Hey, this is my first multi chapter iCarly fan fiction. I am once again attempting to write a fanfic about an international school. My last fan fiction had people flaming me because I wrote about the Korean girls at my school. This fan fic will (hopefully) be different, but before I begin I will say that I am basing it off of the people at my school, and I am NOT generalizing about all people of one country OR being racist. I am getting the stuff about China from LIVING in China for almost a year now.

This story is a complete SEDDIE :D

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iMiss Sam

Sam stared over at the boy beside her. "Hey, Freddork."

"Sam, I've been here for an hour." Freddie rolled his eyes. "Why the sudden need to say hello?"

Sam shrugged. "No reason."

Freddie frowned. "Okay, then."

Scowling, Sam turned away. "When's Carly coming back?"

"About an hour or so, why?" Freddie asked, confused.

"I'm tired of being stuck with you, nerd." Sam rolled her blue eyes.

Freddie glared at her. "Sam."

"What? It's true." Sam grinned. "Nah, I need to talk to you both."

"I'm glad you finally learned to read a book, Sam." Freddie told her.

"In case you haven't noticed, Fredward, I've known how to read for a year or so now." Sam scowled. "It's actually important this time, so don't laugh."

"Fine," Freddie agreed.

At that exact moment, Carly burst through the door, holding three hot chocolates.

Sam stared at her hot beverage in disbelief. "Carls, I asked for a smoothie! This is not a smoothie! This is just hot milk with chocolate flavor!"

"That would be hot chocolate," Carly laughed. "Sam, the Groovy Smoothie's shut for Chinese May Holiday."

No one noticed as Sam's eyes flashed to the ground. She blinked, twice, and then turned her eyes back to Carly. "What the heck? Why are they celebrating Chinese May Holiday? No one who works at the Groovy Smoothie is Chinese, and we live in America."

Carly shrugged. "Don't ask me, Sam. Anyway, what did you want to talk to us about?"

Sam shifted nervously in her chair. "It's kind of important, okay?"

"Oh, no. Sam actually learned how to eat like a lady." Freddie's eyes seemed to bulge out of their sockets, and then he snickered.

"Shut UP, Fredweird." Sam's eyes went into angry slits, signaling that she was going to kill him. Freddie immediately closed his mouth. "You know how my mom's kind of been on my case all this year? She, along with everyone else in the world, wants me to be more like precious, perfect Melanie. Well, she's finally decided to act on her feelings, and she's decided to ship me halfway around the world to an international school in….China."

Carly was speechless. Freddie, however, was able to choke out, "How long?"

"A half of a year," Sam muttered.

"A WHOLE HALF OF A YEAR?" Carly shrieked. "I can't survive a half of a year without you!"

Freddie, the only one capable of seeing reason, asked, "How will we do iCarly?"

Carly stopped screaming, and began to sob. "No more iCarly!"

"Calm down, Carls." Sam chuckled. "I've already sifted it out. I will broadcast from China, and you guys from right here in Seattle."

"Kind of a double-sided screen, eh?" Freddie smiled softly.

Suddenly, something hit Sam, and she turned to Freddie. "Fredward, can you leave?"

Freddie frowned. "Why-?"

"JUST GET OUT!" Sam screamed. As soon as Freddie was out the door, she began sobbing.

"What am I going to do for a year without you guys?" She cried, hugging Carly. Then she looked up, looking very concerned. "Do people in China eat bacon?"

Carly giggled through her tears. "I don't know, Sam."

"I hope so," Sam whined. "There's no way to survive without meat."

After a while, Sam and Carly finally stopped crying. They finally allowed Freddie to enter the Shay apartment once again.

Freddie looked at Sam. "Sam, are you going to go to a boarding school?"

Grimacing, Sam responded, "Nah. The school I'm going to is just a regular school….just like American high school…but with different people, and it's in China. I'll be staying with an American family there. They've lived all over America- in Missouri, Louisiana, and Ohio mainly. Anyway, they have two daughters and one son. The oldest boy is in 10th grade, then there's a girl our age, 9th grade, and the youngest girl is in 7th grade."

"Cool," Carly said, then frowned. "I bet that girl is going to be your new best friend and then replace me!"

Sam snickered. "No, Carls, no one could ever replace you." She then turned to Freddie. "And no one could ever be as dorky as you."

Freddie smiled, a small smile but it lit up his whole face. "Don't worry, Sam. No one will replace you here, either. No one could ever be as horrible to me as you are."

Sam laughed and punched him in the arm. Freddie doubled over in pain.

"How will we ever survive without you, Sam?" Carly asked, grinning.

"I suppose Freddie will be glad to have me gone, if only for half a year." Sam smiled, but both Carly and Freddie knew it was a fake smile. "Mrs. Briggs will be pleased, as will Principal Franklin, because I won't be in his office every five minutes."

Freddie laughed. "You sure did make school interesting, Sam, and just so you know, I won't be glad to have you gone. Even though you make my life miserable, you're one of my best friends. Nothing will be the same without you."

"Neither will China," Sam sighed. "Though I suppose even if I didn't know you guys, China would still be a heck of a lot different. I bet they don't have ham, and I heard some guy say they eat dog over there. I love dogs!"

"Poor dogs," Carly frowned. "Don't eat any dogs, okay, Sam?"

"No problems there, Carlotta," Sam teased. "I could never eat dog."

"Bring back some Chinese yuan, okay, Sam?" Freddie asked. "I need some to add to my money-of-the-world collection."

Sam had to snicker. "You have a money-of-the-world collection? That has to be one of the dorkiest things I have ever heard!" Sam snorted.

"Yes, I do," Freddie said, miffed. "I have a money-of-the-world collection, and I need some Chinese yuan and mao to add to my collection."

"Terrific," Sam muttered.

Carly gasped. "You're not gonna be here for freshman year."

"Only half," Sam reminded her. "And when I get back, you better have a big party planned with lots of ham and bacon."

Carly grinned. "Done."

So, I'm thinking. Should I alternate chapters between Carly/Freddie and Sam, or what? I could show Sam's experiences in e-mails from Sam to Carly and Freddie, or just write the whole thing about Sam, or alternate chapters. Which one should I do?

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