Title: Of Kittens and Adventure

Fandom: Anime – Durarara!

Summary: He does not know how to talk with the other boy. [Mikado + Kida]

Warning: First time writing in this fandom. So please be gentle.

A/N: Prompts given are kindergarden, Kida, Mikado, cats/hamsters. This is done in less than half an hour. Thanks to Arina.

Disclaimer: Not. Mine. Happy now?

"What are you doing?"

Mikado looked up from the box he was carrying into a pair of curious brown eyes.

"Err… Nothing?"

Hearing his stuttering answer, the boy smirked and skipped closer. He unconsciously tightened his hold on the covered box.

"You're only my age! You can't lie!"

Mikado only blushed at the accusation. "Of… Of course I know that!"

"Then, what's this?"

"Ah, don't touch!" Quickly, he snatched the box away from the boy's curious fingers. But it was too late.

"Hey, is that a kitten? Is it yours?"

"No. I found it at the playground. I thing someone left it there."

"So you're going to bring it home, Mika-chan? You think your mum will let you?"

"I don't know… Wait, my name is not Mika!"

The other boy blinked. "Of course I know that. It's just a nickname I gave you."

"But that's a girl name!"

The boy sighed dramatically, as if troubled. "Then I call you by your name, Mikado-chan."

Mikado flailed, almost dropping the box in his arms. "You don't have to add the '-chan' at my name! Wait, I don't even know you!"

He gasped, fell over and grasped his chest. "There's someone in this village who doesn't know me. How could this happen?"

Before Mikado got the chance to help him up, he stood up again and puffed out his small chest. "The name's Kida Masaomi! You can call me Kida, Masaomi or even Masa-chan if you want to. And I shall help you in your adventure, Mikado-chan!"

"… What adventure?"

"To get your Mum, Ryugamine-obaachan, to let you keep this kitten, there will be hardship, pain, tears and many other experiences. But don't worry, Mikado-chan!" He twirled around with his arms up in the air. "It will definitely end with joy, happiness and victory on your side."

"… I don't think I get you."

"It doesn't matter!" Kida pulled him by his hand, his other hand helped Mikado to carry the box. "This is a small step for a better adventure!"

"… Better?"

The boy gave him a wide smile. "One day, Mikado-chan, I'm going to leave this village and go to other places. A bigger, faraway city! A place they called Tokyo! And I've decided that you're going to be my companion!"

Kida's hair was as dark as his, but for some reasons, when he smiled, it was as if he was glowing.

But still…

"I don't know what are you talking about, Kida-kun! And stop calling me 'Mikado-chan'!"

Anything else did not seem to matter when he saw that wide smile.

Done! Wrote this during a boring course and typed it the moment I got home. I love the prompts given to me~

Thank you for reading and C&C are well appreciated.