Joy And Pain



Part One

"I'm saying mom, I think if your going to do this that the cops will be all over your ass. I think you need a front and be a silent partner in a company for your books to be clean." Isabella said with the surprise that a girl who grew up with a cop knows these things. Claudia then told her that she was thinking of fashion. "Your interviewing, who?" Isabella asked and Claudia responded, "These last three months it's been great we haven't fought and I'm glad but I don't want you in the business."

"First off I don't want to be in the business, I want my mom and dad not to kill each other or arrested each other. This is for my sake.." Isabella told her mother and Claudia brought that. "I want to make sure my boyfriend never gets caught between the two of you as well.. Now if you excuse me, I have security to audition for you…" Isabella said and what happened when Security auditions for Isabella is that they have to go three rounds with someone who knows American and Chinese boxing with several forms of martial arts who's trained since she was eleven…Her father offered her a larger curfew, a car, her own room, a cell phone and a favor to be named later to get the highest belt in all of them…

Since security as audition three have passed out of thirty.

As Claudia was going through some things, a small blonde walked in and Claudia was introduced to Amber Moore who introduced herself to Claudia.. "I'm glad to meet you.." Claudia said and as Amber sat down she was taken back by Claudia's office. Amber compliment her on her fashion, Claudia returned the favor.

Jana and Kevin would getting off the airplane after the abduction a year ago. Jana had to have surgery but after she woke up she seemed like the same Jana. However, the connection between her impulses and common sense was shattered. She still stayed with Kevin but the marriage had been a little strained. However, they would getting better…

"Kevin make sure you put more than ten dollars in the gas tank." Jana said and added, "Tried not to be cheap." "I'm not cheap.." Kevin said and there was a long line. Jana smiled and put her arm around Kevin. "Your okay with this long line." Kevin said and Jana smiled because she was going to be with her favorite couple that she loves to hang around with plus her guy who's been with her through the things that makes any marriage strong…Brain tumor, attempted murder on both sides and stealing money together.