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His Red Right Hand

You'll see him in your nightmares,you'll see him in your dreamsHe'll appear out of nowhere buthe ain't what he seems.

(Nick cave - Red right hand)

Isn't it a funny that if you put on a convincing enough act people and vampires alike will believe just about anything you tell them. I never really intended for things to play out the way they did - I just couldn't help myself. It was never the fact that I needed their blood for sustenance that made me do it, it was the way I felt when I looked at them. I could tell right then that their insides would look just as good as their outside and I wanted to see both - I needed to, and so I did. It's how I got my first real experience as a doctor, because before then I never really had the chance - there was always so many rules to follow. So I decided that I would find out for myself I just didn't really put much thought into where or when until I saw her.

Her name was Mary Ann Nichols, I remember that she was very clean… I liked that about her, so few people were back then - it was very off putting, especially with my keen sense of smell. I saw her when she was working Whitechaple Road - I decided then that she would be my first. It was quick, I was merciful that time - just a quick slash of the throat and a slice to the abdomen and I was done. I remember what it was like as I dropped her body on the ground and watched the blood pool around her… satisfaction - I decided that it was my duty to show people what things looked like from the inside out. I heard a shuffling noise followed by muffled sob and I glanced over to my captive, I took in her tearstained face, her red nose and her scared brown eyes and I knew she was just like them…. The ones I'd had before her. I couldn't help myself - I might not be forgiven, but that didn't matter because this was not something I would forget.

I took a step toward her as she tried in vain to move further away but because of the ropes binding her hands and feet it was a wasted effort. But still she didn't give up, I couldn't help but smile - actually this may be different than the rest, she will fight. I laughed and I relished the shiver that it gave her - yes she would be different. I approached her slowly and I watched as her eyes dilated and the smell of her fear became ever more intoxicating. I bent down and removed the tape that covered her mouth. Come on be predictable my mind whispered. "Why Carlisle, why are you doing this to me?" she asked. I caught one of the tears that was rolling down her face and put it in my mouth "Why Bella dear?" I asked her "Because I want to see what you look like from the inside." I savoured the sharply indrawn breath followed by the pleads of "What would the others think?" She would fight for her life, I reached into the pocked of my pants and pulled out my knife - the same one I'd always used for my girls. I showed it to her and told her what I was going to do with it, then she screamed for me………

You're one microscopic cogin his catastrophic planDesigned and directed byhis red right hand.

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