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Carly was pacing around the room when Freddie barged through the door. A confused look crossed Freddie's face. "Carly, what are you doing?"

"Freddie!" Carly yelled. "It's been two weeks!"

Confused, Freddie asked, "Two weeks since what?"

"Two weeks since we last talked to Sam!" Carly screamed. "Freddie, aren't you worried? She could've died or something for all we know! She could have a terminal illness! Or worse, she could have," Carly gulped, "A new best friend."

Freddie rolled his eyes, crossing the room. He placed a friendly hand on Carly's shoulder. "Carls, I miss her too." He began, adding a secret, "more than you could ever know," under his breath. "But, we don't have to worry all the time. I mean, she's SAM. She's pretty good at protecting herself. And before you know it, we'll be over there visiting Sam."

Carly relaxed a little. "I hope so."

"Look, you've got a new e-mail," Freddie pointed at the screen, walking a little closer to Carly's computer. "And guess who it's from."

From: Sam Puckett

To: Carly Shay, Freddie Benson

Hey, sorry bout the wait, guys. School started a week ago and I was busy with that. I mean, it's sophomore year!

School's gone great. There's only one boy in my class, Ryan, and he's not my type, so you don't have to be jealous, Fredweird. Ryan's too….perfect for me, all sporty and stuff, plus too good at almost everything. Though he's suckish at tech stuff, don't worry, Benson. Plus, he's off limits- he and Jessy are dating.

There are a lot of cool girls at the school, and a couple of dramatic-preppy-annoying ones I try to shy away from. One girl, Mallory, seems pretty cool. She's an expert at sarcasm and is really funny. There's a girl here who reminds me a lot of you, Carly, though she's no replacement. Her name is Sophia and she never gets in trouble. She's also really smart. There's another girl, April, who's pretty much boy-obsessed, and a girl named Isabelle (Call her Izzy, or you're dead). Izzy's kind of like me (gets in trouble often, sarcastic) but she's not much of a fighter and is too obsessed with fashion and makeup. There are two more girls-Abei (pronounced Abby) is really weird. She watches Barbie, Teletubbies and Boohbah and wears really old-fashioned clothes. (There's you a girlfriend, Freddork) The last is Kary (pronounced the same as Carrie) who's way too preppy for my likings. Then, of course, Jessy and I finish off the class.

Guess what we had for lunch today! Barbecue! Even though it was Korean barbeque, it stopped my meat cravings. Chinese don't eat much meat, and ham's almost impossible to find. So's bacon! What is wrong with them?

That'd be incredibly awesome if you could come visit! I would freak! You could meet all the peeps in my class, they've heard allllllllllll about you. (and yes, I do mean all, Freddork, down to your antibacterial undies).

Mallory, Sophia, Jessy and Kary all watch iCarly. I'm sure some of them (maybe not Kary) would love to be a guest star on the iCarly reuniting episode! I'll send you guys the name of my city, the best airport/ airlines and all that in a separate e-mail.

Yes, Carly, in your eyes, Taylor's probably seriously hot.

Yes, Freddork, if you find another tormentor, you're dead meat. Not because I'm jealous… and yes, I remember that bet Wo ye hen hao. Oh yeah, DON'T CALL ME SAMMY EVER AGAIN.

Hope this long e-mail makes up for the lack of updates! I miss you guys A LOT and wish you were here!


Carly sighed. "Well, she's alive."

"Sadly," Freddie coughed.

Carly rolled her eyes. "Oh, come ON, Freddie. I think everyone in the world knows you don't hate Sam."

"Then what do I feel towards that blonde headed demon?" Freddie challenged.

"Gosh, Freddie, everyone knows you like her." Carly walked over to the computer. "Check it out."

She typed Seddie into the search bar for images and it came up with 8,820 results. Freddie gasped at the many pictures of he and Sam together from past webcasts. "How…what…why?" was all he could say.

Laughing, Carly told him, "See?"

"I do NOT like Sam," Freddie lied.

Carly smiled. "I think you should tell her when we go to visit her."

Tired of denying it, Freddie replied, "Fine."

"Okay," Carly grinned. "So, how'd you like Gibby today?"

"I can't believe his mom made him go to Fat Camp," Freddie laughed. "But I bet Tasha's happy."

"Why, cause he looks good?" Carly snickered. "Hey, have you been working out?"

"Uh, yeah," Freddie blushed. "Why?"

"Did you do it so Saaaaaaaam could see how much you've changed?" Carly teased.

"No," Freddie stated, obviously lying.

"Freddie," Carly reprimanded.

"Yes," Freddie turned red, causing Carly to crack up. "I'm going to e-mail Sam back. See ya, Carls."

"Bye, Freddie," Carly answered, still laughing.

From: Freddie Benson

To: Sam Puckett

Hey, Sammo. ;) That better?

Anyway, what makes you think I'd be jealous of this Ryan guy anyway? He sounds like a nub. Glad to hear you've got new friends (to replace Carls and I, jk). Are there any techy people?

Guess what I had for lunch today? Ribs, lots and lots of 'em. Jealous yet, Princess Puckett?

Why the heck did you tell them about my underpants? Wait, how did you know about my undies? Did my mom tell you? And, as soon as I get there, they're gonna know allllllll about you too, down to your I 3 Las Vegas underwear. Be ready.

Can't wait till the reunion show! Our last show was awesome, but it wasn't the same (The split screen thing was a little weird). We got a lot of comments asking stuff like when you were coming back, if we missed you, and if we were going to visit. See, the people want you here! Haha.

Oooh, Princess Puckett, sounds like you ARE jealous. Can't even think of another excuse, that's pathetic for Sam the Tormentor. Maybe I should find a replacement.

I'll check out the flight info. Hopefully they'll be a good flight at a cheap price (unlike the Japan flight, remember that?).

In the way of news for Ridgeway High, Gibby went to Fat Camp! He's now a normal weight and Carly thinks he's hot. Don't tell her I told you that! Also, someone's been working out (and no, it's NOT Gibby). Spencer sold a sculpture of a giant beavecoon. Mr. Howard was fired for "torturing students instead of teaching students". Uh, nothing else to report.

As hard it is to say, I miss ya too, Sammo.

Hopefully see ya soon!


PS: You should reply sooner. Don't tell Carly I told you this, but she keeps pacing and worrying if you take too long to reply.

To: Sam Puckett

From: Carly Shay

Hey, Sam!

I'm pretty sure Freddie's arranging the flight information. I suck at that.

Don't replace me! But, your friends sound really awesome! Can't wait to meet them! What did you tell them about me? I'm also SUPER excited to meet Taylor- he better be as hot as you're making him out to be, and not a dork, or you're dead! (Yeah, right, I can't beat you up).

I had spaghetti tacos for lunch today. I bet you miss those, don't ya?

I can't wait to come visit! It's great that all your friends watch iCarly. We must be pretty popular then.

I was worried when you didn't send an e-mail, but glad to hear you're doing just fine. Guess what? Gibby went to Fat Camp and now he doesn't look half bad! Maybe you and Gibby should go out when he comes to visit….nah, Gibby's not coming to visit you. We told him about it and he screamed and ran away. Besides, he and Tasha are still going steady. I have my ideas about who you should date.

I miss you a lot!

LYLAS, Sam! Wish you were still here! Counting the days till we come visit (Well, I will be once we find out the flying dates)


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