Title: Sinful Seduction
Genre: Romance, Angst
Characters: Damon Salvatore / Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett
Rating: M
Word Count: 8211
Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries and this story was simply written for fun. I don't make any money with this.

Summary: Damon didn't transfer her into another century like Stefan did – he showed her a whole new world, where sin was offering itself to everyone so seductively that it was nearly impossible to resist.

A/N: This is something I have worked on for a while now and I'm looking forward to hear your opinion. For now this is nothing but a one-shot, but I also think it might be possible to write a sequel / second chapter for this, if people are interested. :)

Sinful Seduction
May 13th, 2010

The people around her stared incredulously as the young woman ran down the hall to disappear in the bathroom. When she locked the closed door behind her, she leaned against it and tried to control her breathing again. The world around her started to disappear behind a curtain of blurriness when tears clouded her vision and threatened to ruin her carefully done make-up. But there wasn't a single part in her left that cared about it right now.

She felt her body sliding down the wooden door to sit on the ground as the tears escaped her closing lids. Her hands clawed at the silky fabric of her dress, trying to make her realize that breaking down tonight was not appropriate. But she couldn't fight it. Too much confusion had built up inside her until now, painfully forming an invisible barrier in her mind which made it impossible for her to think of anything else.

The darkness, which was created by her closed eyes, melted away when his smile appeared in front of her. How should she be able to ignore the caring expression in his eyes she had recognized in his gazes for some time now? She had forcedly suppressed her slowly developing feelings from surfacing until now, but his secret touches and small gestures of attention made it impossible for her to ignore it any longer.

Damon Salvatore was fighting against the wall she had build up around her in his presence. And right now it felt as though he was winning the struggle and earning a piece of her heart which she had tried to keep away from him.

"I'm worried, Stefan. She just ran past me and totally ignored me when I asked her whether she is okay. Do you know what's wrong with her?" Reality crept underneath the blanket of exasperation which had enveloped her, when she heard Caroline's voice from the other side of the door.

"Elena? Are you okay?" Stefan knocked against the door and tried to open it. "Open the door, Elena!" His voice was urgent and in her mind his image replaced Damon's soft smile. She could imagine the worried expression on his face and it tugged at her heart painfully.

"I'm… I'm okay… Just give me a moment." She forced her herself to answer, fighting the sobs that were threatening to reveal her sadness. For a second she expected them to continue their attempts at talking to her, but as she listened carefully, she could hear the sound of their steps fade as they retreated to another part of the house.

"What a great day to get weak, Elena." The young woman muttered to herself and opened her eyes. A few tears had dropped onto her dress, staining the dark bordeaux-colored fabric with their salty liquid. Mystic Falls' one-hundred and fifty-first anniversary had supposed to be an enjoyable night which everyone spent traditionally at Mayor Lockwood's manor. Sadly the term everyone included her boyfriend's older brother whom she had tried to avoid as good as possible for the last few weeks.

Elena stood up slowly and turned on the light in the small bathroom. She let out a frustrated sigh as she examined herself in the mirror, hoping that she would be able to clean up the mess her tears had created. As she wiped at the black stains on her cheeks, she promised herself that she would use waterproof mascara when she'd be endangered to see him the next time.

When she finally felt presentable again, she unlocked the door and opened it to leave and go back to pretending that everything was fine. A small part in the back of her mind had actually expected Stefan to be standing outside to wait for her, but apparently he had accepted her wish for privacy just like she had meant it.

"You know, when I asked you to dance with me, all you needed to do was politely declining. I would have understood since I'm actually quite clever. No need to run away from me." His smooth voice caressed her ears and her breathing stopped for a moment, while she figured out that he was right behind her. Even though she couldn't see him, she felt his body close to hers and feared that he would touch her any second. And he did.

"All I asked for was one simple dance." He whispered into her ear after he had raised his hand to brush her hair over her shoulder. She could feel his warm breath on her skin and it felt as though her heart skipped a beat.

"I…" She started, but her mind was blank and made it impossible for her to find a suitable excuse for her behavior. The hand, that had moved her hair away, slowly wandered down her back to finally rest right above her hip. His touch was burning her through the fabric of her dress while creating an unbearable tension in her lower stomach.

"Why are you constantly running away from me, Elena?" He asked quietly and pressed a small kiss underneath her ear. It was worse than the touch of his hand and Elena had to fight the urge to turn around and let her lips meet his. The thought itself was so tempting that she nearly forgot where she was. If somebody's loud laugh had not awakened her from her stupor, she would have given in right here and tasted the sin he was offering.

Get a grip, she thought as she felt Damon's lips curve into a smile against her ear. He knew the effect he had on her and apparently he was willing to do everything to make her cave in to him. But she couldn't let this happen. Not at a public place with his brother in such a close proximity to them… She couldn't give up at all. It would ruin everything.

"Stop it, Damon!" She whispered urgently and loosened herself from his gentle grip. Without turning around she walked down the hall to disappear among the other guests, hoping that this would make it more difficult for him to find her. When she leaned against one of the crowded bars, someone suddenly wrapped an arm around her. For a second she was scared to find Damon looking at her, but when she turned her head she could see Stefan's worried expression.

"Are you okay, Elena?" He asked and carefully caressed her cheek with a light touch. Her heart hurt at the thought of his concern, not knowing how to tell him how she really felt – about him and his brother.

"I'm fine, just a little bit tired." She answered and lied as she had done so many times before already. "I think I want to go home very soon." A part of her hoped that he wouldn't understand the offer she had been trying to make indirectly. She was torn between making him hold her to be able to forget everything about a certain man or pushing him away and running into the welcoming arms of said man.

"Come on, I'll take you home." He said and smiled, apparently understanding her partly subconscious offer. His hand moved down to hold hers and she tried to fight the urge to claw at it – something that would have been a weak attempt at getting control of her own body and mind, while they were on their way to his car.

Once they were on their way home, her thoughts became uncontrollable. She could feel his eyes on her from time to time and her conscience gnawed at her. How was she supposed to forget Damon, when her skin was still burning from his touch and the mere thought of him made her stomach tense in anticipation? And why did he even make her feel like this? She wasn't supposed to think about him in this way at all.

As they arrived in front of her home, Stefan looked at her questioningly. Now was the time to decide whether to do the right or the wrong thing. Asking him to stay with her would mean that she would use him and his presence to distract her from her feelings. Saying goodbye would lead to a restless night, permeated with dreams of desire, lust and sinful touches and kisses.

"Do you want to come with me?" The wrong decision… Her angel and her devil had fought and the latter won. In response, Stefan smiled and exited the car supernaturally fast to open the door on her side and help her out. He made her feel like a lady, she noticed, a woman that belonged into a different time, and it was a fantastic feeling. Actually it had been fantastic, she realized as she accepted the hand he offered.

As she exited the car, she thought of the things Damon's presence did to her. He didn't transfer her into another century like Stefan did – he showed her a whole new world, where sin was offering itself to everyone so seductively that it was nearly impossible to resist. And resistance wasn't desired at all. Giving in was the key term that he tried to imprint on her mind. And the temptation to follow his rules was nearly overwhelming her.

Stefan softly caressed the back of her hand with his thumb while he led her upstairs. Once they entered her unlit bedroom, she closed the door behind them and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, pressing her lips against his. For a second she could feel his hesitance as he apparently didn't expect this behavior, but he gave in to her advances.

His hands moved to her back and pressed her body closer to his. As she forcefully pushed her tongue past his lips and tasted him fully, he played with the zipper of her dress and pulled it down. Cold air hit her oversensitive skin and she let out a small moan, which he accepted dutifully. He moved his hands underneath the silky, bordeaux-colored fabric and caressed her bare back, carefully removing the clothing from her small form.

When she realized that he had already undressed her nearly completely, she tugged at the jacket of his suit and removed it, noticing that his attempts at undressing her were much more graceful. But she couldn't care less. Right now she just wanted to forget everything around her.

Once she had tossed the first piece of clothing to the ground, her fingers started to fight with the buttons of his dress shirt while her tongue still massaged his. When she arrived at the last unwilling button, she suddenly felt his hands on her naked breasts and sighed. As a reward she let her fingers graze his muscular torso, before forcing him to break the contact with her skin to be able to get rid of his shirt.

Their lips didn't part as they stumbled towards her bed and fell onto the cold sheets. He lay on top of her, his body pressed against hers in a very intimate way which made her ground her hips against his growing erection. Every cell in her body screamed for a release and her nails clawed at his back as he tried to free them from the rest of their clothing.

"Are you sure, Elena?" He asked while he moved his head away from hers. She opened her eyes and stared at him, hardly believing that he was ruining an intense moment like this. As an answer, she moved her hips again and let her now unclothed wetness meet his hard cock, creating a delicious friction. She sighed happily as he stopped wondering about her behavior and thrust into her in an incredibly fast movement.

Enjoying his thrusts and the kisses he placed on her skin, Elena closed her eyes again and lost herself in their lovemaking. She raised her hips to meet his movements and to create an even better friction. In her mind, she could see silvery blue eyes smirking at her devilishly, beckoning her to scream out his name. When she realized her lapse, she wrenched her eyes open to remind herself of her wonderful boyfriend. But when she looked at him and saw the loving expression in his eyes, a small tear ran down her cheek and her heart constricted painfully. How could she even dare to believe that fooling herself would work out well?

"Elena?" His voice was soft as he caressed her cheek after seeing her tears. The love she heard was so intense that his next thrusts sent her over the edge and she clawed at his body to take him with her. While she was still coming down from her high, he rolled to the side and wrinkled his forehead.

"What's wrong, love?" He asked and brushed a piece of hair out of her face.

"I don't know." She lied and moved closer to him. "Just hold me." And as he wrapped his arms around her without pushing her to answer the million questions that burned on his tongue, she could simply close her eyes and try to fight the desire to picture someone else holding her.

She walked down the street and smiled at her weak attempt to have some time for herself. The black dress she wore wasn't enough to protect her from the unexpected coldness which had enveloped the world after the sun had set. But even though she was freezing lightly, the fresh air helped her to clear her thoughts after she had fled from Jeremy's crowded birthday party. The small get-together had developed into a cliché-high-school-party after some of her brother's friends had invited unbelievably many people to celebrate Jeremy's new year of age – or, she thought and laughed, to get drunk.

Sighing, she sat down on a bench after she had walked for a few minutes. Sometimes she could still hear the laughter from her house and had to think of Jenna. What would she think, once she'd see the extent of the "movie-night" she had allowed before spending the night at Alaric's place?

"Shouldn't you have fun with this crazy mob of teenagers?" Somebody asked and sat down next to her. There was no need for her to turn around and look at the intruder – his teasing voice had betrayed him already.

"And shouldn't you be somewhere else and leave me alone?" She retorted, but couldn't suppress a small smile from forming on her lips. Somehow her opinion of Damon had changed completely during the last year and a half. When he had arrived in Mystic Falls, he had been a monster in her eyes and for a long time nearly nothing about that had changed. But then he had seemed to become different and, without either of them realizing it, their friendship had started to build.

"Oh Elena, stop acting as though you can't stand me." He smirked at her as she turned to face him with a raised eyebrow. "We both know that you love me."

"Keep dreaming that dream, Damon. Just because you can't get enough of me and have to stalk me all the time, it doesn't mean that I can't be sick of your presence." She countered and lightly hit his forearm. It had become some kind of game for them to tease each other like this, the smiles on their faces the evidence for their well-meant bantering.

"Well, I thought it would be boring if I'd never try out the cliché vampire moves. You know, stalking, whining and all that stuff you good girls apparently like so much." He said and captured the small hand that had tried to physically harm his muscular body.

"I have to admit that you've perfected the stalking." Elena answered teasingly without caring about his grip on her hand. "But the whining-thing…? You're pathetic when it comes to that."

"Oh, I have prepared something for that." Damon smirked at her and started to caress the back of her hand with his thumb, making her notice the position, they were in, for the first time. "You have made it very easy for me to come up with something good."

"What do you mean?" Her eyebrows were wrinkled in confusion while she forced herself to hold his gaze instead of looking at their interlocked hands.

"You didn't give me a birthday present last week." He let his grin disappear and curled his lips into a moue in a terrible attempt at looking like a small child who was disappointed by his parents.

"It was your birthday last week?" She asked bewilderedly. "When?"

"Thursday… And you totally ignored it and didn't give me the present I wanted." He answered and tried to keep his usual smirk from appearing on his lips. Teasing her was his favorite pastime since the council had stopped to search for murderous vampires.

"Well…" Elena started and looked at him thoughtfully, trying to suppress the smile which threatened to betray her amusement. "What do you want?"

"Kiss me."She gasped slightly at his demand and locked her eyes on his, hoping to see a sign for a joke. But now was one of the rare times where Damon Salvatore's eyes were holding a completely serious expression, telling her that he didn't try to tease her.

"Wha-… What?" Elena asked and stared incredulously at him. But he just whispered a quiet "you heard me" in her direction and looked at her expectantly. In that moment her whole world shifted. She had always thought of Damon as an incredibly attractive man, but never before she had really thought about kissing him. But right now it was hard for her to control herself. All of sudden, she wanted to kiss him… it was as though someone had pushed a button in her mind which released millions of suppressed feelings.

Slowly she leant forward without breaking eye contact. Because of that, she couldn't see the small smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth, when he realized that she might give in to his demand. But instead of letting her lips touch his in the desired kiss, she pressed them softly against his cheek. However, Damon would not accept it like this. He cupped her cheek and turned her head lightly to the side, so he could press his mouth against hers.

Before tonight her first reaction would have been to scream and run away. But the feeling of their lips touching in this small and nearly innocent kiss made her eyes close on their own as she kissed him back. Their lips moved against each other in a slow but urgent rhythm while Damon let his hands wander to her back and pulled her closer against his body. It was a weird position, so she moved her legs to straddle him and moaned as his crotch pressed against hers.

The parting of her lips was an invitation for him to let his tongue slide into her mouth and massage hers. His hands rested on her hips to move them in small circles which created a friction for her that was sending small tingles down her spine. Within a matter of a few moments he had got her so unbearably wet that she couldn't care about anything else. Desperately she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, hoping that she could free him from his clothing.

"Maybe we should continue this at a place which is less public." He chuckled and trailed a path of kisses on the sensitive skin of her throat. His voice awakened her from her lustful state and she realized what she was doing… on a public street… with Damon Salvatore. She had to bite back the shocked scream.

"I… we… this can't happen." She whispered and detached herself from his body, trying to get away from him as fast as possible. How could she have been so stupid and allow him to do this to her? Why did she let her feelings for him rule over her body like this? And since when did she have feelings for him?

When she woke up about seven hours after their lovemaking, Stefan's arms were still wrapped around her body protectively. She sighed when she realized that her dream had been a mere replay of the first time Damon had become more than Stefan's brother. Since this had occurred, she dreamed of it in periodical intervals and the more she tried to forget it, the more vivid her other dreams about the devilishly handsome vampire became.

Carefully she freed herself from her boyfriend's arms and left her room to take a shower. The hot water on her skin felt sinfully good, as it cascaded down her hair and back and attempted to wash away every saddening thought. But enjoying the water's caresses soon developed into another daydream about him. It wasn't the first time under the shower that she imagined him to be here with her and move his strong hands over her body to lift her into a world of passion and intoxication. Sometimes she was even able to pretend that her own hands were Damon's as they made her reach climax while thinking of him. But every time she did this, she felt disgusted by herself afterwards and rubbed her skin especially hard to get rid of any traces of invisible filth.

Once she entered her room again, she could see Stefan still lying in her bed. But now he was awake already and looked at her expectantly. He had raised an eyebrow at her and she could almost see the question, which he was about to ask, lingering in the air around them. Hoping that she would be able to avoid talking to him, she sent him a small smile and busied herself with putting away a few pieces of clothing she had placed on the chair in the corner.

"What's wrong, Elena?" He asked and ruined her hopes for a postponed discussion. She took a deep breath and turned around to look at him, leaning against her dresser. As she fixed her gaze on his face, she had to fight a few stubborn tears from revealing her feelings. The expression in his eyes was too gentle for her to bear, since the only thing she could think of was her betrayal.

Stefan stood up slowly and she realized that he had already dressed. He wore the same shirt and pants as yesterday, but had neglected the jacket by leaving it on the ground. His movements were cautious and careful as he walked towards her, nearly as though he was scared to hurt her fragile form by moving too fast. But she couldn't stop the small voice in her head from asking her whether he was the one who needed protection from pain.

"You know that you can tell me everything, Elena." He whispered and stopped in front of her. His right hand moved upwards and rested on her left cheek, slightly caressing her skin that was still flushed from the warm shower. Not bearing to look at his concerned eyes, she closed hers and leaned her head closer against his warm palm. She bit her lip unconsciously as she wished to be able to enjoy his touch more.

"It's nothing, Stefan… really, I'm fine." Elena tried her best to keep her voice steady. She could feel his doubtful eyes on her without having to see them herself. There was no way he would actually believe these lies and she would not be able to protect him from the truth much longer. Probably he already suspected something and it was only a matter of time until he would find out how she really felt about him and his older brother.

"Look at me, Elena." He demanded and she complied slightly unwillingly. As expected his eyes shone worryingly in her direction and the nagging feeling in her stomach got worse. "You are different. Something happened and I don't know why you don't want to tell me. Please, Elena… you can trust me."

"I know that I can trust you, Stefan, but…" She started exasperatedly and tried to find words which wouldn't sound either painful or unbelievable.

"But?" He repeated and looked at her expectantly, moving his thumb over her cheek in a calming motion.

"Nothing…" Elena answered and tried to avoid answering his question. "Really, it's nothing."

"Okay." Stefan replied and pressed a soft kiss onto her forehead to soothe the wrinkles which had been formed by her eyebrows being drawn together. "Let's get you some breakfast then." And as she followed him downstairs, she had to suppress the relieved sigh from escaping from her lips.

Two hours later she opened the door and smiled insecurely at the young witch standing in front of her. Once Stefan had left to get some of his own breakfast, Elena had called Bonnie and had asked her to come over. There was no way she would be able to handle the whole situation on her own anymore and she desperately needed good advice from a person she could trust.

"Hey…" Bonnie whispered and entered the house, hugging her best friend in the process. She did not know the things Elena had to tell her yet, but it was unmistakable that something was wrong.

"Thank you for coming, Bonnie." Elena said and pulled the girl further into the hallway, closing the door behind her. When they separated and she looked into the witch's dark brown eyes, it felt like they could see right through her and recognize every lie she had uttered during the last twenty four hours.

"What's wrong?" Bonnie asked and took her friend's hand, pulling her upstairs into the small room. Once both of them had sat down onto the bed, Elena hid her face behind her hands to conceal the tears that formed in her eyes again.

"Damon…" She whispered and realized that it was nearly impossible to explain what was going on in her mind. All of sudden she was unable to find the right way of expressing her feelings. And words, which might have been able to illustrate her situation, created a suffocating lump in her throat. Behind her closed eyes images of both, Damon and Stefan, confused her thinking and made it hardly possible for her to concentrate on the task at hand.

"What did he do?" The whisper and the arms that enveloped her in a comforting hug told her that someone expected an answer. She let her hands fall down onto her lap and leaned her head against Bonnie's shoulder, trying to absorb every ounce of comfort she could get. It's wrong, a voice in the back of her mind whispered intently, you don't deserve any comfort… you hurt and ruin the people that care about you. You deserve the pain.

"I don't know how to feel about him." She answered quietly and hoped that the depravity of her statement was concealed by the tears that still rolled down her cheek. Now that she sat here and had Bonnie hugging her, asking her for help seemed like a bad idea. The young witch had never really accepted Damon and telling her that she had feelings for the mysterious vampire could definitely backfire.

"I already expected something like this." Bonnie sighed and surprised Elena with this answer. "What has happened between you yet?"

"We kissed… twice." She replied as she remembered the feeling of Damon's lips on hers very vividly. "The first time was in the evening of Jeremy's birthday two weeks ago… and the second time was last week, when I wanted to visit Stefan." Both memories whirled in her head as she buried her face in the crook of Bonnie's neck, hoping that she could escape reality like this. But it was impossible. The darkness, which was produced by her closed eyes, encouraged the images to become more tangible.

"Shh…" Bonnie tried to calm her down by rubbing small circles onto her back. "It's going to be okay, Elena."

"How?" She asked and looked up, her face stained with the salty liquid of her tears. "What am I supposed to do, Bonnie? Every time I close my eyes, I think of Damon and how much I want to be with him. But I can't… I… I'm supposed to be with Stefan, to love him without any restraints. He's the right one for me. I shouldn't feel like this about Damon." The words left her mouth hastily, voicing all the suppressed feelings of the last two weeks.

"But you cannot suppress everything either." Her friend retorted and brushed a few strands of hair out of her face. "Look, I don't like Damon… but that doesn't mean that I don't see what has developed between you two. God, I can even feel it when I see you. But I cannot make a decision for you. You have to be honest to yourself and find out what you really want."

Elena forced her lips to form a smile, trying to express her appreciation for Bonnie's words. They didn't make her feel better, but they helped her to realize that she wasn't alone right now. And that was what she needed to be able to think about everything without breaking down. Carefully she moved her head back onto Bonnie's shoulder and closed her eyes, slowly falling asleep. Sadly she did not know that this sleep would not bring salvation but memories of the second time she gave in to Damon Salvatore…

"Stefan?" Her voice echoed in the large hallway of the boarding house as she slowly made her way into it. She had wanted to visit her boyfriend to stop herself from thinking too much about his brother, but maybe she should have called beforehand. Usually Stefan was already standing at the door whenever she arrived – even when she hadn't announced her visit. But today nobody awaited her and she couldn't shake off the feeling that turning around and going back to her car would be the best idea.

"Hello, Elena…" A smooth voice answered her call and she whirled around to see Damon leaning against the front doors he had closed for her. Memories of the last time she had seen him caught up with her and a gasp left her lips. Coming here had been a horrible idea.

"Is… Stefan here?" She asked insecurely and hoped that he would not come closer. But Damon always had a sure feeling for the things others wanted him to do, so he usually made sure to do the exact opposite.

"Nope…" He replied and pushed his body away from the door, making his way over to the young girl. His steps were slow and he was leaving her a million opportunities to wake up from her daze and run away, but she was incapable of making her legs move.

"Do you have an idea where he might be?" The question sounded much more certain now even though she felt more instable with every second that passed and every inch he moved closer to her.

"Nope… again." He smirked. "It's not like we tell each other all our secrets. But you should have figured that out by now, Miss Elena." Damon took his last step towards her as he said her name and she could feel his breath on her face. She knew that his eyes were locked on hers all the time, but it was impossible for her to meet his gaze. Just the fact of him being so incredibly close to her was unbearable, since it nearly canceled out every memory of intimate moments she had ever had with Stefan.

"Well, then I should leave." She muttered, but didn't move at all. Of course he would notice the discrepancy between her statement and her actions, but his close proximity seemed to cast a spell on her body.

"Or… you could stay." He retorted and lifted his right hand to cup her cheek. It felt as though her heart skipped a beat at his touch only to continue beating at an almost inhuman speed afterwards. The smirk on his lips showed her that he had noticed and liked the effect he had on her.

"We could continue where we have stopped last time…" He lowered his voice to a whisper as he leaned his head closer towards hers. She forced herself to stay calm, hoping to be able to prevent another mistake from happening. But she made the mistake of averting her gaze to his eyes and the fire she saw burning in his blue orbs left her breathless. Without thinking twice she tilted her head upwards, closed her eyes and let her lips meet his in their second kiss.

What she felt surprised her. She had expected a passionate kiss loaded with sexual tension, but Damon's touch was so sweet that it already scared her. His lips moved against hers slowly as his thumb continued to caress her cheek. In response, she raised her arms to wrap them around his neck, pulling his face closer against hers and thereby increasing the pressure of the kiss. It felt incredible.

Soon the anticipated passion built up and their kisses became more frantic as though they tried to absorb everything of each other. He pushed her to go backwards, until she realized that he had trapped her against the wall. While his right hand still cupped her cheek, his left hand moved to her hip and pulled it against his growing erection. She gasped as the contact sent tingles down her spine and he took advantage of her parted lips to slide his tongue into her mouth.

She felt as though she could combust every moment. All her senses were focused on Damon and the way their bodies were pressed against each other. It was a delicious but frightening pleasure. He started to move both of his hands over her body while his tongue fought against hers for dominance. One hand wandered underneath her shirt and nearly burned her excessively heated skin with its touch. He brought it up to cup one of her breasts through her bra, brushing over the clothed but sensitive skin of her nipple.

In return, she wrapped her right leg around his lower body and pushed her center firmer against his hardness. Both of them moaned at the contact and Damon removed his hand from her breast and let it wander down to her lower stomach. For a short time it rested there before he moved it to the center of her thighs, cupping her clothed wetness and pressing against it. She moaned and tilted her head back to lean it against the wall, reveling in the feeling of his touch at the place where she needed him most.

"God, Elena… you feel so good." He moaned as he started to massage her through her jeans and placed small kisses on every inch of the sensitive skin of her throat. But it was his hoarse voice that was laced with arousal, which brought her back into reality. What the hell was she doing here?

She woke up before she could remember her embarrassing attempts at trying to get away from Damon. Her breath was heavy as she opened her eyes and she could feel her heart beating faster than necessary. The worst thing about everything was the arousal she felt as she thought back to the memory she had dreamed of.

Embarrassed by herself, she slowly sat up and realized that her best friend was gone. Bonnie had darkened her room completely to prevent the sunlight from waking her. A small smile crossed her lips as she appreciated her friend's care, but as she turned on the light on her nightstand, she screamed.

"And a wonderful afternoon to you too, Miss Elena…" The figure on the chair in the corner said and she recognized him as the protagonist of her dream.

"What the hell are you doing in my room, Damon?" She asked reproachfully and stared at him angrily. "Haven't you ever heard of privacy?"

"And here I thought that we have crossed the boundary of privacy already two weeks ago." He teased and stood up to walk closer to her bed. Slowly he sat down next to her, making her shift further away from him in an uncomfortable manner.

"What are you doing?" She asked as he kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the bed, backing her against the headboard and trapping her with his body. He raised one hand to cup the side of her face in a sweet gesture and smiled at the fear in her expression.

"I'm going to kiss you now, Elena." He answered in an intense whisper and softly caressed her cheek. "And you are going to like it."

"You can't compel me, Damon." She said, referring to the vervain in her necklace. A huge lump formed in her throat as she realized that he would never need to do such thing.

"But we, you and I, know that you will like it nonetheless… I heard you dreaming of me. You said my name… you moaned it." His voice was soft and very close to an impossibly quiet whisper, but she understood him clearly. "There is no herb in this world to protect you from your own feelings, Elena."

"I know." A small tear escaped her eye as the world around her disappeared behind a curtain of indistinctness and unimportance. Damon closed the distance between them and let his lips, which had hovered right above hers for an unbearably long second, touch hers in a gentle kiss. Her eyes closed on their own account and all she could concentrate on was the feeling of finally giving in to something you have dreamed of secretly for too long.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and clutched at his hair to ensure that he wouldn't back away. Not that her fear was reasonable. His hands moved to the back of her head and intertwined themselves in her silky locks, clearly showing her that he had no intention in ending what they had.

Elena clearly remembered what it had been like last week, but it was even more intense this time. Memories of various feelings – arousal, fear, need and guilt – whirled in her mind and clouded every rational thought she tried to hold onto. This is wrong, said the muted voice in the back of her head which had constantly reminded her of her mistakes the last few days. But it was difficult to listen to it when she could feel Damon's lips pressing against hers and his hands holding her close to him.

Their bodies soon cared about nothing else but the primal need to find release. The sexual tension between them had reached its climax and it was impossible for any of them to deny its impact. Elena needed him. As much as she wanted to continue fighting her feelings for him, the pull towards him became unbearably.

Both of them parted their lips to let their tongues meet in a feverish dance of tasting each other. They moaned at the sensation and Damon moved them so he would lean against the headboard and pulled Elena onto his lap. His hardness pressed against the center of her thighs which elicited more groans of pleasure from them.

As they parted to catch their breath, Elena opened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her. She moved her hands to his face and cupped his cheeks, which made him open his eyes in confusion. Her touch was soft and careful as though she was afraid to break him, something he probably had not felt in a long time. But she couldn't help herself. It was like she was able to see him for the first time and now everything seemed to be so clear. He was beautiful and it was so obvious why she couldn't help but fall for him.

"Elena…" Her name escaped his lips in a whisper that made her body tense in anticipation. "Do you want this, Elena?" He asked and she looked at him even more intently, shocked at the expression in his eyes. All his cockiness and the supernaturally huge ego were gone and all she could see was a young man who was scared to open up and accept his feelings. It tugged at her heart in a way that made it impossible for her to hold back the tears that had formed as guilt enveloped her.

"I need this." She answered and moved her fingers over the lines of his lips, which were slightly swollen from the kisses they had shared. "But I'm not allowed to want this, Damon."

"Why?" Again his voice was nothing but a whisper and she could see the worry in his eyes. "You need me and I need you, Elena. It's perfect. It should be so easy."

"But I always promised myself that I would not be like her, Damon." More tears rolled down her cheeks as understanding lit up in his eyes. He did not answer, but moved his hands to cup her cheeks just like she did with him. This gesture was calming and felt incredibly right, but the voice in her head warned her again.

"It's going to hurt all of us, Damon. I am going to hurt all of us. And I don't want that. I don't want to be the reason for you and Stefan hating each other… I don't want either of you to hate me in the end for the pain I brought to you." While she told him what she felt, she continued to caress his face, drawing small circles on his cheeks and his lips and trying to ignore the lump in her throat that was restricting her ability to breathe.

"This is supposed to feel wrong." She whispered in the end and leaned her forehead against his. "But I can't make myself stop wanting – needing – you."

"You are nothing like her." He replied and let out a heavy breath which she could feel on her lips. "The fact that you are feeling like this is the huge difference between you and Katherine. She enjoyed playing with us, you don't want it."

Elena smiled bitterly at his attempt of making her feel better.

"But once I accept this, I will be exactly like her. Once I accept my feelings for both of you, I'll be just as horrible as she was." She had barely uttered these words, when Damon pulled back her head to force her to look at him.

"Don't dare to say this ever again. You are a million times better than Katherine." He spat and held her gaze intently. A fire burned in his eyes which showed that everything he said was pure honesty. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his again for a second, but pulled away as fast as she had initiated the kiss.

"It's not like we made it easy for you, Elena." A small smile played at the corner of his lips. "We both, Stefan and I, fought for your attention like fools and it's not very unexpected that it would end up like this." He mirrored her moves and traced a line around her lips. "But that doesn't mean that you will have to make a choice eventually. I'm not denying this. And I'm also not denying that I'm hoping that you will decide for me…"

His voice faded, but the words still hung in the air. They bore into her consciousness painfully as they were exactly what she had feared to happen all this time. You will have to make a choice. Of course she had to. But she was afraid of making the wrong choice.

"Why? Why do you want me to choose you?" She asked and leaned her forehead against his again. "Why do you want to be with me?"

"Because I love you." As she heard these words, her heart started to flutter and it was impossible for her to breathe. But something else also happened as he pressed a small kiss on the tip of her nose to emphasize his statement. All of sudden something in her shifted, leaving a weird feeling behind as it tugged at her heart. Love. He loved her.

She tilted her head to meet his lips in a kiss again, answering his confession with the soft touch of her mouth on his. It was a much sweeter contact than before, the first unanswered questions of guilt now locked away to find answers for more urgent ones. The kiss, which had been careful and slow in the beginning, started to grow more heated when his tongue pushed against her slightly swollen lips to demand entrance. Once she parted them and their tongues touched again, she couldn't suppress the moan he was eliciting from her with his body.

His hands grabbed her hips and pushed her clothed wetness against his erection. Another moan left her lips and she pressed her crotch against his as hard as possible to create a friction that would bring her closer to an orgasm. Within a few moments he had brought Elena from frustrated and sad to a level of arousal which nearly hurt her. But it was a pleasuring pain.

He moved his lips away from her and earned a disappointed groan from her, which was rewarded with a trail of butterfly kisses he placed onto the delicate skin of her throat. In response, she grabbed the back of his head and pressed it against herself, hoping that he would never stop pleasuring her.

His hands slowly moved away from his hips and towards her shirt which was soon discarded. The touch of his lips on the thin skin that parted him from her sweet blood nearly scared her, but intoxicated her more than she could have imagined.

Because I love you. The memory of his voice remembered her why she did not need to be scared.

"Damon." She moaned and forced him to look at her, before she placed another kiss on his red lips. Now that she had given in to her feelings towards him, how would she ever be able to get enough of his taste? But once she tried to concentrate on their tongues sliding along each other, his hands ruined her attempts of regaining control by freeing her of her bra and massaging her breasts. His skillful fingers tugged at her erect nipples and she ground the center of her thighs against his erection again.

Soon his fingers wandered down her stomach and cupped her through her pants. In return, he replaced his fingers on her breasts with his tongue and traced small patterns on her nipples. She pressed herself closer against his hand and started to work on the buttons of his shirt while he began to massage her. When she had freed him of the first piece of his disturbing clothing, she roamed her hands over his muscular chest and reveled in the amazing feeling of finally being able to touch him like this. She grazed his nipples and was rewarded with his hand moving past the waistband of her pants to touch her heated skin.

While she started to work on the buckle of his belt to get access to his most intimate parts, he began to push two fingers into her wetness while pushing his thumb against her clit to elicit more moans from her.

"You feel so good, Elena. I need you-argh…" His voice was rough with desire as she forced his pants down as far as possible and wrapped her delicate fingers around his cock. But soon she stopped touching him and moved onto her knees to remove her pants more easily. He copied her actions by wriggling out of his black jeans and pulled her onto his lap again to lower her onto his erection as fast as possible.

The feeling of him filling her completely was incredible and as she slowly moved to create more friction, he opened his eyes and looked at her intently. Just with this simple gaze, he could maximize her pleasure and when he wrapped on hand into her hair to pull her close to kiss him and started to massage her clit with his other hand, the sensory overload was too much for her. She moaned against his mouth as she came and her inner muscles convulsed around his cock, sending him over the edge as well.

"I love you, too." She whispered and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Soon she realized that she had actually given up fighting against the temptation, but as she felt his body beneath hers, she was incapable of feeling any remorse. She didn't know how she would go on and how she would decide, but right now she was content with being in Damon's arms.

And as he pressed a soft kiss onto the side of her head, something deep down inside her told her that she would make the right decision. Somehow she would not be surprised if she would decide for Damon after all.