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Chapter 1

The Warlord's Mate

Jasper Whitlock .P.O.V

She was mine. She was born to be mine, to belong to me. I knew it from the first time I laid my eyes on her. Her body her soul and her mind were mine.

But before I could make her mine Edward, my adopted brother, decided that just because her blood called to him and her mind was silent to his talent, that she was his and made his move on her.

To say that I was pissed off was an understatement, I could have killed him then but Peter advised me against it saying that he would be very useful in the future. That guy just knew things, he was like an all knowing bastard ever since his change, and I always trusted him and his loyalty towards me. So, I made the Cullen's believe that the attraction I had for her was due to my bloodlust and well, she did smell so good, and I lusted so much for her, she was just so beautiful.

And the incredible part is that they bought it, they believed me and they kept her away from me, which made things easier for me to gain my control. Peter once again proved to be right when that bastard, James, tried to get what was mine.

We had to run away and hide her but being so close to her in the same room for days, was such a sweet torture. I was so aroused all the time; my craving for her was so intense that I thought I would explode. I managed not to touch her but I need release badly, and so I turned for the next available thing in there with me, my wife Alice who was called to satisfy my sexual needs whenever Bella slept or was out of the room.

When she escaped me in the airport, all I could think was that I was going to kill them, all of them if anything happened to her and that if she survived, one day she would pay for running away from me and for putting herself in danger.

When we found her I thought I was going to die right there and then I thought she was dead and that made my anger reach peaks I had not let anyone feel after the wars. My inner warrior came out, and all I saw was red, Bella, Bella, Bella, chanting in my head while I ripped the bastard apart and set him on fire for what he had done to my mate. I knew Carlisle was with her, and when I heard her scream from the pain I knew she would live. Only then my bloodlust rose. I listened to Carlisle tell Edward that if he didn't want her to change he would have to suck the poison out of her system. I felt Edward's indecision and fear and I sent him all the determination and strength I had in me. He managed to do it and sucked the poison out of her.

I was glad that he had the strength to do it because in my frenzy of war and destruction and with so much of her delicious blood spilled, I don't know if I could have done it myself without killing her. And I was very glad that Edward didn't want her vampire. Because one thing I knew for sure, no other venom but mine would curse through her, no other male would make that bond with her my mate but me. It would be me to kill her and to bring her to her new life as an immortal and as my wife and my mate.

And the time to be with her would come soon, I just had to wait a few more months, Peter had assured me of that, and I would be prepared to make her mine.

Unfortunately, the direct consequence of this incident was that I had to back off and watch him with her. I had to see them together, feel their feelings and watch him touch her, kiss her, hold in his arms what was mine, and still keep my distance, hide my feelings and thoughts, my resolve and my plans for the future, and most off all, I had to hide my anger and hate towards that stupid creature that I had to call brother, and from the annoying but useful woman I called wife. The only thing that made this torture bearable was that from my ability to feel their emotions, I saw that Edward's sense of morality, his fear and his self-loathing made him incapable of having much more than an almost platonic relation with my soon to be mate, and that she would continue to be pure and untouched.

His Victorian sense of morality, my careful manipulation of his emotions, and his hate towards his own kind and ultimately against himself, his certainty on the damnation of her soul in case he turned her, even if she wanted it, made him make mistakes after mistakes in their relationship.

Mistakes that I encouraged whenever I could, and from witch I took advantage and that allowed me to be closer to her, to start slowly to change her perception and feelings for me. I was able to make her feel more comfortable in my company. And the best part of this was that I did all that with the approval of my dear all knowing wife, and the blessing of the rest of the family that thought I was building my tolerance to my "little sister's blood" in order to make her integration to the family easier, and in doing so giving the necessary steps to leave once and for all the hold that the bloodlust that came from my past had ob me.

The Cullen's knew my story, the story of my horrible upbringing and past, but they only knew a part of it. I only allowed them to know the part that both I and Alice told them when we first arrived that we wanted to try their diet and live peacefully their way of life, and that I regretted my horrible past. We hid most of it so that it would not cause problems to our integration in the family and also not to scare them to death. They had no idea of who I really was, how dangerous and powerful I really was, how in control I was and what my real plans were.

I was an old vampire, trained for war and battle with more than 100 years of service, in both human and vampire army's, I was the sire of thousands, feared by any vampire who heard my name, Jasper Whitlock.

We were welcomed easily in the family, eager as they were to conquer new vampires into their life style and soon we learned how to block Edwards's talent and keep our private life, ours, so that our plans would go smoothly. For me, it was almost laughable, that they thought that I struggled with my thirst for human blood more than any of them, and it really amused me their efforts to teach me control. It was a conscientious decision on my part, to join them and their way of life because it was a necessary thing for the accomplishment of my plans. If there is anything that I am is disciplined. I need to be close to humans without killing them, I needed to learn to interact with them in their society and I need to learn all that I could about their science, art and technology.

Being a vampire meant that we were engrossed in our own world and with our own sense of the passage of time, and we often forgot that humans evolved quickly, and that we had to adapt to that mental and technological evolution, or else one day we would find ourselves in danger as a specie. This danger was long foreseen, and the Volturi decided to take steps in order to prevent it. I was one of the chosen, to go on to the human world and learn all that I could. All the knowledge acquired would be then passed on to the Volturi so that they could organize more effectively the vampire race. And my end of the deal was that I would rule North and South America in their name, under their law and be the general of their guard in this continent.