Hi, PyroC0ntrol here, I've decided to redo the first chapter because I was unsatisfied with the original, and quite frankly I think many readers think so too, so here it is :D.

Note that most of the chapter's plot remained the same – in fact, the first scene is nearly identical except a few changes to make the chapter smoother. The battles are drastically different, however – I made sure to make them a little longer to fit my standards as well as portray Naruto's first view of the undead.

Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting

In the dark room, two men and a woman was conversing on the subject of peace, before they reached a conclusion. The man attached to a machine started.

"In you I can see a different future… I… will believe in you, Uzumaki Naruto," Pein, the leader of Akatsuki and the man responsible for the destruction of Konoha, said, slowly, as he began his jutsu, he also locked eyes with the other man, Uzumaki Naruto, the hero of Konoha, and the jinchūriki of the Kyubi. Suddenly, Naruto felt weird, as his eyes began to sting. The woman, Konan, looked on, surprised, as chakra began to leak out of the Nagato's eyes.

"Nagato, what are you doing? Doing both techniques will definitely cause you to die, if the first doesn't!" Konan exclaimed. Nagato weakly smiled as he replied, "Jiraiya once said that the Rinnegan was the gift from Kami-sama herself, and he kept going on how I would be the savior of the world. I have placed my hope on him, and if he truly is an Uzumaki, then it's time… he receives his… heirloom…" With that finished, Nagato also completed both his techniques, but only called one out.

"Gedo: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu," Nagato called out, and at the same time, the concentrated chakra flowed from Nagato's eyes into Naruto, and they both grunted in pain, Naruto from being used to such a pain, Nagato from concentrating on both techniques. Outside, a statue erupted, and its mouth opened, spilling bright light. Once it has ended, so has the chakra received from Nagato. Naruto looked up, and noticed something else: additional memories that were not his, but rather of Nagato's when he was trying to control the Rinnegan's powers, and all the techniques he has learnt.

Naruto noticed, in that very instant, that although the Rinnegan is more powerful than the Sharingan or the Byakugan, it is still quite limited in that it cannot completely fill the field of vision like the Byakugan can, nor easily copy any techniques like the Sharingan can. It, however, provided a clearer vision than the Byakugan, and a longer sight range than the Sharingan. He looked up again, as he noticed Nagato began to speak.

"Restore… the peace… that Jiraiya-sensei wanted… and I've envisioned. I'll be leaving… all of it… to you, Uzumaki… Naruto," Nagato said, as he finally met his end, after exhausting all his chakra. There was silence as they watched the man die, before Konan turned to Naruto.

"What did Nagato meant when he said heirloom?" Konan asked as Naruto turned to her.

"Nagato is also an Uzumaki, and the Rinnegan," Naruto said as it swirled into existence in his eyes, Konan watching in shock, "Isn't something that's unique… it's a true kekkei genkai, related by blood. As for you… what will you do now that Nagato's gone, and most of Akatsuki as well?"

"There was never anything for me in Akatsuki apart from Nagato," Konan replied, "Now that he is gone… so will I, from the organization. Amegakure stands behind you, Naruto."

With that, she produced a bunch of origami flowers. Naruto looked at it for a moment.

"Consider this a peace offering… and an apology," Konan said as Naruto took the flowers, "May your spirit stay through all the conflicts ahead."

"Arigatou… even if nothing had ever gone out good whenever I faced your members…" Naruto said before Konan wrapped Nagato up in paper as well, and all three – Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan – disappeared in a swirl of paper as Naruto left, having much to ponder about. He looked up, as he looked at the oncoming storm, just like the events that would transpire in the next three years…

Three years later

Naruto stayed back and watched the team he was with relaxed, before reflecting back on the continuing war – a war that ended as a stalemate. There were simply too many Zetsu clones, but thankfully they were pure fodders. It didn't help, however, that they were still outnumbered badly by twenty thousand more, with even more Zetsu clones being created every day to fight them. Naruto paused, as a sudden silence overran his senses, and his perimeter seals, the ones on the east side, started going off. That was the other aspect of his training with Jiraiya nearly 6 years ago. Deciding to investigate, he told the team to halt as he disappeared in a wind shunshin.

"That's Sasuke's chakra, isn't it Kyubi? And to think… we couldn't find him for a whole three years…" Naruto murmured to his tenant.

"Look out kit, he's here for his final revenge, his final obstacle," Kyubi replied as Naruto snorted.

"Are you kidding? If anything happens here he'll be too weak to defend himself against Kakashi-sensei and Sakura, there's no point. And even if he escapes he still has to contend with baa-chan and a legion out for his blood. Amaterasu or not, he's a goner in the very end," Naruto replied with amusement, "Sure, I worry about him, but I worry about Madara and Kabuto too, and that's not getting me anywhere, so why not ignore them for now?"

Just then, two techniques blazed to life as Naruto and Sasuke collided, Rasengan versus Chidori, and the accumulated energy sent waves of power radiating from the twin epicenter, before it destabilized, glowing white, detonating even as Sasuke and Naruto jumped back.

"You're not going anywhere, Sasuke. You're finished for good," Naruto said, deadly serious as his Rinnegan swirled to life, and Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan blazed into existence as well.

"Funny, that's what I'm about to say to you, dobe. You think you can win against someone of Uchiha blood?" Sasuke mocked before they charged, their respective chokuto and katana clashing in the middle of the fight, before they leapt apart, forming handseals.

"Raiton: Gian!" they both called as the two bolts of lightning clashed against each other and was sent blasting into the sky, attracting electron particles even as the two used the advantage. Taking the ionized air, Naruto quickly took in a deep breath even as a clone materialized.

"Futon: Daitoppa!" Naruto yelled as he sent a gust directly at the ionized air, sending it right at Sasuke, even as the other finished his seal.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan!" the clone shouted, sending a yellow-blue fire dragon at Sasuke, igniting the air.

"Dobe…" Sasuke shook his head as his eyes snapped open, "Amaterasu!"

The black flames instantly leapt up to consume the fire dragon even as it set the ionized air off from the discharge of energy, causing Sasuke and Naruto to substitute to avoid getting caught up in the surprisingly powerful explosion.

"You antagonize me, Naruto," Sasuke mocked, "You think that's a fire release? Try mine. Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!"

A giant blue fireball was sent at Naruto who focused his eyes.

"You're not the only one with a dojutsu Sasuke, and certainly not the only with a technique in there that can be used both offensively and defensively," Naruto replied, "Shinra Tensei!"

The fireball, as it neared Naruto, was suddenly repelled by an invisible wave of energy that flattened trees and destroyed the surrounding, also pushing Sasuke back.

"You're annoying, Naruto," Sasuke spoke, spitting his name out as if it was a curse, "Die here, and die now!"

A sudden distortion of space began to appear in front of Naruto, who did the only he could. He leapt up and tried to enclose it.

"Chibaku Tensei!" Naruto yelled as the ball of gravity hovered, preventing the movement of Kamui. What surprised both Naruto and Sasuke, however, was a sudden distortion of the once spherical ball of the dimensional portal.

"Oh shit…" Naruto said, "I forgot… Kamui is space distortion… and gravity stretches space…"

There was a sudden pulse as the two resonated, before both Naruto and Sasuke were pulled by the Chibaku Tensei and were sucked right into the destabilizing portal, before the two exploded in a shower of nothingness, having no chakra form their casters to continue even as Kakashi and Sakura arrived. Staring at the destruction, there was only one thing Kakashi could utter.

"Well… this isn't good," Kakashi said, "I lost Naruto's tracks here. Now how do we report to Tsunade-sama?"

Meanwhile, Naruto was experiencing a rather peculiar sensation. There was nothing, literally, nothing. He could breath freely, sure, but otherwise, he felt nothing. No emotions entered his mind, and no feeling was in his limbs – in fact, he didn't feel his limbs, as if he was in a limbo, with only his soul there. It felt like an eternity there, at least until a bright light entered his vision, and suddenly there was feeling once more, as he began to plummet.

Jaina Proudmoore was simply sitting by the edge of the cliff overlooking her camp as her mind wandered back to her old home, before there was a disturbance. Getting ready to fight, she turned only to see a black hole materializing out of nowhere, and a humanoid figure dropped down heavily onto a pile of rocks. She winced – that had got to hurt.

The human, the man, Jaina now identified, groaned as he sat up, revealing a black undershirt that stretched through his entire body, with armor plates that covered his torso, his forearms, his thighs, and his shins, which probably cushioned his fall, before looking around, and starting speaking rapidly in a language she did not understand, and most certainly did not recognize. It sound nothing like any of the Elven Dialects or even Common. As she walked up, the man noticed her, and, before she could blink, was behind her, a blade to her neck. Silently sweating, she started speaking.

"Whoa, hold on," Jaina said before the man gave a start and moved back, cocking his head at her.

"What the heck?" was the first thing the man said as Jaina gave a start.

"You know Common?" Jaina asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is…" the man said, though he stopped as if he had difficulty remembering, "My name is Naruto Namikaze… I'm from Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. And you are…?"

"Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the Alliance survivors from Lordaeron… where is this Konoha?" Jaina asked Naruto as he looked back, before looking out and began speaking to himself.

"Okay… she doesn't know Konoha, which is strange enough in the fact that even the western worlds know of the five villages…she said she's a leader from somewhere named Lordaeron… Now let's review Kamui… it's a teleportation technique… and from the Rikudo Sennin's notes there are multiple… you've got to be kidding me," Naruto said to himself in Japanese, before turning.

"Yeah, I'm lost," they both said at the same time, before Jaina descended into giggles.

"So I've noticed," Jaina said as she finished giggling, "So, can you tell me what happened?"

"Sit down, Jaina, it's going to be a long story," Naruto said, "First off… what do you know about parallel worlds?"

The instant he said that, Jaina knew this was going to be a long discussion.

"So, let me get this straight, you're from another world parallel to our own, and during a fight with the enemy, who is also incidentally your former best friend, a spell, a justu gone wrong sent both of you coming here?" Jaina asked, disbelief in her voice, "Excuse me for having doubts."

"None taken, Jaina, it was a little hard to believe myself, but I had to review everything to give this… oh, maybe half the chance to be right?" Naruto said, grinning, "It's either that, or I'm dead and was reborn by a black hold, coincidentally taking all the features that I had the previous life before, as well as the knowledge… purely theoretical and without proof."

"…" Jaina said nothing, "Yeah, your previous assumption sounds so much more convincing than this one."

"Are you being sarcastic or…?" Naruto asked as Jaina shook her head.

"Strange, most people would call bullshit on that, you're different," Naruto said, "But, let me get the situation straight, you are a mage from the Kirin Tor, an organization of mages, and led what remained of the Alliance, which consisted of humans, High Elves, dwarves, and gnomes across the sea to this location, Kalimdor or whatever, and is now fighting a group of reanimated dead as well as green-skinned people named the Orcs?"

"Yeah, pretty much it," Jaina sighed, "If only Arthas didn't turn on us when he needed to."

"And this Arthas is…?" Naruto asked as Jaina looked at him.

"The former prince of Lordaeron, and… the current leader of the Scourge," Jaina ended quietly, "He was a beacon of light before, yet now he is nothing but a shell of his former self, but I have my hopes… I have my hopes that he's still in there somewhere, waiting to be freed… but, whatever you do, if you see him, run. Not to be doubtful of your abilities, but… I'm not sure if you're a match for him."

That sounded a little too much like Sasuke for my liking… Naruto decided, but refrained from telling Jaina.

"I doubt that," Naruto snorted, "If he's been trained since childhood barely began to be a killer, to be a tool, then I'll believe you. He's too rash to do something like this."

Not that I can say any different, Naruto added mentally as Jaina's eyes narrowed.

"Explain," Jaina said as Naruto sighed.

"Troublesome, alright," Naruto said, "We were trained to be soldiers, tools for our government. My world is, like I told you before, a complete militarized world. Whoever has the more powerful army wins, plain and simple. As such, basically, sure we have civilians, but nearly half our population in our village at least is occupied by military positions, in disguise or in public. We don't train soldiers; we train weapons of war. To our government, we are nothing but tools to be used up to ensure victory, and yes, before you ask, the same mentality is also there for the leader. To everyone, everyone is a tool."

Seeing Jaina's horrified looks, Naruto decided to continue, "But, but, our village is different. Instead of prioritizing that, we decided to prioritize on teamwork, the thing that brought us to victory in our last three wars and is winning our fourth one in around seventy years."

"Four wars in seventy years… how many lives were lost?" Jaina asked as Naruto shrugged.

"Nobody tallies it anymore since it's impossible to tally anymore," Naruto said as he looked up, "Man, I wish I was home though."

Jaina suddenly had an idea, "Naruto…"


"Your village is like a mercenary camp, right?" Jaina asked, "If I were to theoretically hire you with something of high value, would you work for me then?"

"So long as one condition is met: that I get to return home once I find the ability to do it. And before you ask, no that's not negotiable, and two, I dictate what I want," Naruto said as Jaina nodded, "I'm pretty sure you know what I want."

"To get home, right?" Jaina asked as Naruto nodded, "I will put as many people on the research as I can if you agree."

"Very well then," Naruto said, "I accept your offer. What is my mission, Lady Proudmoore?"

Jaina started. She was not used to that, nor was she expecting that. Taking a quick moment to get herself straight, she looked at Naruto, "First, you need to rest. It's been a long day, and I'm sure it's been a long day for you as well. Take the time to rest before reporting to me tomorrow. I will need to determine your abilities."

"Yes, ma'am," Naruto saluted but Jaina stopped him.

"And don't call me ma'am or Lady Proudmoore or anything… I don't really like it… just call me Jaina, Mr Namikaze," Jaina said as Naruto shrugged.

"If you call me Naruto then… Jaina," Naruto said as Jaina giggled.

"Sure, Naruto," Jaina said, "This way."

Naruto followed her back, wondering what he got himself into.

At Jaina's base camp, Naruto looked around, whistling.

"That's quite the camp you have here, Jaina," Naruto said as Jaina fought back a slight blush of embarrassment.

"It is required to survive," Jaina replied, "Just head to the castle and say you need a room, and that you have my permission."

"Alright," Naruto said, "But if you'll excuse me, may I head out for a moment before retiring?"

"Sure," Jaina said, "Just don't be back too late. The guards will shoot at anything and everything that is suspicious. Not knowing you, most likely they'll shoot."

"Gotcha," Naruto said before he disappeared in a tornado, shocking many people.

"Teleportation using the elements?" Jaina murmured, "Interesting… Who are you really, Naruto Namikaze?"

As he sped along the sides, reflecting the events, he was thankful for the fact that he not only had kage bunshin to speed his learning curve up, he was also the last of the Uzumaki clan and thus was forced to learn foreign languages as well as poltical language, especially if he wished to be Hokage. Had that not happened, he would not have been able to converse, though he idly wondered about the chances of two worlds having nearly the same dialect as each other. Speeding along, he narrowly avoided an arrow as he turned. There, was a skeleton, firing arrows at him. Naruto raised an eyebrow and was about to attempt to release the obvious genjutsu before he smacked his head. Without so much as a warning, the skeleton was cut apart into two equal spaces, as Naruto took back his outstretched arm and walked away as if nothing happened even as the skeleton disintegrated into nothing.

Right, note to self: skeletons does not necessarily mean the guy is really dead, Naruto thought to himself before leaping away, back to the base, deciding he really needed the rest if he wanted to face even more bizarre things. Returning to base, he followed Jaina's instructions, got to his room, and simply fell on the bed, asleep, and though he was not tired, he was mentally exhausted from the day's ordeal.

As daylight broke over the horizon, Naruto yawned and got up, noticing he was not in his room, before remembering the events of yesterday. Groaning, he watched the sun as it peeked, before opening the window and taking in the fresh smell of the air, and right after that, he took note of a pleasant smell, almost like…

Bacon… hmm, I'm actually a little hungry… Naruto thought as he looked straight down. There, four stories below, was a group of men cooking over a fire. Ignoring the fact that he was four stories up – meaning almost ten meters high, he stretched, and fell through the window, plummeting to the ground. All other activity ceased as they watched the man fall, some sorceress trying to slow him down with their magic abilities to no avail. They were surprised, however, when he flipped and landed right side up, after stretching a hand and seemingly gliding against the wall, only to slow down visibly the instant he touched it. He looked around, confused, before looking up.

"Oh, so that's what it looked like…" Naruto said aloud, "Didn't think height is relative…"

There, everyone realized he didn't even took note of exactly how high he was when he decided to do the stunt, and simply sighed. Naruto turned, eyebrow raised.

"What? I was hungry and took a shortcut, is that so bad?" Naruto asked rhetorically as Jaina came over with what Naruto guessed was a High Elf.

"Naruto, this is Lina Inverse, one of our most talented sorceresses around. She will be the one testing your skills," Jaina explained, "As we do not have time, please go ahead with all you got."(*Please read End Notes for explanation*)

Naruto, after hearing the proclamation, grinned in response, at the same time sending shivers down Lina's spine. Whatever it was that Jaina said, Lina had no doubt it had unleashed something scary. If she wanted to survive, she would have to pull out every stop. Jaina took them to a clearing, enforced with spells and surrounded by Priests, as Naruto stood on one side and Lina stood on the other. Looking at the pond, he understood his strategy. Wasting no time, the instant Jaina had her hand down Lina send out a barrage of fireballs at Naruto, who simultaneously flashed through hand signs.

"Suiton: Suijinheki!" Naruto shouted as a wall of water materialized and blocked her barrage, before Naruto flashed through even more seals, finishing on the last one as the water transformed.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as the water took the shape of a gigantic dragon, terrifying those around as its eyes seemed to glow before crashing onto where Lina was barely a second ago, sending water splashing across, still soaking Lina. Naruto paused for a second, admiring the scenery, catching Lina's attention.

"Like what you see?" Lina said coyly wriggling her hips a bit before Naruto shook his head to clear it, making Lina pout cutely, "You're no fun."

Naruto blushed slightly before noticing a spike in energy as Lina charged something up, and letting go, revealing several lightning bolts. He dodged them all, before he was promptly struck by an insanely powerful blast of lightning. Lina grinned like a Cheshire cat when her Laguna Blade hit, and she watched in satisfaction as Naruto was sent tumbling, before his image wavered and a burnt log was in its place.

"Wow, if I had been hit completely I would've died," a voice came from the edge of the forest as Naruto leapt out faster than she can track and engaged her in a taijutsu fight, as she desperately moved back, sending a ring of fire erupting from directly underneath her. Naruto's eyes widened as he quickly picked her up and kicked off, barely escaping a large explosion where Naruto had placed an exploding tag.

"I didn't know I could do that," Lina commented, "I didn't think my Light Strike Array was that powerful…"

"Sorry to burst your bubble Lina-chan, but it's me. I had an exploding tag underneath you," Naruto replied making her pout.

"You really don't like fun do you?" Lina asked as Naruto smiled roguishly at her, making her blush slightly.

"Wanna find out?" Naruto replied before moving back leaving her flustered, before all of a sudden a bolt of lightning came her way, striking her with minimal force. Getting angry, Lina decided to engage in her most powerful fire spell, as she gathered mana, and a ball of fire appeared. Naruto's eyes widened before flashing through seals.

"Dragon Slave!"

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!"

The two fire techniques met in the middle of the training ground, hurling into each other at maximum force; however, Naruto's grand fireball won out as it engulfed the Dragon Slave and approached Lina, who looked at the fireball, petrified, before feeling someone picking her up and leaping away as the fireball consumed where she was barely an instant ago. Looking up at her savior, she saw Naruto, yet…

There was Naruto, still in the position he had when he fired the spell.

"Can you teach me that?" Lina asked as Naruto thought for a moment.

"Maybe," Naruto replied before looking at Jaina, "Match is over Jaina. I won, I could've killed her four times."

"Three," Lina said irritated, as Naruto turned.

"The first was the water dragon. I sent it in a direct line instead of moving it around. Had I made it so that it was actively targeting you, you'd be dead from the blunt force trauma alone not counting for the possibility of drowning or that the water pressure is actually powerful enough to shear into your skin and possibly your vital organs. Then, you made the mistake of assuming I was getting defenseless because of the… exposure, which I used to my advantage, by luring you into an even more defenseless position by first being struck by your attack, then taking the time to swap and then place my trap underneath you. Any movement you made could've made me set it off. That's the second death, my exploding tag. The fact that you launched your Light Strike Array, whatever it is, just made it more powerful as it took in the energies you sent into the… spell. Thirdly, when you were still disoriented and confused by what I said, I took the advantage and hit you with my own lightning attack, striking you at minimal power, enough to make you dazed but not enough to kill you. If I had used the full powered version, you wouldn't have been able to escape, simple as that, since the lightning bolts can branch off to strike at a certain radius of its main bolt. Fourthly, when you launched that Dragon Slave, I made sure to put in more power than normal for my spell, overpowering yours. Had I not took you out, you would've been consumed in the inferno," Naruto explained, "Hell, I had another dozen plans in wait – maybe not as much as Shikamaru of my village, but definitely enough to make you forfeit. It also stands that I most likely have more stamina than you do, not because you're a girl but because that's my defining trait – my insanely high stamina and power capacity, which also made me unable to use simple stuff that requires control."

Lina was astounded at that. Not only had Naruto been able to lure her in with deliberate changes to his emotion and manipulation of her own, he was able to conceive that many plans over the span of a few seconds in the beginning to target her, without knowing her abilities or her skill set.

"I'm impressed," Jaina said, "You're able to defeat her, that's a feat few have actually managed."

"I'm defeated soundly," Lina said sourly, "He took me out so fast I didn't even realize it until it's over… you're toying with me the whole time weren't you?"

"Not exactly," Naruto said, "Deception and power is my forte, being trained in such skills. Stealth could've helped me but in such a clearing there's no point, even if the basis of my training is that."

"Hold on, that almost make you sound like an assassin… don't tell me…" Jaina said as she looked at Naruto who didn't respond. Dread crept in her, "You mean, your village trained people for assassination?"

"Pretty much, we train the best of the best though, those bandits you call assassins can't compare to us at all," Naruto replied, before the shield dispelled, though there were nervous mutterings around at hearing the news. There was a commotion outside as Jaina went to investigate.

"Milady, the northern outpost has detected a large group of undead coming in from their east and will be due in a few minutes," the scout said as Jaina's eyes furrowed and she looked at Naruto.

"Naruto, follow Lina. Lina, take some troops with you and sneak around. I'm sure they have a bastion where they setup for easier assault on our base. I want you to destroy it, then regroup and take out the rest of the forces, attacking them from front and back. We barely got here and setup… we can't afford to lose too many troops or to lose this base."

"Understood," Lina said as she turned to Naruto, "Follow me."

"Um, Lina," Naruto asked, "Shouldn't you change out of your clothes first…?"

"Why?" Lina asked as she turned, grinning, "I fail to see the need… unless it's making you uncomfortable…"

Naruto fought back a blush at her teasing grin before shrugging, "Whatever you say, Lina. So, where to?"

"First, we gather some troops," Lina said as she walked by, Naruto following her, though taking notice of several High Elves, though in armor and handling bows. He briefly took note of the blue-haired High Elf who was dressed slightly differently – silently admitting to himself that she was actually quite attractive as well – as she seemed to be a leader as well and he may have to take orders from her. Finally, he reached Lina, who had gathered a company of soldiers, ranging from simple footman, holding giant, bulky blades, to riflemen, who were holding onto something that seemed like a crude rifle similar to those the west had, but far less advanced. Lina looked at them all.

"Alright men, under Jaina's orders, we are to move out and flank the enemy, hopefully destroying the enemy base while most of their army is off fighting the main force. Once we destroyed the base, we move to reinforce our army, attacking from behind and opening up avenues of attack. Our scouts have confirmed that not only is a dreadlord in the army, but also a death knight, so be on your toes when you see them. Do not, under any circumstances, engage them alone. Only engage them if you outnumber him severely, as they have summons of their own often. Is there any questions?" Lina asked as they shook their heads, "Good, then move out, follow my lead. If you're lost, find Naruto there."

"Yes ma'am!" the soldiers chorused as Naruto looked at Lina.

"Why look at me?" Naruto asked as Lina looked at him.

"Why not?" Lina replied, "You're obviously good at strategies and combat. Speaking of which, what's the recommended strategy?"

"You're asking me on large-scale strategies," Naruto deadpanned, "I usually work in a small team of four, but hopefully I can scale it… let me think for a bit, but first, tell me the abilities that range in the undead army."

"The Scourge army is, as you probably know, an undead army," Lina said, "And before you ask, yes I know you're not from this dimension, I'm a close friend of Jaina's. In any case, they can regenerate their wounds pretty quickly, and have hides that are actually quite hard to pierce at times despite their fragility – the only exception is the Abomination, the large ones that looks like corpses sewn on it. Those things are tough, and beware of close ranged combat with them. Generally, magical attacks work the best, followed by blunt force trauma attacks to shatter their bodies. In my opinion, fire attacks are the most effective as the bodies have no way of going against the fire, and can quickly spread, followed by ice. Ghouls are the standard enemies, just decaying bodies. Their nerve endings are dead so there's no point in simple lightning attacks unless it's aimed to stun rather than hurt. They don't get hurt at all.

Dreadlords are like commanders of their army. Giant, demonic in appearance, and probably a real demon, they got a variety of spells to use and are really devious when using them, so be careful, but they're generally arrogant so use that to your advantage when you meet them, but they are cowards. Death Knights are much more dangerous in the fact that they are actually trained in combat and not afraid of anything, not even death. If you have a chance to kill him without sustaining crippling injuries, I suggest you do so. And, that's pretty much it."

"Hmm…" Naruto hummed as he thought, while moving forward, "Do the riflemen have incendiary rounds?"

"Incen… what?" Lina asked as Naruto sighed.

"Never mind," Naruto said, "A technology from my world… have the soldiers form up in a phalanx formation, shields up, while the riflemen have their rifles pointed over the shield's edges. I will lure the enemy over, which will allow the group to fire. The instant they become too close, form up into a box and continue the assault while moving. Under no circumstances are they to break formation. I will go in first to incinerate as many things as possible, before you move in if needed and unleash any large scale attacks you might have that can take down a large group if needed, hopefully not but… consider every scenario."

"I see…" Lina said in thought, though the face she made caused Naruto to gain a tint of red. Soon, however, Naruto noticed something different.

"Lina, why is the ground dead?" Naruto asked, uncomfortable. Though he could somewhat sense Nature Energy while moving, he still had no way of gathering it. He sensed nearly no Nature Energy from the surrounding ground, even if the air itself is extremely rich with it.

"That's the Scourge," Lina replied, "They kill the ground they walk on as well as anything they pretty much touch… it's horrible…"

"I see…" Naruto said, "Then how close might we be?"

"Pretty," Lina replied as Naruto suddenly stopped, "What's going on?"

"Stay here," Naruto replied, "I will engage first."

And with that, Naruto disappeared in a swirl of wind, reappearing dozens of feet above the enemy encampment as he created several seals.

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he sent a giant fireball down at the enemy, and even as he began to fall he also flashed through more seals.

"Futon: Daitoppa!" Naruto shouted once more as a gust of wind propelled the fireball to insane temperatures and speed, sending it roaring into the enemy camp before detonating. A wave of fire blossomed out from the impact zone, spreading a ring of fire that consumed everything in its path. Abominations, ghouls, Banshees, necromancers, supporting Acolytes, and even some buildings were utterly obliterated. As Naruto landed, he saw the remnants beginning to rush him as he leapt back, just in time to dodge a sharp claw that nearly pierced through him.

"Kuso…" Naruto swore silently as he flipped, dodging the claw once more before moving in and channeling chakra into his palm, looking at his opponent. The dreadlord stared back, angered and charred, before he charged forward, striking the dreadlord claw for claw, only for his to cause a large gash in the dreadlord's claw, forcing it back as it channeled energy into its palms and thrusting it forward. Naruto dodged what he had thought was coming, only to see nothing. Then, all of a sudden, he felt as if his energy had left him, even as he realized that he slowed down. The waves of enemy advanced upon him as he looked at them.

Well, that was unexpected… Naruto thought as he suddenly disappeared in a burst of speed, reappearing fifteen feet from where he originally was. The dreadlord looked at him.

"Bravo human… you're the first to have shrugged off that spell this fast, but no matter… by the end of the day your meager resistance will be crushed, and your strongest shall serve the Scourge," the dreadlord said as Naruto snorted.

"Kiss my ass dreadlord," Naruto replied as he leapt once more, disappearing to reappear, but this time ten feet away. As the enemy approached, he readied several kunai, throwing them and igniting the explosive tags on them at the same time, causing them to explode within their midst, clearing the group out. Undaunted, the group approached until the first wave began to die, and a pillar of fire suddenly rose from the ground, as Lina moved forward, her attacks blazing at the enemy. The dreadlord snarled.

"Lina Inverse… how nice to see you once more," the dreadlord said, "Have you changed your mind about the invitation?"

"After you destroyed Lordaeron? I think not," Lina replied coldly as she sent a fireball straight into the dreadlord's chest, sending him staggering back. She followed it up with a powerful lightning blast, piercing his chest. The dreadlord sent a screaming cry as he collapsed from the powerful shock to his system, dead. Naruto turned to Lina, who just looked at him before turning to Naruto.

"Wow, you sure did a number on him. What did you use?" Lina asked, "Normally, my Laguna Blade would hurt him severely if not dodged outright… this is unreal though, not even a critical hit with a spell would hit him for that much power…"

"Remember the technique I used against you? The fire one?" Naruto asked as Lina nodded, "Imagine that but a couple dozen times hotter and bigger in radius. Then that thing blew up. I guess he was in the epicenter… I've never seen anyone take a direct hit from that and survive, not counting Madara."

"I change my mind. Can you teach me this one instead of the old one?" Lina asked with an innocent smile as Naruto looked at her oddly.

"They're the same technique. This one was enhanced by the power of the wind, giving it more air to burn," Naruto said even as the rest of the troops mopped up the enemy camp. Lina looked over the remains of the smoldering base.

"Good job soldiers, did you check for any survivors or prisoners?" Lina asked as they nodded.

"No survivors, Lady Inverse," the lieutenant reported sorrowfully, "They were all killed and resuscitated by the Scourge before we could get to them, and we had to kill everyone in the base."

"It's always like this isn't it…" Lina sighed before turning to the west, "We need to get moving to rendezvous with the main army to hit them from the back."

"I'm already on it," Naruto said with a smirk as a sudden explosion was heard in the far distance, followed by another, and another, as several sounded off in the far distance. Looking at the smoke and judging from the sound, he cocked his head a bit.

"We're around half a mile off from where they're clashing, if we jog a bit we should be there in a few minutes, but the riflemen shooting ranges will be less than what it was just then," Naruto said as Lina stared at him.

"How did you know that?" Lina asked as Naruto pointed at the clouds of smoke.

"Those were the exploding clones I sent forward," Naruto said, "And then do some calculations with the sound and smoke pillars and I get a rough estimation of where they'll be. Then by looking at it and judging the wind speed I can guess the effective firing range of the rifles based on how they sounded."

"You know what, never mind," Lina sighed, "Don't bore me with all that weird stuff you just sprouted."

"I know," Naruto smirked, "I was bored with it too until my teacher forced it into my head with a genjutsu."

At that, he shuddered, "Not a pleasant memory, so can we please get moving?"

"Oh, okay," Lina said, embarrassed, as the troops began to move at a rapid pace, all the while looking out for any enemy troops. They soon arrived at the location of the battle, and Naruto had a good look at the enemy for the first time.

The Scourge army was massive. Waves after waves of Scourge simply flooded the area against a smaller legion of men at the far side, completely outnumbered and outmanned. Naruto frowned. His clones did some damage but not enough to bridge the gap. He would need something more powerful as he places his hands into his favorite seal.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto called as, out of the trees and hanging onto the sides of the cliffs and standing tall, stood nearly two hundred Naruto's as they stared at the legion of the Scourge, who stopped their assault briefly before an enemy unit five hundred strong moved forward to engage. Naruto smirked as his clones charged, their katana drawn out as they descended on the enemy. The enemy units fell quickly, though he also suffered casualties – around twenty clones were dispelled, but five hundred of the enemy was dead – nearly a quarter of their force. They were quickly blasted apart by an explosion of green light, however, as Naruto squinted at the enemy. It was the death knight they talked about, and even as Naruto watched he saw the knight slay a man, only to raise him immediately to serve his will. Naruto resisted the notion to puke, never having seen something like that before, as he jumped down and sprinted forward with his clones, battling side by side even as more and more dispelled, until he finally reached twenty clones. Then, with but a single command, all the rest of his clones surged forward, jumping into densely packed clusters of the enemy before detonating. When the smoke dissipated, he saw that the odds were much more even now, with a ratio of about a single soldier against every ghoul. However, as he watched, he saw Jaina getting blasted back heavily against a rock by the death knight, and as he descended upon her, Naruto moved forward, managing to catch the blade with his bare hand.

"Not very nice to attack a lady, you know," Naruto said as if he was discussing the weather, before throwing the death knight away and charging forward, katana in hand as they engaged in a fierce sword fight, neither side willing to budge. Finally, however, the death knight won due to his expertise, and Naruto was thrown back after a particularly vicious slash that left him defenseless for a follow-up kick. He flipped back, however, just in time to dodge the sword strike meant to take him down, flashing through seals as he went.

"Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he sent a dozen basketball-sized fireball at the death knight who repelled them but giving Naruto enough time to scoop up Jaina and leap away to safety. Once they were beside Lina, he dropped her carefully on the ground, where she sat, hacking away at something, even as some blood dribbled out her mouth.

"Jaina, what happened?" Naruto asked.

"Death Coil, don't get hit, it takes away your life force, literally," Jaina replied as Naruto hesitated for a moment before handing out a kunai.

"Keep this, when you're in trouble throw it," Naruto said as he took out two of the same tri-pronged kunai, "I'm going back to fight him."

With that said, he threw the kunai as hard as he can, as the pair soared at the enemy who simply laughed and batted them aside. He was not prepared, however, for Naruto to reappear suddenly behind him and stabbed him with a fourthkunai as well as slapping his blade aside. The death knight grinned as he gripped onto the hand that Naruto had on the kunai, and, ripping the kunai out but still holding onto Naruto's wrist, he gave Naruto a powerful slash right between the eyes. The result was not what he was expecting.

Lying on the ground was a log, split apart into two sections. There was a whirring noise as he turned only to meet a ball of spinning blue energy inches away from his face. He reacted immediately as he brought his sword up to block it, and the resulting backlash of power was sucked into the blade as the knight smiled wickedly and sent the bolt of energy back at Naruto who could not dodge at the range, hurling him back from the chakra. The blade, however, suffered a crack from the chakra input as Naruto saw it and grinned, before being forced to dodge a green bolt of energy that struck where he was just a second ago. Moving quickly, Naruto took out a normal kunai, enhancing both that were in his hands with wind chakra as he clashed with the enemy, this time much faster than before, though experience allowed the death knight to hold on for a while, before Naruto managed to sweep the death knight off his feet and kick him away right next to a kunai.

Naruto disappeared in a bright yellow flash, reappearing right behind the knight as he proceeded with a powerful kick up into the sky, before leaping up and appearing right below the man, hidden in the shadows. Out of nowhere, however, a wave of energy was pulsed into Naruto, disrupting his concentration, causing his final move to fail as he was forced to right himself back on, the ground as the knight began his descent. Undeterred, Naruto waited for the right moment as he reversed the grip on his kunai and plunged it straight up. Blood spilt as it made contact, piercing through the armor easily and into the flesh. With a growl, the knight slid the kunai free from his body, his body mending up as he turned to hit Naruto, intending to end this once and more all, but Naruto disappeared once more as he moved and kicked the death knight back up into the air where he was nearly defenseless. Flashing back up behind the death knight, he prepared once more, only for the knight to pierce Naruto in the stomach, but the knight was surprised when Naruto smiled.

"Big mistake," Naruto said as he pulled on the sword, then, with a very highly enhanced blade of wind, severed it. The death knight's eyes widened as they began to plummet to the earth, as Naruto unleashed his combo. A punch followed by a hook brought Naruto underneath the knight, before the spine was hit with a sharp wind-powered jab that disabled his ability to move his lower body, before Naruto turned and gave the knight a knee slam. Just before impacting the ground, Naruto powered up another sphere of blue energy.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he slamme the sphere into the death knight's gut, driving him right into the ground, dead right on impact as the Rasengan tore a hole in his internal structure and organs. Naruto dropped on the ground, panting, as he picked up the kunai he dropped, before ducking. Turning around, he saw an Abomination about to raise its axe on him as Naruto dodged. Getting pissed, he leapt back only to be struck by another with a blunt hammer, sending him tumbling about into the ground, skidding along the dirt and raising a cloud of dust that covered him.

"Naruto!" Jaina and Lina shouted, concerned for the man that was hit brutally.

"Lina, help him!" Jaina cried out as Lina moved, only for a sudden quietness to cover the area, before it exploded in the chirping of birds.

"Birds…?" Lina asked in confusion before the cloud of dust cleared and light was seen dancing in the corner. Naruto was there, holding his palm, crackling electricity in it as he looked up at the Abomination.

"That's…" Lina stuttered out, "He's controlling lightning…"

"What…? How's that possible?"

"I don't know, but the mana… it's so high, so intense, so focused…" Lina described as she felt the power radiating off it in waves, "I've never felt anything like it…"

Then, Naruto moved. Starting from a simple run, he began a full out sprint as he charged at the two Abominations who tried to hit him. Anticipating their reactions, he suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow as he reappeared on the other side, charging forward at the same speed as he jumped and stabbed the Chidori right through.

"Chidori!" Naruto shouted as he climbed up the mounds of flesh, searing through the stitches that covered the first Abomination even as it howled in agony, collapsing as Naruto destroyed all the stitches even as the second Abomination tried to slam its bat on Naruto, who simply turned and met it with his Chidori, pushing it aside, leaping on it, sprinting forward on it and shattering the hammer, before Naruto did the exact same thing to the second Abomination, only this time starting from the head. The two Abominations were dead before Naruto had ever touched the ground.

"Impressive… most impressive…" Jaina said in awe of the movements that Naruto made, "Such grace when dodging and taking down those creatures…"

"You sound like you like war," Lina teased as Jaina gained a red tint, before grinning and saying slyly, "Or is it that you like Naruto instead?"

"No!" Jaina vehemently denied both accusations, "I've barely met Naruto, how's that going to work?"

"I don't know, you try it," Lina said playfully as Jaina mock glared at her, before sighing and shaking her head.

"Only you, Lina, only you…" Jaina said as Lina smiled.

"You're too uptight Jaina, relax," Lina advised as Jaina turned, a frown on her face.

"The Alliance is in ruins Lina, I need to do all I can do save what's left of it," Jaina said sadly, "If only Arthas didn't betray us at that very moment…"

"It could've been worse," Lina tried to consulate her as Naruto returned.

"Mission accomplished Jaina," Naruto said as Jaina noticed for the first time the giant gash on his stomach.

"Naruto! You're injured!" Jaina exclaimed as Naruto looked down.

"It'll heal in a few minutes," Naruto waved dismissively as Jaina looked at him oddly.

"A few minutes? Do you know how big that gash is?" Jaina asked as Naruto nodded.

"I have a very powerful healing system that's on par with regeneration," Naruto replied as, sure enough, the skin was actually stitching itself back together before their horror – and fascination. Within minutes the wound was healed as Naruto stretched, causing Lina and Jaina to redden as it exposed his very toned abs.

"By the way, the archers, who are they led by?" Naruto asked as Jaina looked at him.

"Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner, a Farstrider," Jaina replied, "Why?"

"If I am to serve well in the army, there's a technique that I can do to maximize my ability to kill," Naruto said, "My... shunshin ability is not useful for combat, it's more of a movement technique - its not teleport in anyway, it's just a high-speed movement that looks like teleporting. An actual combat technique is available, remember the kunai I gave you before I head in? Those have a marker on them that allows me to move to their location instantly without having to go through the movement which can be predicted. Thing is, a projectile is needed to place the marker on and then be directed to be shot in order to maximize efficiency."

"You want to modify the archers so the arrows they have will have the marker on them," Jaina deduced as Naruto nodded, "Yeah, you'll need to talk to Sylvanas for that. But for now, let's go back. It's been quite a day with the attack, and get rested before you try anything Naruto. I don't care if you can regenerate a missing arm, you're resting. I command you remember?"

"Alright, alright," Naruto said with a sigh, "I hate waiting. I'll see Sylvanas next morning then, okay? So do we go back now?"

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