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Chapter Ten- Feedback

On the days that followed I didn't hear anything back from Detective Marshall, I guess he was busy… However I knew that was not the case since he couldn't begin a search until he had all the facts.

He needed to know every detail about my fiancé Edward Cullen.

I was thrilled when I received a phonecall from an unknown number.

"Hello" I answered warily.

"Good evening Miss Swan. This is DC Marshall here; I am going to need to come by to get more details. I nearly have all the information I need to begin the search" The familiar voice answered. Well that was something I guessed. I was sure I would find out what Edward was up to in a few short weeks.

Weeks was nothing compared to the months I hadn't seen him properly apart from the one evening. I wanted him back badly in my arms were he belonged. I wanted to marry him to be Mrs Cullen so I would belong to him and he would always be mine.

" That's great news Mr Marshall. What time were you thinking?" I asked. I was hoping soon.

" Well Miss Swan I've got many cases I'm working on and yours is my priority would it be possible to come over in say 10 minutes?" Mr Marshall asked politely.

" Of course, that's perfect" I yelled rather too quickly. There comes a time when you just run out of patience.

"Fantastic Miss Swan. I will see you in ten minutes and discuss the details" Mr Marshall said.

" Bye" and I slammed the phone down. I quickly ran a comb through my matted hair, the truth was I didn't really care too much about my appearance anymore, there was only one person who I looked good for and since he was absent their was actually no point.

It didn't cross my mind what Edward would think about this till now. Would he be angry that I didn't follow through on his advice? Would he be so disappointed that he thought I didn't trust him? Would he break up with me? That wasn't something I could think about at this moment in time.

Again three rhythmic knocks… and I answered the door.

"Good evening Mr Marshall. Come on in inside" I offered politely.

"Thank you" He smiled. I offered him a chair at my new glass table and then it was all business as Mr Marshall's facial expression changed.

"Right Miss Swan. I need you to tell me what Mr Edward Cullen's occupation was?"

"He was a lorry driver" I said. I knew everything about Edward.

"Edward's occupation is the key to this investigation Miss Swan. This is why I am asking you this. 9 out of 10 disappearances within couples are due to jobs. Now can you tell me what company he works for?" He asked. This question caught me off guard because I had no clue what company he worked for. Edward and I had never talked about it... I never even asked him… he never said. But now thinking about it…

"Miss Swan? The company?" Mr Marshall said tapping the blue byro on his large notepad.

" I really don't know Mr Marshall" I admitted to him… although it sounded like I was admitting this to my self. I don't know why but not knowing the company seemed odd. We SHOULD have talked about it. It seemed that not knowing this was key... But I couldn't explain it to myself.

"I see Miss Swan" He said. He couldn't hide the tone of disappointment from his voice as he wrote on the notepad.

" I thought that his job was quite weird. Now that ive had time to think about it… his job was quite a weird one" I admitted to myself. When I said this out loud it rung true.

" How do you mean Miss Swan?" He questioned.

" The hours" I admitted. I knew he would of wanted me to elaborate.

" Well what I mean is he never had contracted hours did he? They were as and when really. They always changed regularly. He would often to many night shifts. To be honest I never suspected anything odd about it until Ive had to think about it" I admitted to Mr Marshall.

" I would like to thank you for your information Miss Swan. The searching part of this investigation will begin tomorrow morning now I have all the information I need" he said and locked his briefcase.

" So that's it? Do you think its to do with his job then?" I questioned.

" Theres no doubt about it Miss Swan. Im certain that this is the main lead" He said. Wow! if only I had questioned Edward about his job I could of found all this out years ago.

" Miss Swan. I am going to arrange a meeting next week where I can give you his whereabouts and all the evidence you need. I have an available appointment at 13:00 hours next Monday? Is that suitable for you?" He said looking me in the eyes.

" Yes that's fine" I was in no position to turn down that opportunity. After all I was the one that wanted answers.

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