Sunnydale - Location one - ground level

For the first time during her two years under her command, Satsu was treated to seeing Dawn Summer completely awestruck. It actually looked kind of cute.

"Willow, what-?" Dawn stretched out her hand and took a step forwards, then froze and let it drop. Her face, which had softened momentarily went hard and emotionless again.

"You're dead," she stated finally, staring the red-head down.

"Perceptive," the vampire returned.

"Sergeant!" Satsu stood up straighter at being addressed, she was the only one of that rank present.

"Make our guests comfortable, I'm going to contact headquarters."

How Satsu was to do just that was left unsaid.

"Right, follow me."

To be honest, she did not know how to make the vampires comfortable. There wasn't even any blood to offer them unless she was to slit her own wrist.

"Bugger this," Spike said as they were being led underground. "You ladies have fun and I'll go for a nice chat with your 'Captain' instead."

He turned around and headed towards the upper levels where other girl had disappeared to.

Satsu had read a lot about William the bloody as well as Angelus and other famous vampires and she was not surprised. She figured she wouldn't be able to stop him without shooting him and felt that would be the far likelier way of provoking the wrath of Dawn Summers.

Willow had turned to her watch her sire go, which made Satsu slow down her pace, but not turn.

"You coming?" She asked.

"If you keep swinging your hips like that when you walk, I just might," the vampire replied. The slayer did turn around at that, cheeks heating up. It didn't get any better, having the pretty girl looking at her body with a decidedly hungry look in her eyes.

Though it should have worried Satsu, she rather felt like it wasn't the blood-related kind of hungry.

Sunnydale - Location one - top floor

Spike walked as far as he could up the elevation leading to the fifth floor, before the sun finally stopped his progress. Straining his ears, he could hear a soft sobbing somewhat above him to the right.

"Nibblet?" He asked loud enough for his voice to carry. The crying stopped and a second later, Dawn landed next to him in the shadow, having jumped down from above.

"I'm glad to see the both of you alive," she said stiffly.

"S'good to see you too. Captain Summers, though, how the bloody hell did you pull that off?" He sounded surprised and just a little bit amused.

"That's actual rank, not some title the girls gave me."

"Once again, how?" Dawn gave him a bitter smile.

"Be ruthless enough, or appear to be ruthless enough and you can accomplish a lot. The girls think I'm a borderline sociopath. Being fluent in nine languages didn't hurt either, I suppose."

Spike gave her a thorough look.

"So, who are you really, then?" She sighed at his question, eyes growing watery again.

"Not who I was… Or who I pretend to be for that matter. For now, I'll be who they need me to be."

"Them, not me," Spike told her firmly. Dawn scooted closer, putting her head on the vampire's shoulder.

"I've missed you…" She whispered, angling her head so that her lips touched the cold skin.

"Missed you too." He looked down at her face with his eyebrows raised in surprise, bringing their faces even closer.

His whispered "don't" was smothered effectively when Dawn almost brutally pressed her lips to his. Spike remembered that kind of kiss very well from another Summers woman, but it wasn't really the reason he objected.

Taking care to be gentle, he pushed her away.

"Many things I would do for you, kid, die among them. But I won't use you, or be used for that matter."

Dawn's sad pout disappeared quickly as she seemed to retreat behind the mask she had worn so long.

"Talk to me," Spike urged. "Be Dawn., be whoever you want or need to be."

And so, cuddled up against the once second most ferocious vampire in recorded history, Dawn began her story.

Sunnydale - Location one - Underground level

"You knew her, right?" Satsu's question broke the silence which had lasted over a minute.

"Since she was nine, yeah." They were side by side, settled against the cold concrete wall. "Didn't she tell you?"

"She doesn't tell us much, especially not about her past. What was she like?"

Willow thought about it for a moment.

"As normal as the kid sister of the slayer can be expected to. She was a smart girl, sweet. I didn't have any sibling so I adored her."

The Japanese slayer gave the vampire a surprised look.

"Sounds nothing like our Captain. Pretty much expected her to be born with a rifle in her hands and a stick lodged firmly up her ass."

Willow giggled. "She's changed," she concluded. "Now, speaking of cuties… What's your story?" Satsu's cheeks went slightly pink at the compliment.

"Dawn recruited me in Japan almost two years ago, been with her ever since."

"And how long've you known you're gay?" Now, that question caught her off guard.

"Who told you I'm gay?"

"You did. You've been stealing glances at the goodies every now and then ever since we met."

Shit, busted.

"Yeah, that's- Um- Sorry."

"That's alright. Now tell me." The vampire trailed a cold finger along Satsu's neck, trailing her bottom lip. A shudder that had nothing to do the cold went through the slayer's body.

"I was fourteen, I think. Maybe I knew before, but that's when I admitted it to myself. What about you?" The vampire smiled a sad smile.

"I was a bit confused, growing up. But then I met Tara and I just knew."

Satsu felt the topic would be sensitive and didn't push it further, instead moving on to another thing she was curious about.

"What's it like hanging with William the bloody?"

"He's not as bad as you think he is. Not even as bad as he thinks he is. Surprisingly sweet, to be honest."

The silence once more got awkward as it dragged on and Satsu, though she tried not to, could not help but to look a few inches too far south of Willow's face.

The vampire caught the straying glance immediately and grinned.

"Naughty kitten," she murmured, running a finger along Satsu's shoulder, up her face and into her hair, which she started playing with.

Though her every instinct told her just how wrong it was, the slayer put her hands on the vampire's cheeks and kissed her. Shocked, she pulled back a few very long seconds later.

"Oh shit… I can't believe I did that."

Willow pouted. "Antsy now…" she whined.

"Yeah, well - You're a vampire- which I know you know- but…"

She could just picture the conversation.

"Hey, mum and dad… Here's my new love interest. Oh yeah, it's not only a girl, but she's also undead. How bout some cake, eh?"

"So what if I am?" Willow challenged, a smirk on her lips as she straddled the unresisting vampire slayer.

Satsu was about to say something, but lost her thread as the red-head made a rocking movement with her hips.

"Screw it," the slayer finally murmured, leaning in to kiss the other girl.

"I'm not an it, but go right ahead." Willow had a wry smile on her lips as her hands descended down Satsu's butt.

"Mm- I think I will." She brought her hand inside the silk-shirt, cupping the cold, soft flesh in her hand.

The vampire brought their lips back into contact, a surprisingly soft and tender one, slowly sliding her hand down Satsu's toned stomach.

The three slayers who heard her cries fifteen minutes later and came thinking to save her were in for one hell of a surprise.