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So, this is my version of what I wanted to happen after the kiss between 11/Amy. I'm not sure how many chapters there will be, but oh well :)

Amy Pond used to believe the silence was her only friend. Spending most nights alone when she was a child became comforting to her, and usually she revelled in the tranquillity it gave her.

But not today.

Hovering silently by the TARDIS console, she craned her neck around it, intent on watching the Doctor. He was kneeling on the grated floor, surrounded by a knotted mess of green and gold cables.

It was her fault that the atmosphere between them was tense. She'd been the one who'd tried to seduce him, a move that had potentially killed her friendship with him.

Since they'd entered the TARDIS, he'd ordered her to stand as far away from him as possible, despite her protests that she wouldn't come onto him again.

And since he'd ordered her away, he'd been completely silent. He wasn't even muttering to himself as he played around with the mechanics of the TARDIS, a common, annoying habit of his.

That was a bad sign.

Yawning, Amy stretched her arms up over her head, and the Doctor glanced up momentarily as the small sound broke the silence. But then his eyes widened and he returned his gaze back to his work.

She happened to glance down at the floor then, arms still in the air, and noticed that her shirt had risen up, leaving her flat, toned stomach on display.

Blushing, she quickly lowered her arms to tug her shirt down, before sneaking a glance at the Doctor. His eyes were carefully trained on the wires, though his cheeks were slightly flushed too.

Amy couldn't help but sigh in exasperation at him; after all, this tension between them was completely unnecessary.

This time, the Doctor didn't look up at her sigh.

But Amy Pond never stayed quiet for long. "Doctor?"

His reply was instant. "No! Stay where you are! Don't even come near me!"

Amy had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. "I just want to ask you a question!" She remarked, trying to make her voice sound as innocent as possible.

The Doctor glanced up from his tangle of wires, and met her gaze warily. "As long as there is a distance of ten feet between us, you can ask whatever you like!"

His companion had to smirk at that. Well in that case…

"How would you rate our kiss out of ten?"

The Doctor, who had just reached under the main TARDIS console to gather his screwdriver that he'd somehow managed to drop, jumped at her question, forgetting that his head was underneath it.

Amy winced at the loud bang, but then had to stifle a giggle at the spluttered gallifreyan curse words coming from the Doctor.

He raised his head to meet her stare again, clutching his sore head with one hand.

Once she saw the genuine pain in his expression, her smile faded, and she took a step towards him. "Doctor, are you okay?"

He grimaced, and waved his free hand at her impatiently, making no attempt to reply.

Worried, Amy stepped forward again. "Doctor? Can I—"

"No!" He yelled shrilly, leaping to his feet, "Stay right where you are!"

Amy complied, and froze where she was. There was definitely less than ten feet between them, but she didn't think that the Doctor really cared much about the exact measurement.

After a few more minutes of them both standing in silence, Amy spoke again. "So, what do you think?"

The Doctor blinked at her in confusion. "About what?"

"Our kiss?" She prompted, wondering briefly if the Doctor had lost his memory from banging his head.

"Oh that!" He exclaimed, running his hand through his mop of brown hair, "Well…if we're talking a mark out of ten…then…" His voice trailed off, and he gazed at her, a slight frown on his face.

"Then what?" She demanded impatiently.

The Doctor's eyes gleamed with humour, and Amy was relieved to see his familiar, amused gaze. "I'd give you a six." He said finally.

Amy gasped at his answer. "A six?" She shrieked, staring at the Doctor incredulously, "I've never gotten below an eight, not even from the first man I ever kissed at a party!"

The Doctor shrugged, suddenly looking uninterested with the subject. "Well, you did force yourself onto me." He muttered, turning his eyes towards the TARDIS console as he started to play around with some of the buttons.

Amy began to walk towards him again, and this time the Doctor didn't warn her to stay back. "But…but…you enjoyed it!" She stuttered, pointing a finger at him accusingly. "You kissed me back!"

The Doctor shrugged again. "Mere confusion on my part. I wasn't exactly sure how to handle the situation at first."

Amy snorted. "Oh, really? So kissing me back was the solution to stop me, was it?"

He didn't reply, and Amy knew the conversation was over.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she headed for the TARDIS stairs, until the Doctor spoke up, making her pause.

"Why did you ask me that Amy?" He asked quietly, and she turned around slowly to face him, swallowing nervously at the intensity in his grey-green eyes.

"Because I always ask for feedback after I finish my shift as a Kissogram," She replied nonchalantly, "So it was only right of me to ask you for your opinion."

His face dropped slightly, and he abruptly turned his back on her. "Okay," He said shortly, "You can go now."

Amy was stung by his harsh dismissal. "Doctor, I'm sorry that I've upset you tonight!" She blurted out, her words tumbling together in a panic, "I know that you probably hate me, and want me out of the TARDIS, but I promise that I'll never, ever try that again."

At the Doctor's silence, she continued. "Please Doctor, look at me. I'm sorry. So sorry. I just—"

"Amy. Stop."

She paused in her tirade then, feeling her eyes widen as the Doctor turned to face her. His expression was unreadable, and he began to walk towards her.

He stopped just in front of her, so close that their chests were only a few inches apart. He raised his hands, and Amy could only watch in stunned amazement as he placed them gently on her cheeks.

Slowly, he bowed his head, and Amy closed her eyes as his lips brushed against hers softly.

Her reaction was instant; she twisted her fingers in his hair, securing his face to hers.

Suddenly all she could feel was the Doctor; his body as it moulded to hers, his fingertips as they traced her cheekbones lightly, his warmth, his heart…both of his hearts, their frantic heartbeats matching her own.

And then he pulled away, his hands falling away from her face, leaving Amy immediately craving his touch again.

"So, how would you rate that kiss out of ten?" The Doctor asked cheekily, giving her a sly wink as he brushed past her, already racing up the stairs, leaving her frozen at the bottom of the stairwell.

Chapter Two should be out shortly, depending on how much interest there is for this story :)

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