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Chapter 5

I smiled as I felt the anticipation begin to rise in my chest. It was coming, soon I would be getting the fruits of my labour and I would be feasting on her life's blood. The very thought of it caused a small snarl to escape me.

I watched as she began to back away from me again, as if she thought that it might actually do her some good. Such a shame really, she was such a pretty girl - ah well.

I began to close the distance between us again with slow deliberate steps. I smiled again as she took a final step backward and realised that she'd hit a dead end.

"Please" she yelled "Think about what you're doing Carlisle, this is not the person you are." I was almost close enough to touch her now. I observed the terrified expression on her face, the harshness of her breathing and the stupidity of her words. I found myself unable to hold back anymore.

I laughed, and then I laughed some more.

"Bella, my child - If I could indeed shed real tears I would be doing so this very minute" I told her.

She looked at me in confusion and perhaps a tiny bit hopefully that this could all just be a very bad joke.

"Make no mistake, I am going to kill you, I just find myself amazed by the fact that you still believe - even if it is only a tiny bit, that I could spare you. So I will make it clear to you one final time."

I smiled at the harsh gasp that escaped her lips as I drew my face so very close to hers. "I want your blood, I want to taste it, drink it, bathe in it - I want every last drop of it that's in your pretty little body" I told her softly.

She visibly shuddered and I relished in the involuntary action. Too long had she been at ease around the damned, now was the time for fear. Fear, hot and rapid palpations—it only made the blood sweeter. Stepping closer, pining her against the wall I ran my nose along the column of her neck and took a deep breath. Blood so sweet…

She whimpered and tried to sink into the wall but it was no use, she had nowhere to go and no hope." Bella, dear you have never smelled so intoxicating or inviting as you do now. Your fear, I can taste it on my tongue." A dark and sinister voice reminded me that soon I would actually taste it.


"I thought you'd never ask." I whispered opening my mouth and sinking my teeth into her fragile neck. The moment my teeth broke skin both my taste buds and senses were flooded with the warmth of her honeyed blood. It was sinfully divine, better than anything I had even imagined and worth every second I had patiently waited. I moaned loudly, clutching her body to mine as I savoured.

Pull after pull I sucked greedily; enjoying the essence Edward had denied himself. I was thankful for his self control—without it I wouldn't be feasting on her. I suppose he was some use after all.

As I continued to drink deep in her blood, I became aware of the her heartbeat slowing and the shallowness of her breathing. Ah soon, soon it would be all over for my sweet little swan. With that in mind I managed to draw myself away from the sweet nectar of her blood and allowed myself to look upon her face as the last traces of her life force began to drain away.

It was all in the eyes, I mused. The way that one moment they were so alert and aware, then the next they seemed flat and so very blank.

I allowed myself to feel a moment of loss for the life I had just taken - because gone was the air that filled her lungs and saturated her blood. And gone was the heartbeat that had seemed to ring in my ears with every palpitation. And the smell, that sent which drove me wild with want - soon that would be gone too.

I leaned my face into the crook of her neck and drew in deep breath, as if I could somehow make it last forever - this intoxication that used to be Isabella Swan. But I knew it wouldn't - in time the lushness of its flavour will be forgotten, and replaced with the filth I was forced to consume in order to remain free and undetected.

But there will be more I promised myself as I allowed her body to slip from my grasp and fall to the floor with thump.

There were always going to be more of my girls, I just had to find them.

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