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Percy's POV

The next morning, when I woke up the first thing I remembered from the day before was, that I was allowed to love my Wise Girl. That thought gave me energy enough to jump up from my bed and start to prepare myself for breakfast. In the middle of partying last night Annabeth had asked me not to give any hint towards the fact, that our parents had given us their blessing. I was suspicious, I gotta admit, but when it's Annabeth we're talking about, I often didn't quite understand her. I suppose she had a plan.

I pulled on my camp t-shirt and a pair of baggy denim shorts. I tried to smooth my hair in front of the mirror, but nothing came out of it. I guess I'll never get my hair stay put. After brushing my teeth, I took off towards the Mess Hall to have breakfast and most particularly to see Annabeth. In the commons area I saw Grover, who was heading towards breakfast, too. I joined him and we walked to the pavilion together, chatting about this and that.

The pavilion was packed when we got there. People had apparently waken up early.

"Hey guys!" Rachel yelled from the Apollo table when she saw us coming. She jumped up and ran to meet us.

"Morning, Rachel," I said. "Are Thalia and Annabeth here already?" I glanced around to look for them.

"Thalia's not here yet, but I guess it's Annabeth, who you are really looking for," Rachel said and grinned.

Then I saw her. She sat in Athena's table, surrounded by her siblings, munching an apple. I marveled at how cute she looked today. She was wearing her orange camp t-shirt and her curly hair had been pulled in a ponytail, as usual. She never tried to look good, yet she stunned me over and over again.

"Off you go, Lover Boy," Grover grinned and patted my shoulder. I smiled at him and walked to table six.

"Morning Percy!" came a greeting from many fair haired campers. Even Lucy had memorized my name.

"Morning, guys!" I said back and then looked at Annabeth, who sat on the bench with a half-eaten apple in her hand, her face slightly pink.

"Hey, Annabeth," I said. All her siblings turned to look at her.

"Hi, Percy," she said and waved at me with the hand, where she held her apple. "Sit down. Or then again, don't." She smiled and looked at the already crowded table.

"Actually, there was something I wanted to ask from Athena's cabin," I said.

"Let's hear it," said Jenny, one of Annabeth's sisters.

"I was wondering if you'd take me in your team in 'Capture the Flag' this evening. You'll get my afternoon shower time. Deal?" I was glad I'd once won a match against the Stoll brothers. It had cost them their cabin's shower time. The best one there was, just after the afternoon practice, before all others.

"You don't have to give up your shower time..." Malcolm said, but his siblings, including Annabeth, glowered at him so ferociously, that he just shook my hand.

"You've got yourself a deal, Jackson!" he said.

"Great. I'll see you later. Bye, Annabeth!" I said and went to sit in my table. I soon got company from Thalia, who lulled up the hill to the pavilion and sat opposite me.

"Morning, Pinecone Face," I said. "Why, don't you look dashing this morning."

That was sarcasm, of course. The shadows under her eyes related to a sleepless night.

"Ha ha, Seaweed Brain," Thalia scowled at me.

"Sorry, Thals. You should see your face," I said.

"Yeah, well... I didn't sleep well," said Thalia and picked her toast.

I didn't know how to answer to that, so I just kept quiet.

We ate mostly in silence. When we were ready, we walked down the pavilion hill together, down to the canoe lake. We sat on the shore and threw pebbles in the lake. Soon we stopped that, when a bunch of aggressive naiads attacked us with their unfinished baskets.

Suddenly something nudged me hard in my back and I fell in the water.

"Who was it?" I spattered as I got back to the surface. I looked at the shore, but there was no one there, but Thalia, who was laughing her ass off. Apart from her laugh, I heard another voice, coming from right beside Thalia, just where I'd been before.

"Shut up and help me out of here, Annabeth!" I shouted and splashed some water at my invisible sweetheart.

"Okay, Seaweed Brain, take my hand," I heard her voice say.

"I can't see your hand, Wise Girl," I noted.

"That's the whole fun!" said Annabeth.

I tried to find her hand. No use. Then I splashed some water at her again and saw it hit something, just a few inches away from my own hand. I took a hold of Annabeth's hand and she pulled me out of the water. She might've pulled a little too hard, because the next thing I knew was, that I was lying on top of something invisible and moving.

That something laughed and grabbed my face and pulled it closer to what seemed to be the ground, but before I hit my nose on the grass, I felt Annabeth's lips on mine.

The feeling was bizarre, yet wonderful. I had never kissed Annabeth while she was invisible and it felt weird, but I had missed her lips against mine. Her fingers tangled in my hair and her other arm wound around my waist. My hand felt its way to Annabeth's face and I stroked her cheek. I wanted to feel her hair, too, but the cap was in my way. I simply took it off and my hand flew on top of her head. I smoothed her hair. They were silky and smooth, just like I remembered them to be.

Annabeth's lips parted slightly and I felt her tongue trace my lower lip. I obediently let her enter my mouth. She pulled my hair a bit, to lower my face closer to hers. My lips pressed against hers with more force. Her tongue explored my mouth and wrestled with mine. I forgot the time and place.

Then, Annabeth bended her knee slightly and it rubbed against my crotch. Gods, I had never felt like that before. But I didn't want our relationship to move forward too fast. I needed to fight my need for her, although at the moment she made it really hard for me. Literally.

A groan escaped from my mouth.

"Something wrong, Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth asked, ending the kiss.

"No, you drive me crazy," I said, pecked her cheek once and rolled off her.

Annabeth propped herself on her elbows.

"I love you," she said softly.

Gods, how I had missed her saying that!

"I love you," I replied and touched her face.

Then I noticed, that a hard-on was starting to form in my shorts. I quickly sat up to cover it. Man how embarrassing it would've been if Annabeth had seen it. I wasn't sure if I wanted her to know exactly how she had made me feel.

'Heck, this ain't good,' I thought to myself. I really had to focus on keeping some control over myself when kissing Annabeth.

I took a long look at Annabeth. Her camp t-shirt was damp from me splashing the water at her. Some strands of her hair had escaped her ponytail and they hung on her face, some over her smoldering grey eyes.

Then I remembered Thalia. She was still sitting there, but I noticed she had moved a bit further of us. She wasn't looking at us, which I was grateful of.

"Errm, sorry about that, Thalia," I said, a bit ashamed.

Thalia turned to us.

"That's cool. I'm glad you can be together now," she said. I could see she meant it, but the smile she wore didn't reach her eyes.

'Oh, yeah. Grover,' I thought. I wondered if she had made up her mind about him yet.

Annabeth sat up.

"Actually, there was a reason why I came over here," she said.

"Oh, something else than Lover Boy?" Thalia asked with mocking surprise.

I wasn't sure if I liked my friends calling me 'Lover Boy'.

Annabeth laughed and nodded.

"Yeah, but not necessarily more important," she said and moved her hand on top of mine. I flipped mine around and our fingers intertwined. My thumb made circles on the back of her hand.

"Well, let's hear it," I said.

"Chiron asked me to remind you about 'Capture the Flag' tonight and also ask if Thalia would want to join in. Rachel already said she would."

"Of course I will take part!" Thalia exclaimed. "Truce?"

"You don't have any goods to offer, but I guess my siblings will approve," Annabeth said and smiled.

"Great! I can't wait!" Thalia said.

I glanced at my watch.

"Guys, it's almost time for cabin inspection. If I remember right, it's my turn to inspect. Wanna join me?" I asked.

"Sure," they both said and we went to inspect the cabins.

After the inspection it was time for lunch. After that there would've been afternoon practice, but Thalia, Annabeth, Grover, Nico and I ditched. We had had enough practice for one day on the Monster Doughnut -island (well, Nico hadn't exactly been with us, but he just didn't feel like practicing and he wanted to catch up with us).

After dinner it was time for 'Capture the Flag'. This time the teams were Athena, me, Thalia, Apollo, Hermes and some minor gods versus the others.

Our team cheered wildly as Annabeth and her siblings carried Athena's banner to the Mess Hall. From the other side of the pavilion came the Ares cabin, carrying their flag. Their team roared with enthusiasm. It was just like the first time I'd played 'Capture the Flag'.

Annabeth winked at me from where she stood, holding their sliver silk flag. I felt my face flush. She had finally told me about her plan. It was simple: people would think we were weak and we would be placed in border patrol. Then, when the other team would try to get past our defense line, we would stop them and our team would be free to snatch the others' flag. Told you it was simple.

Chiron walked in the middle of the pavilion so that everyone could see and hear him. Lucy was riding on his back. She wasn't allowed to join in this time, since she hadn't had any practice yet.

All the time Chiron had his speech on rules and stuff, I was watching Annabeth. I couldn't believe I even deserved her. She was too good to be true, let alone meant for me. She was wearing a bronze breastplate over a black t-shirt and her hair was hidden under a helmet with a blue horsehair plume. Gods, I loved that girl. I thanked the gods over and over again for letting us be together. I still wasn't sure, though, if her siblings approver of our relationship. Well, maybe they would when they found out, that their mother had given us her blessing.

"Alright, heroes! Take your positions!" Chiron roared.

"Blue team, follow me!" shouted Malcolm and waved toward the forest.

Annabeth ran to me, slipping her hand in mine. We walked along with our team to the forest.

Malcolm came to us.

"You two don't mind if you... errm... stayed in border patrol?" he asked. I could see he was ashamed, but he was a good troop leader. No one wanted weak links in key positions.

Annabeth and I glanced at each other. I suppressed a smile. Of course, we weren't weak links anymore, but no one knew that, except for Thalia, Grover and Rachel, and they had been sworn to secrecy until we would reveal our powers.

"Sure, bro. No problem," said Annabeth and we took our positions by the creek alongside Rachel, who was playing for the first time, and some new guy from Nike's cabin.

"Oh my gods, this is so exciting!" Rachel squealed. She had seen the game once, but never played it before and she was bursting with enthusiasm.

"I know, right?" I laughed.

"Just watch out for the Ares' cabin," warned Annabeth. "They can be brutal."

"Can be? If they're not brutal, that would be a first!" I huffed.

"Cool! I can be brutal, too!" Rachel said.

That was true. If you have never seen Rachel with a blue plastic hairbrush, you can't even imagine how aggressive she can get.

The conch horn blowed and the air was filled with battle cries. Rachel looked as if she was gonna jump out of her pants. I had to admit, I was excited, too. Last time I'd played 'Capture the Flag', I'd gotten my ass kicked by Clarisse. This time it would be the other way round.

One of Apollo's kids charged from behind the bushed beside us, jumped over the creek and ran to the enemy's side. That was Annabeth's cue to change her helmet into her cap. She rarely needed a helmet in battle.

"Let's kick ass, Seaweed Brain," I heard her say from beside me and I felt her lips on my cheek.

I tried to say something cool, like 'Yeah' or 'Totally', but it came out as 'Uh-huh'.

A second later three Ares kids dashed through the shrubbery and undergrowth.

"Ha! Are you ready to get pulverized, Punk?" yelled Clarisse, who was dressed in her red camouflage, as usual, her short hair pulled in a bandana.

"Come and get me, smelly!" I prompted.

"Yeah, bring it on!" shouted Rachel. I wished she wouldn't get herself hurt too bad.

"Aaargh!" Clarisse cried as she charged at me and Rachel, flanked by her siblings – a big, beefy guy, who I recalled was called Cory and a big, beefy girl, who's name I couldn't remember, but I really didn't care.

Clarisse and her brother took me as their target. The other girl attacked Rachel.

"Where did you leave your girlfriend, Prissy?" Clarisse taunted as our swords hit together.

"You'll see, Pig Snout," I snapped back and jabbed.

Clarisse sidestepped and lunged at me, but I dodged her strike.

"Nervous, Punk? You're about to get creamed!" she sneered.

"Oh really?" I asked.

Next to us, Clarisse's brother tried to take a lunge at me, but something caught his sword mid-air. Annabeth was on a roll. She hit poor Cory in the face and disarmed him so quickly, that if I were him, I would've been ashamed of myself.

"Oh, there's Princess," Clarisse said and dodged my strike, but something in her expression changed. She was getting suspicious, when we didn't lose so easily.

From the corner of my eye I saw the other girl fighting with Rachel and the Nike boy. Rachel was doing pretty good. Apparently our advice hadn't fallen on deff ears.

I went for the overhead strike, but Clarisse parried it.

"Is that the best you can do, Prissy? If it is, you'd better give in for good!" she sneered.

"You want best, Clarisse? I'll give you best!"

I called for the river as I sidestepped to avoid Clarisse's jab. I felt a faint tugging in my gut and a huge wave of water splashed on Clarisse, knocking her off her feet.

"Aggh!" Clarisse spluttered as she scrambled up. Too bad she had lost her sword in the water.

"I'll have you for that, Jackson!" she screamed.

At the same moment, Jenny ran with the red team's flag on our side of the river, flanked by Heather and Malcolm.

The conch horn blowed. We had won.

Malcolm, Jenny and Heather looked at the spluttering Clarisse, disarmed Cory and the other Ares girl and then me and Annabeth, who had just taken off her invisibility hat and was smiling brightly as always after a victorious battle.

"How..." Malcolm started, but he couldn't find the words to end the sentence.

I grinned at him.

Jenny and Heather's jaws fell.

"You two..." Jenny said and pointed her finger from me to Annabeth and back again.

The rest of our team ran to the creek, cheering happily. We all ran to meet them. There was an enthusiastic round of slamming each others backs and laughing and shaking hands. In the middle of the disorder, I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around and Annabeth threw her hands around my neck. All the noise around us seemed to fade as she kissed me. I wrapped my arms securely around Annabeth's waist and answered her kiss.

"Guys? Hey, guys! Just look at these two!" I heard someone shout. A little voice in my head told me it was Malcolm, but I couldn't care less. I was in a bliss.

There was a series of 'awws' and giggles. Annabeth pulled away from my face, her face flushed.

"Good game, huh?" she asked, lifting her other eyebrow.

"Yeah," I answered.

Annabeth let go of my neck and turned around in my arms to face the crowd, that had suddenly went all quiet and everyone was looking at us.

"Please don't let us disturb you. Go back to your knitting!" she said.

"What is this, Annabeth?" Heather asked.

'Oh, please don't be mad at me,' I thought.

"Does mom know about this?" asked Jenny.

"She gave us her blessing and so did Poseidon," Annabeth said.

There was an ear-piercing silence.

"Oh my gods, really?" asked Malcolm. I can't even describe the surprised expression on his face.

"Yeah, you got a problem with it?" asked Annabeth.

The cabin six kids looked at each other. Then Malcolm and Jenny stepped closer to us.

"Who are we to judge you if the gods approve," Jenny said.

"Take good care of our sister, will you, Jackson?" Malcolm asked.

"Of course I will," I said and kissed the top of Annabeth's head.

"Just keep the snogging to the minimum," said Jenny.

The whole crowd laughed.

"We'll see about that, Jen," Annabeth grinned.

"Alright, heroes! It's time for the victory celebration! Everyone to the amphitheater!" Chiron shouted and blew his conch horn again.

Everyone ran towards the edge of the forest. All except me and Annabeth. I still held her in my arms. She turned around to face me again.

"I love you, you know that?" she said.

"I know, actually, but it's nice to hear it once in a while," I said and smiled. "And you know what?" I asked.

Annabeth raised her eyebrows.


"I love you more. Guess what else?"

"Tell me," Annabeth said and kissed my lips quickly.

"I was right all along," I said.

"About what?"

"That everything would end up fine and no one would die."

"Well I'll let you have that. Still, I wonder what the last line of the prophecy meant. The 'grief and mourning' – part," Annabeth said. She frowned.

"I don't know, but one thing is for certain," I said.

"What's that?" asked Annabeth.

"Come what may, I'll always, always love you," I said and kissed her once more.

"Should we go to celebrate our victory?" she asked.

"Yeah, maybe we should," I said and we walked to the amphitheater hand in hand.

"Oh, by the way. You're wrong about one thing," Annabeth said as we walked to our teammates, who were waiting for the laurels.

"And what's that?" I asked her.

"You can't possibly love me more than I love you. That's just plain silly!" she said.

"That's debatable," I said and lifted her hand to my lips.

Thalia's POV

Chiron presented our team with golden laurels and the celebration began. The Apollo cabin lead a sing-along with lyres and pipes. We sang along the typical camp songs, along with some songs, that people wished they would play. Dryads grilled meat in huge skewers and served drinks and fresh strawberries.

Everyone was in a jubilant mood. Except me.

I hadn't spoken to Grover much since we rescued him and Lucy from the Monster Doughnut -island, but I could tell, that he wanted to talk to me about whatever thing he was supposed to talk to me about. I dreaded that moment when he'd come to talk to me, because that meant I'd have to tell him I'd made my decision between him and the Hunters. I loathed myself for making the decision between two things most important to me, but I couldn't wave both. I had to choose one or the other and I had decided.

I was chatting and sipping sodas with Nico in the seats of the amphitheater, when Percy, Annabeth, Rachel and (oh, hades) Grover came to sit with us. Apparently after our latest adventure together, Annabeth and Rachel had started to get along much better. Maybe it was, because Annabeth knew just how much she meant to Percy. I was happy for them. They had found peace with each other, their parents and Annabeth had sorted things out with her siblings too.

I wished I would find peace someday.

After a while of talking and laughing, Percy and Annabeth went to grab some barbeque.

"Hey, wait for me!" Nico squealed and ran after them.

Rachel looked at me apologetically.

"You have to do it sometime," she whispered when Grover wasn't paying attention and ran to the others.

So, I was left alone with Grover, probably sweating bullets.

"You okay, Thalia? You aren't looking that good," Grover asked.

"I'm good, just getting a bit tired," I lied.

"Oh, okay," Grover said.

There was a long awkward silence.

"Did Percy forward my greetings to you?" Grover finally asked.

"Yeah, you wanted to talk to me about something," I said. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure Grover could hear it, too.

"Yeah. About that," he said, fiddling with the hem of his 'Got hooves?' -t-shirt.


"There's something I really need to discuss with you, Thalia."

Gods, I so wanted to be anywhere than here. Sometimes I wished a hole would appear beneath my feet and I'd fall in it and no one could find me there.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, before you left with Percy, Rachel and Annabeth I started to realize, that there might be something more between us, than friendship. I know, it's stupid, but I had this feeling, that I should talk about it with you," Grover said. He wasn't looking at me, but rather the soda can I was holding in my hand.

"Please, don't hate me," he pleaded.

I was left speechless. He had the guts to tell me how he felt and I would break his huge goat heart.

"Grover, I don't hate you. Why would I?" I said. I was trying to stick with as few words as possible, because I was afraid my voice would crack.

"I just thought, that I might be imagining things," Grover said, still eyeing my soda can.

"Do you want this? You look like you could use something to nibble on," I offered him my can.

"Thanks," he said and grabbed it.

"Well, errm... What do you think?" Grover asked after taking a huge chunk of metal in his mouth and swallowing it.

I didn't know what to say. This would be my time to break Grover's heart. I didn't want to do it.

"I know what you're talking about," I started. "I was starting to think, that we could perhaps be something more than friends."

"But?" Grover asked. Damn him with his ability to read emotions! He knew already how I couldn't be with him.

"I'm not saying I wouldn't love to be more than friends with you," I rushed to say. "I want that. But I'm a Hunter."

"I understand, Thalia," said Grover. "You took the oath." His big brown goat-eyes started to fill with moisture.

"Gods, Grover. Please don't cry!" I cried out. "Not for me!"

"Sorry," he sniffled.

"No, Grover. I'm sorry! Really, really sorry," I said. I felt miserable.

"It's okay. I should have known. I just hoped..." his voice trailed off.

"I understand. I hoped, too, but I owe it to Artemis. She saved me from drowning the night we got wrecked," I told him. He knew everything about how we'd marooned on Ogygia.

I thought of Calypso. She was all alone on her island, scarred from the occasional visitors, whom she fell in love with. Including us. I felt schmuck.

"I'm so sorry about this, Grover," I said. There was nothing else I could say.

"I get it," said Grover. His face was filled with defeat. "I think I'm going to sleep. Night, Thalia."

Before I could say or do anything, he stood up and raced away from the amphitheater, leaving me alone.

Gods, I hated myself.

Annabeth's POV

Leaving Thalia alone with Grover bothered me, since I wasn't sure if she had already thought things straight, but Percy convinced me it was okay. The four of us: Nico, Rachel, Percy and I went to grab some delicious barbeque. The grub in Ogygia had been great, too, but I was glad to get some familiar camp food.

Rachel was enthusiastic about the victory party. This was her first time playing, never to mention winning. After a while of eating, talking and partying though, Rachel announced, that she was going to rest before the fireworks. Nico tagged along with her, saying he was tired, too. I suppose Nico wasn't into parties that much.

After Rachel and Nico left, Percy and I took the opportunity to have some time alone. We left the amphitheater and started to walk aimlessly around.

"Gods, I can't believe summer is almost over," I said as we lounged past the canoe lake.

"Mm-hm," Percy agreed.

I slipped my hand in his. I was infinitely happy and hoped, that the moment would never end. Just me and Percy, with the moonlight and the stars above us.

We walked past the cabins and the Mess Hall, all the way to the fireworks beach. There we sat down on the sand, side by side. Percy wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I leaned against his side. He kissed my hair. I lifted my face to catch his lips with mine. He cupped my face with his hand. His other hand pulled my hair off my shoulder. Then his lips moved to my throat, just at the base of my jaw. My hands flew in his hair and I lifted my head a bit to give him better access to my throat. Percy kissed hungrily along my jaw, up till my ear. His lips' contact with my earlobe sent chills of pleasure down my spine. My breath came in as a loud gasp, which kinda embarrassed me, but I really didn't care.

"Aww, just look what we have here!" came a voice behind us. A voice I knew too well and was highly afraid of.

Percy stopped kissing me, startled by the comer and we both turned around to face the goddess of love, who had snuck behind us. She was looking at us with the alcoholic eyes again, which annoyed me very, very much.

"Evening, lady Aphrodite," Percy bowed slightly.

"Hello, Percy. I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I couldn't help myself when I found out your parents have given you their blessing! I had to see how you two are and I am pleased with what I saw there," said Aphrodite. Gods, I really didn't like that woman. Always looking for couples to bother. "And please, you need to stop calling me 'lady'. Aphrodite will do."

"Oh, okay, Aphrodite," Percy corrected.

"That's better," Aphrodite smiled. "Now, I want to hear everything!"

She sat down on the sand, facing us.

"Oh, when I first noticed how obsessed you were of Annabeth, Percy, I told Eros, my son, 'they will end up together' and there you are! I'm so happy I could cry!" she babbled.

"Oh, please don't!" Percy hurried to say, but Aphrodite was already searching for a tissue from her handbag.

She blew her nose.

"Well, Annabeth! You've been quiet," she said then. 'Calm down, girl. She'll soon go away. Then there will be the fireworks and you can spend the rest of the night with Percy,' I told myself.

"Tell me, how did it feel when your mother finally let you two be together?" Aphrodite inquired.

"Umm..." I said. I didn't want to share my thoughts with that woman! "Good?"

"Oh, I like it! Good's terrific!" Aphrodite enthused. She reminded me of gossip magazine reporters. "And Percy, you actually took a knife for her!" she said.

Percy blushed. "Yeah, well, I did. She'd done it for me and I didn't want her to get hurt so-"

"Oh, so romantic! Defying death they show their love to the world! They will write odes and novels about you two! I tell you, your story would sell better than Romeo and Juliet," said Aphrodite.

Why couldn't she just leave already?

"Oh, then one more thing: what do you think of your friends' relationship? Grover and that Hunter friend of yours?" Aphrodite asked.

Gods, I didn't want to talk about this subject. It was Thalia and Grover's business.

"I'm sure they'll do what's best for them," said Percy. I couldn't understand how he could be so calm with this woman! Jeez!

"Yes, they probably will," I said.

I could see Aphrodite wasn't satisfied with our answer.

"Yes, well I have to go now, but I'll see you two sweethearts later! You have my blessing, too!" she said and vanished. Only a smell of perfume hung after her.

"Gods I hate that woman! And she comes at the worst moments, too," I said and looked at Percy. "Now where were we..." I leaned closer to him and pressed my lips against his.

At that moment, campers started flowing to the beach. It was time for the fireworks. Nico and Rachel found us and joined us where we sat. Even Grover showed up. He looked like he'd been crying, but I couldn't be sure. It was quite dark there, at the beach. I supposed things had gone badly with Thalia. I tried to look for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

The fireworks were the same as they had been every year, but never had they been as nice to watch as this time. Maybe it had a little something to do with the boy sitting next to me. Still, the absence of Thalia bothered me. I'd have to talk to her later.

After the fireworks Chiron ordered people to their cabins. It was almost midnight after all. Percy and I stayed behind the crowd in order to avoid the curious glances, that were thrown at us in a regular basis. We walked slowly and soon fell far behind the others.

"Let's stay out for a little longer," Percy suggested and raised his eyebrows.

"Sure," I agreed and we snuck past the cabins silently. Thank the gods, everyone else had already cone inside.

We made our way all the way up to Half-Blood Hill. We sat down there and watched the sleeping camp. It was peaceful. Life was perfect.

Then I heard a snap, like a twig breaking in two. Percy and I glanced around and we saw Thalia. She had frozen in her place. Apparently she'd been trying to sneak past us. She was wearing trekking gear and she carried a small backpack and her hunting bow and quiver.

"Thalia!" I called at her. We stood up and walked to her.

"Hey Annabeth, hi Percy," she said.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Percy.

In the moonlight Thalia looked as if she'd been crying a lot.

"Gods, I'm sorry, Thalia. You talked with Grover?" I asked carefully.

She nodded.


"I took an oath. I'm a Hunter now. I owe it to my lady," she said. "How's Grover?"

"Pretty shaken. How are you?" Percy said.

"I... need some time for myself. I'm going back to the Hunters," Thalia said. A small tear made its way down her cheek.

"Oh, Thalia," I said and was about to hug her, but she stopped my arms.

"I'm fine. You take care of each other," she said, turned around and I watched as my best friend run down the hill and disappear into the darkness.

Percy smoothed my hair.

"Don't worry," he said. "She'll come back. She just needs some time."

"Yeah," I said, but I couldn't help feeling sad. I'd gotten everything I'd wanted and Thalia was forced to choose. Life wasn't fair. I would've traded my ability to think any time if Thalia could have both Grover and a life as a Hunter.

I wrapped my arms around Percy's neck. He wrapped his around my waist.

"So that was probably the last line of the prophecy, huh?" he said.

"Yup," I said. "You know, we should probably get back to our cabins. If the guard harpies won't eat us, then my siblings will."

"You're probably right," said Percy. "But before that..."

He pressed his lips once against mine.

"I love you, Seaweed Brain," I said.

"I love you," he said. "Until the end of time."

And we started to walk down to the cabins, his hand in mine, where it belonged.

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