Okay guys, you know the disclaimer, I don't own Doctor Who or related articles. Just a little detail for later chapters; when speaking, the tenth Doctor will be referred to as 'The Other Doctor'. Okay, let's go.


The man in the long brown coat walked through the corridor. He'd landed in the apparently abandoned facility half an hour before and had been looking around for some sign of life.

As he rounded the corner, he found it.

Sat there in a corner was a humanoid figure, hunched over. It wore a torn up lab coat. He walked over to it and crouched down.

"Hello." He said, showing empathy as best he could "What happened here?"

The creature looked up and, had the man been Human, he probably would've jumped back in fright.

The creature was a Human, but a horribly disfigured one. It's eyes were glazed over and it's teeth had shifted, some had been broken, others were like fangs.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong place." The man said, getting up as the creature did the same before turning around and running away as fast as he could.

He turned and saw the creature was following him. He reached inside the blue suit jacket he had underneath and pulled out a cylindrical device with a blue light on the end. He extended the light and pointed it at the door between him and the creature, pressing the button, causing the light to come on with a whirring sound. As he did, the door slammed shut and locked.

The man stopped, panting. As he did, he heard voices.

"So, why are we here?" The first voice, that of a girl, said.

"I have no idea." The second voice, a man, replied "If I knew, I'd tell you."

The man considered hiding for a second before the first of them, the girl, came round the corner. She had ginger hair and wore a leather jacket, green shirt and denim skirt with brown boots.

"Doctor…" She called "There's someone here."

"Wait, how do you know who I am?" The man said "And who's here?"

"What? Why would I be talking to you. I was calling the Doctor" The girl said, as a man with relatively long black hair, a red and white checked shirt, black boots, a blue bowtie and a tweed jacket came round the corner, with the girl turning to him "Doctor, I called for you and he asked how I knew his name. Is he a friend of yours?"

"A friend, I guess you could say that." The man said, smiling before walking up to the man with the long coat "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Wow, that feels weird."

"What?" The man in the brown coat said "No, no, no, no, no! Oh, that is brilliant."

"Someone want to fill me in?" The girl said "Anyone?"

"Oh, right, where are my manners." The Doctor said "Amy Pond, meet, well, me. Before you knew me. This is what I used to look like. This is the Doctor."

"That's me, hello." The other Doctor said, waving with a grin, before his face got serious, as did his tone "Now, does someone want to get out of here before we end up with a hole in the universe the size of Belgium?"

"That could be an issue…" The Doctor replied, obviously not new to conversing with other versions of himself "My TARDIS kind of brought me here. Still trying to figure out why. I mean, seriously, why would it put time and space in jeopardy by bringing us both together."

"That's a fair point." The other Doctor said "Though, I'm sort of having a similar issue. The TARDIS crash landed here. I was lucky I survived to be honest."

The Doctor walked around for a second before looking at the other Doctor.

"Right, so, we both crashed here, both pulled here for some reason. The question is what?" He said, licking his finger and putting it in the air then licking it again "Looks like we've landed in Nevada, around noon."

"Wait, Nevada?" Amy said "As in area 51?"

"Yes." The Doctor said, before grinning at the other Doctor as they both said "Brilliant, isn't it?"

Amy was going to say something before her Doctor ran to the door ahead, pulling out his sonic screwdriver and flicking the claws open, pressing the button to activate it.

"Wait, don't!" The other Doctor said as the door opened to show a deformed Human male with broken teeth and fangs, wearing a torn lab coat.

"Ahh, hello." The Doctor said, pressing the screwdriver's button again, causing the door to close "Sorry, picked the wrong door."

"Okay, when did I stop looking before I leapt?" The other Doctor said.

"When did I start?" The Doctor replied, grinning "Now, that thing has it's arm through the door, so I vote we run. Any other opinions? No? Good!"

The Doctor grabbed Amy by the hand and began virtually pulling her along the corridor as he ran, with the other Doctor right behind them. She looked back and saw the creature following them. Suddenly, the Doctor stopped. She turned to face forward and saw why; there was another one, apparently asleep on the floor.

"Okay, be very, very quiet." The Doctor said, leading them past the thing slowly, before there came a scuffing noise from the creature behind them, causing the one in front to stir.

"It's waking up…" The other Doctor said, before yelling "Run!"

The three of them sprinted down the corridor. As they went, more and more creatures seemed to join the chase. Eventually, the three reached a door. The Doctor pulled out his screwdriver, closing and locking it.

As he did, the other Doctor went over to a closed door and opened it with his own screwdriver. He saw her looking and waved his arm to call her over.

"Sorry, Amy was it?" He said as she get there gesturing to the door "Get in."

"Why? What is it?" She asked, seeing his expression "Listen, Doctor, if you expect me to go in there, you should at least tell me what it is."

He looked at her seriously for a minute before grinning.

"Ahh, now I see why he likes you. It's a shelter, designed to keep everything and anything out. Lucky for us it wasn't deadlocked." He said "Amy, I need you to get in there, for your own safety."

"What about the Doctor?" She said, slowly getting inside.

"We'll be fine." He replied, closing the door and leaving her alone in the dimly lit room.