Joy And Pain



Part Four

"I can't believe that manager! He could have told the idiot up front about the broken GPS system." Jana yelled and added, "I mean we are going to a town who's notorious for shoot-outs and people getting killed.. I certainly don't want to die!" Kevin then did one of the helpful tools he had earned, they kissed for a minute before they walked in and Jana's thought was now of Kevin… "Good side-step my love." Jana said quietly and they had one more kiss.

"I'm sorry this place is close." Isabella said and Amber echo endearments as she hugged Jana. "What are you guys doing here?" Amber asked and Jana took them about the rental and everything. Isabella calm her mother of people just dropping by and then Claudia counter with everyone can't show up here. Then the alarm went off as Isabella ran to the controls and saw several people with guns plus a blonde, a brunette male and blonde with her. "Get these people out of here!" Claudia yelled and Isabella told them to follow here. As the front door was broken as Jana, Kevin, Amber and Isabella left with gunshots behind them.

"What the hell?" Amber yelled and Isabella responded, "Welcome back to Port Charles everyone." Claudia was behind them and recongize they would more people from her father. She described the people with them. "We know them!" Amber and Jana yelled, "The blonde is named Daisy, she locked me in a cave with almost caused me to die and the guy is named Ryder, he's Kevin's brother." "They would after me." Amber said and Claudia responded, "The guys from my father's business. The brunette is Franco. Who has the strongest reception?"