Space Balls

With Lonestar and Vespa now happily married, they travel into a far away galaxy with their companion Barf. On the way they run out of gas. Having remembered what Yogurt had given him before he went on his journey, Lonestar reached into the glovebox and pulled out his Swartz-in-a-can and blasted off into deep space. They then hit an invisible meteor belt and were cast into purgatory.

Meanwhile, Dark Helmet and President Scrooge having safely escaped from their crash landed Mega Maid began to explore the planet they had landed on. After a few day in the thick jungle, President Scrooge was eaten by a gigantic gorilla. After this tragic accident that President Scrooge had undergone, Dark Helmet slowly began to put the pieces together. Unfortunately, he was then smothered by a momma gorilla who mistook him for her baby. She later took him back to the bat cave and ate him. It was now a bit too late to tell him he had landed on the planet of the apes. Sucks for him.

The End