to learn from other cultures as well." She smiled at him. "It's so good to see you again Norm. I had no idea if you would be alive, frankly. The people at headquarters told me awful stories about Avatars being eaten by the animals here, toxic plants and all other horrible stuff." She shook her head. "I am glad they were wrong."

"But how about mom? Does she know this? That you're here?"

Sarah closed her eyes and stretched her head up towards the sky.

"She knows and approved." Opening her eyes, she grabbed hold of a few of her braids with the white pearls beaded on them.

Norm looked at the pearls and saw their different white nuances, and pinkish hues, just like mom's…

"Aw Jesus. When did she?"

"Just about three months after you left, she knew about me going away a month before that. I think it kind of did her in, knowing that her last Earthly child would leave her too and never come back. It broke her heart, Norm. But it also set her free from her illness. She believed that we were on our way to a better, green, place; a place to find a new start and new life."

"So we're the only ones left of our small clan, huh?" He tried to smile, but tears fell anyway when he thought of his mother, who he left to die on a cold planet like Earth. He wished she could have come here to see all this.

"Yep, just you and me, brother." Sarah moved closer and pulled him to her, trying to give them both comfort.

Brother and sister sat in the Pandoran afternoon, taking comfort from each other and hoping for a bright future.

Tsu'tey considered returning to Hometree as the sun slowly fell below the horizon, but they had been invited to stay the night at the compound, enjoying the company of the other Avatars and the Na'vi living there. So he stayed with his leader.

Suddenly he heard his ikran call out to him and he rushed off towards the trees they rested in. When he came closer to Ralu, he saw Normspellman's sister stand at a safe distance, watching the ikran, and Ralu had sensed her, but as he could not see her, he was upset.

"You are upsetting my ikran. Why?" He hissed and grinned when she was scared of him sneaking up on her.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see them. I've never seen one so close." She looked down on the ground, not meaning to upset his ikran.

He shook his head at her, knowing if Ralu had seen her, he would most probably have attacked her as she was alone.

"You could have been killed." He said harshly and stepped closer to Ralu, calming him down. Glancing at her, he motioned her closer as he bonded with Ralu, making him understand that the female was no threat and that she wanted to admire him. This information made Ralu shift in his stance, almost like he was preening himself up a bit.

Sarah moved slowly forward towards the big 'bird', knowing he had very sharp teeth and could cut her open with the sharp claws he had on his wings. She kept her gaze away from the ikran's golden one, as they found it threatening when stared at. Moving to the warrior's side, she cautiously reached out her hand and placed it on the animal's neck, feeling its warmth and how the muscles moved slightly under her hand.

"What's his name?" She said and glanced up at Tsu'tey.

"Ralu." He said, stroking his friend's neck too, when out of the blue something white and shimmering was moving in the corner of his eye. Turning to his right, he saw a small seed of the sacred tree floating down towards them.

The seed softly landed on Tsu'tey's hand that was resting on the ikran's neck, tickling him with its long strands, and then it floated down a bit, landing on Sarah's hand, which also rested on Ralu's neck.

Sarah felt something soft whisper over her hand and she turned her head to see the small seed sit on the back of her hand. She moved the hand slowly closer to her face, looking at the small messenger closely.

"Atokirina'…" Sarah lifted her other hand and stroked the seed gently, feeling the tiny texture under her finger.

Tsu'tey looked at the female next to him, softly caressing the small seed on her hand, a pleased smile on her lips made him smile too. Eywa was telling them something, sending them a message… but what could she mean?

"Maybe Eywa approves of me?" She said quietly as the small seed took to the air and slowly disappeared from their sight.

Tsu'tey watched the female next to him as she followed the seed floating away. She had not seen the seed land on him first, only when it landed on her, had she noticed it. He would keep this to himself and see if Eywa really approved of her and also see if it meant something more.

The night had fallen over them and the bioluminescence of the plants and Na'vi began to shine softly around them. Ralu's markings was glowing in a pretty blue-green hue, the bond between him and Tsu'tey shone in a steady purple color, and the markings on both Tsu'tey and Sarah shimmered, creating a mysterious glow between them.

"Thank you for letting me close to Ralu, he is magnificent." Sarah caressed the ikran one last time and took a few steps back. "It is time to sleep, for both my bodies."

Sarah nodded to the warrior, who stood still and looked at her with a mix of disgust and curiosity when she had reminded him that she was not the same as him.

He watched as she walked away towards the Avatar long-house, her spots over her body showing him where she was in the darkness. He found himself admire her soft curves and wondering how she would look in real Na'vi clothing.

Next morning by the Avatar breakfast gathering outside the long-house, the Avatars and the Na'vi ate and had a conversation going. The new arrivals asked Jake about the events prior to their arrival and those knowing the story just listened to his story.

Normally not a late sleeper, Norm came stumbling out from the house, a sheepish grin on his face and he sat down, grabbing some food and ate a bit hurriedly. He looked around, not seeing his sister sitting with the group. In a moment of silence in the story-telling he asked Gina.

"Where is my sister?"

Gina looked around, she had not seen Sarah since they rose from bed, and went to the link-up after a short breakfast; she had been just after her to step into the link-up earlier.

"Don't know actually. She was with us in the link-up room, but I don't know why she would miss the morning meal with us."

Norm got a bit worried, since the RDA had left; the remaining scientist and personnel allowed to stay had turned off the parts of the complex not necessary for them to use to save energy and give as much power needed to the link-up room and the research levels.

His ear then caught the sound of the door from the complex to the compound being opened. It still needed to be greased, but no one had bothered with that yet. A human came out with an exopack covering her face. Her dark-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing t-shirt and dark cargo-pants, she jogged over the lawn to the gathering.

"Hi." She said in Na'vi, and then she switched to English. "My link-up wasn't functioning properly, so Max is running a diagnostic on it right now."

"Were you in it when it failed?" Norm sounded worried, people being in progress of linking-up and then being abruptly thrown back could black out and end up in a coma, not waking for days or at all.

"Yeah, but I was lucky. I just passed out for a few minutes." Her eyes shifted a bit, letting Norm know that she wasn't telling him the whole truth.

In fact, she had been passed out for almost forty minutes, scaring the shit out of Max and the other lab technicians.

"That's good. So, when are you going in?" He wanted to show her Pandora and the placed he loved.

"Hopefully, in a few hours. Otherwise I might not get in until tomorrow." She sighed, but she knew it was for her own good.

"That's good. I was hoping to take you out exploring."

"That would be great." She was hoping she would get to see the world more closely.

"Join us?" Norm patted the grass next to him.

"Later, if it's okay? I need to fix a few things first." She patted a rather big leather bag she had on her back. It was more of a Na'vi size than human size.

"Yeah, I'll see you when you've linked?" He smiled, happy to have his only family here on Pandora.

"Yes. May Eywa watch over you." She said to the group before heading towards the long-house.

Coming into the house where her Avatar body slept, she felt weird at first when she saw her other side. She looked so serene lying there, almost looking like she was dreaming of something, as her limbs occasionally twitched and her eyes moved behind her eyelids.

Jumping up on the cot next to where her Avatar body was resting, she took out a piece of fabric from the bag. It was made of smooth leather, colored in a dark brown hue and she had just a little bit to sew before it was finished into a top for her Avatar-self.

The leather had she gotten from one of the Na'vi, Tse'nire, who was an adequate hunter, but even better in making clothes and braiding hair. She had made the braids Sarah's Avatar had in her hair, and had gotten her the leather-piece for a couple of the sparkling white pearls from her mother's necklace. Tse'nire had never seen such beautiful beads before, as most beads the Na'vi used were brown or black. The color adorning their hair often came from the feathers of the animals in the jungle. So Tse'nire had told Sarah that she would only use these pearls for something special.

Having a few pearls left, Sarah began to sew them onto the leather, in the v-cut in the front; she put a short line of pearls following the edge of the fabric. The top was like a halter-heck top, being tied in the neck and fastened on her back with laces. It should hold for jumping around in the trees.

After about one hour of sewing, the top was finally done, after many hours of work this week. Placing the top next to her other body, Sarah gathered her things and headed back towards the research complex. Half-way there, Gina called to her.

"Sarah! Max was looking for you, the link is done."

"Awesome! Will you meet me in the long-house in ten minutes; I need your help with something."


Sarah waved and ran the rest of the way to the door to the complex. Finally would she get back into her Avatar and see Pandora.

Tsu'tey saw how the small female ran over the grass into the dark building. She had a smile on her face, seemingly looking forward to become a dream-walker again.

A low crooning came from behind him; Ralu was impatient and wished to go back to the new home. The open area here made him nervous for attacks, the trees and bushes was not large enough to completely hide in.

"Calm, my friend. We will soon go to Hometree." Tsu'tey wrapped his arm around the big head that came to rest on his shoulder. Ralu was like a big baby sometimes, whilst at war he was one of the meanest ikran that flew in the air. Nothing could stop him, the only one besting him so far was Tsu'tey when they found each other at the warrior's rite of passage.


Tsu'tey looked over and saw how Jakesully called him over.

"Are you ready to leave, brother?" He asked his leader and friend.

"Almost. Norm asked me if we would allow his sister to join us back to Hometree. I wish to know your opinion, brother."

Tsu'tey had almost known that Normspellman would ask to bring his sister with them. He sighed softly, thinking of what he had seen and felt when she had been around him yesterday. She was interested in the Na'vi and the land, not in the plants like the other dream-walkers had and was, so that was a plus. But he didn't know how well she would manage in the jungle, she had to be taught their ways and that was a slight bother, as long as he wasn't the one teaching her, then it would probably be fine.

"If you…" A movement from the long-house caught Tsu'tey's attention, but as it was only the other female dream-walker, he spared her only a glance, not paying attention to the blue shadow that was sneaking out through a side window and up in the nearby trees. "…deem it safe to bring her then I have no objection, brother." He said offhandedly as his attention was caught again, this time by the faint movement of the branches of the trees over the pathway, on which Normspellman was walking on with Maxpatel, heading towards himself and Jakesully.

A long blue tail with a black tuft of hair fell down from the tree, swishing dangerously a few times, until it was pulled back up quickly, as the owner had realized it was showing.

"Normspellman is prey." Tsu'tey murmured and Jake looked towards his friend, not understanding at first, but as Norm came closer to the trees over the path, Jake understood and grinned.

"A good hunter is always ready." He said to his second in command.

Tsu'tey nodded. If Normspellman thought himself to be ready for the Iknimaya, he should feel the danger and avert it as it pounced for him.

Norm was currently engrossed in his conversation with Max, the latter had found more evidence that supported Grace's theory of Pandora, and they were both chatting excitedly about the scans they needed, which Norm would do as soon as he returned to Hometree.

He was so focused on how many scanners he could convince Jake to bring back home, when he faintly heard a growl and then felt a heavy weight slam down on his back, pushing him into the bushes next to the path, making his face go splat in the soft dirt as he lost his breath for a minute.

Max was not better off, though he wasn't smashed down in the mud as Norm currently was, he was clutching his chest, feeling like his heart was about to jump out and run for cover somewhere far away from here. He was glad that he hadn't sprung a leak.

A low growl came from the blue form that stood over Norm, tail swishing fiercely a few times and then the growl faded into a soft laughter.

"Fast reflexes huh?" Sarah ruffled Norm's hair before getting off him, helping him up from the ground. He had bragged to her about his skills as a hunter last night, and she had gotten the idea to put him to the test.

"And that was for the rock you threw at me yesterday." She turned to Max and looked at him with grinning eyes. "We're even now."

"God, don't ever do that again." Max leaned against the nearest tree, taking deep breaths.

"If you don't throw rocks at me, then I won't." She promised.

As Sarah had jumped for Norm, two Na'vi had observed her closely. Jake had seen her promising ability to manage out in the Pandoran jungle on her own, just like his hunters could.

However, Tsu'tey had seen her movements in a different view - sure he had seen her movements resemble the youngsters he trained for the elite warriors of the Clan; potential, but over-confident and a bit clumsy – he had seen the gracefulness and the passion in her jump, the lethal beauty in her face, the aggressiveness in her flight through the air. She would most probably be a worthy opponent, when properly trained.

"Normspellman, you need more training." Tsu'tey said, as he and Jake walked up to the trio.

Norm gave Sarah a foul glance and nodded to the warrior.

"I understand."

Tsu'tey then let his eyes wander over the female dream-walker, seeing her change of chest-covering with the white pearls stitched to the fabric.

"Female, you have much training to do if you are to be a warrior. You do too much noise when attacking your prey." He said coldly, looking at her with a mix of loathing and contempt.

"Who said I am to become a warrior?" Sarah stared at the big warrior, feeling a strong dislike for him, though he had been nice to her last night, letting her come close to his ikran.

"I was considering it." Jake cut in as he saw her reluctance. "Look, if you want to go out there." He pointed towards the jungle. "You have to know how to defend yourself. As a warrior or a hunter, you will be able to do that. Or else you are confined to Hell's Gate or Hometree as a helper or cook. It's your choice." Jake crossed his arms and knew he had her. Norm had told him that his sister wanted to see Pandora, see the Hallelujah Mountains, the sea and the plains, to do so; she had to become a warrior or hunter.

Sarah heard and saw Jake's honesty, knowing he was right. Unless she was a hunter or warrior, she would not be safe beyond the security of the barriers of Hell's Gate or the comfort of Hometree. Sighing mentally, she knew that her following months would be hard on her body and mind.

"If you see that future for me, Olo'eyktan, I will listen to you." She bowed her respect for him.

"Good. We leave within the hour. Pack some belongings you wish to bring. Ask Norm about the items forbidden to bring." Jake smiled, in a few months another good hunter or warrior would be born from this female dream-walker.

Sarah had packed a few things she wanted to bring to Hometree. Two pairs of cut off shorts and her other top, just in case. An army knife she had strapped to her thigh. A data pad with lesson plans for numerous of different classes – if she was allowed to teach the children, and a pouch with her mother's pearls and some precious stones.

Norm had told her to not bring too much, if needed, she could ask to return here, if there was something they needed.

She had put all the things in her bag and put it over her shoulder, letting it rest against the small of her back. Heading out on the open field, close to the edge of the jungle, she saw now Jake, Neytiri and Tsu'tey prepared their ikran for the flight back.

Norm was currently arguing with Jake, the scientist wanting to have more scanners and equipment than Jake thought necessary.

Max stood to the side and smiled at the scene. He wanted Norm to bring back as much data as possible, but in the end it was Jake who decided how much Norm got to bring back.

"Fine!" Norm gave up. "Only five and the three containers." He removed everything he wasn't allowed to bring and handed it to Max.

Jake shook his head and linked with his ikran.

"Sarah, you will ride with Tsu'tey, as Neytiri's bond with Tsawke is still new and she hasn't had another person yet with her." Jake said, giving the warrior a look that said, shut-up-or-else.

"Understood." She looked to the warrior, who did not seem to be too pleased about this arrangement.

Moving a bit closer to Tsu'tey and Ralu, she waited until they had bonded and Tsu'tey waved her closer.

"Kaltxì, Ralu…" Sarah murmured in greeting and let her hand slide gently over his strong neck. The large beast purred at the soft touch and then he hissed out his greeting to her.

"When I sit, get up behind me and hold on to me." His voice was somewhat cold, letting her know that this was not something he wanted.

Swinging up on Ralu, Tsu'tey got situated and a moment after, he felt her grab his arm for support and settle behind him, her arms sliding around his waist, grabbing hold with each hand around each elbow.

He felt her warmth emanate from the skin touching him, her breath occasionally tickled his skin and he knew that when they were up in the sky, she would most definitely press herself against him, for the fear of falling off.

Sarah saw to her left how Norm jumped up behind Jake and grabbed hold of him. He turned to her and did the thumbs up sign, smiling encouragingly at her. She forced out a small smile, feeling really nervous at the prospect of flying, but also curious to how it would feel to be up there, soaring high above the ground.

"Call us if you need us, Max." Jake said to the scientist, who nodded. "Let's go Home!" Jake shouted out in Na'vi and urged on his ikran to take flight.

Sarah felt how Tsu'tey's muscles tensed up a second before he cried out to Ralu and the life-long friend of the warrior began to flap his wings, pushing off from the ground and leaving it far behind in a matter of minutes.

Lurching to the side suddenly, as a strong up-wind caught them; Sarah tightened her grip around Tsu'tey's waist and closed her eyes. She had not signed up for this, was the thought floating through her mind.

Tsu'tey felt her hold tighten and he glanced down, seeing how her hands held on for dear life, he realized that she must be very nervous about flying. Leveling out, he let go of Ralu's left antenna and laid his hand on her arm.

"If you keep your eyes closed, female, you won't see Eywa's blessings." He said with a smirk, challenging her with his voice.

She heard him, and took a deep breath before looking at the view.

Her mind was blown away.

They were closing in on the floating mountains and what a sight it was.

She could not comprehend how the mountains could float like that. Back home mountains stood rooted to the ground and not drift around like seeds of dandelions in a warm summer's breeze.

"Is it allowed to go up on them, or can only those who go through Iknimaya explore the mountains?" Some of her nervousness had receded; it was still there, as she asked Tsu'tey her question.

He was surprised to be asked such a question by a person from the sky, before they just walked straight on, invading their culture, not caring the least or showing any respect.

"The way to the Nest of Ikran is only for those who are ready to bond. The other pathways are free for exploration, if you so wish. However, most of the ways are only available with ikran." He answered truthfully.

"Someday, I would like to stand on Eywa's most blessed place, and the most highest." She sighed and let her eyes drink in the beauty of Pandora.

"That place is only in reach for those who have bonded with ikran."

"So there is a place like that?"


Nothing more was said between them during the rest of the flight towards Hometree. Sarah could only look at the landscape and marvel over Eywa's creation.

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