Title: Sinful Seduction
Genre: Romance, Angst
Characters: Damon Salvatore / Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett
Rating: M
Word Count: 7609
Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries and this story was simply written for fun. I don't make any money with this.

Summary: Damon showed her a whole new world, where sin was offering itself to everyone so seductively that it was nearly impossible to resist. It was a sensation which sent tingles down her spine and blurred the lines between good and bad, right and wrong.

A/N: Here is the second part of the story which I hope you'll like as much as the first chapter. Actually there'll also be a third chapter which I hope will be finished soon. Please tell me whether you like it! I simply love reading your reviews!

Sinful Seduction
Chapter 2
May 19th, 2010

She played with the pen in her hand as she sat on her bed and enjoyed the light breeze that cooled her room by coming in through the opened window. The opened pages of her diary were still empty while she tried to think of appropriate words to describe her situation. But as soon she thought that she had found them and lowered the pen to the blank paper, they disappeared into thin air, leaving her speechless once again. She felt as though she was going crazy.

Sighing, she closed the book and put it onto her nightstand. Hopefully she would be able to express herself later – it had been too long since she had written down her feelings the last time. And she missed it. But she could not spend too much time sitting on her bed and trying to write. Her alarm clock told her that it was past midnight already and she needed to sleep. Not that she expected to get much sleep tonight.

Slowly she leaned over to turn off the lamp which stood next to her diary and lay down onto her bed. Darkness engulfed her senses and for a small moment she hoped that she would be able to find sleep at least for once. But only a few moments later she could feel the mattress sink down next to her as he lay down.

"You really need to get over your writer's block, Elena. Do you have any idea how boring it is to wait for you to finish your non-existent diary entries?" He teased and wrapped his arms around her shoulders as she shifted closer to his body. As she inhaled she could smell his unique scent and forgot everything around her for a moment.

"And you really need to stop sneaking into my room at night." She retorted, but moved even closer towards him, hoping that she could absorb every ounce of comfort and love he was offering her.

"Well, last time I sneaked into your room during daytime, I had to witness you and Stefan doing some things I definitely did not want to see." His voice was still teasing, but there was a strained undertone to it which told her how much this encounter had actually hurt him.

"I'm sorry." She whispered and tried to fight back the tears that threatened to ruin their moment again. It hardly ever happened that they met and Elena didn't cry. Her tears were an inevitable part of their relationship.

"I know." He said and pressed his lips onto her forehead. This gesture had become a habit for him and every time he did this, she once more wondered about the safety she felt with him. "Please don't cry." She nodded but still hid her head in the crook of this neck, afraid that she might not be able to keep this promise.

However it didn't take long for Damon to be able to distract her. The arm, which wasn't wrapped around her shoulders, started to move and she could feel his fingertips grazing the skin of her bare arm softly. His intimate touch sent tingles down her spine immediately and images of their entwined bodies appeared before her eyes, making her breath get heavier. It was always like this – Damon did not need more than a single touch to make her forget everything else.

He rolled them over, so that both of his arms were free and his body pressed on top of hers. With one thrust of his hips against the center of her thighs, he made her realize what he wanted and she sighed. It was incredible how being with him like this could feel so good. Ever since they had slept together for the first time two weeks ago, he sneaked into her room nearly every night and constantly showed her new heights of pleasure.

She pulled his head down closer towards hers and pressed their lips together in a sinfully erotic kiss. He rolled them over again to let her lie on top of him, giving her a chance to take control of the whole situation. It seemed as though their kisses were becoming more and more intimate with every make-out session they indulged in. But tonight she couldn't suppress her sigh as her thoughts went back to the memories of her inability to write down her feelings.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he pulled away and looked at her concerned, his fingertips grazing the soft skin of her lips.

"I'm like her." She answered and sighed again, resting her forehead against his. His body felt so incredibly good underneath hers that she wanted to ignore all the painful thoughts and force him to make her forget her own depravity.

"You're not." Damon denied like he had done so many times during the last two weeks.

"But why do I feel like this if I'm not like her?" She asked and looked at him expectantly, not knowing whether he would be able to answer that question.

"Because you are not like her. You feel like this because you care." He replied and her heart felt a lot easier at these words. "I'm not saying that I like that you care about my brother as much as you care about me, but you are a million times better than Katherine."

She nodded, but couldn't shake off the uneasy feeling completely. Carefully she moved to the side of his body and draped her arm over his stomach.

"Can you just hold me tonight?" She asked and sighed happily as he nodded in response. Soon she would realize that she should have accepted his sinful offer of distraction instead of going to sleep. Tonight's dream would bring her back to the cursed afternoon Damon had mentioned just a few minutes ago.

Elena arched her back of the bed and pressed her body closer against the warmth of Stefan's chest. Her nails clawed at the skin of his shoulders while she tried to ignore the memories of her nights with Damon. Every time she closed her eyes she would see him on top of her while he thrust his raging erection into her aching center in hard and fast movements.

"Elena…" Stefan's voice was raw with lust as he tried to copy his brother's movement without even knowing it. Surprisingly it didn't fail in sending shivers down her spine as she wrapped her legs around his waist to encourage his strokes. Her heels dug into the back of his thighs and she felt herself coming closer to her orgasm with every tiny movement he made. Maybe she would finally reach the point of oblivion where it stopped mattering to her that the vampire on top of her wasn't Damon.

Soon her inner muscles convulsed around Stefan's length, making it harder but much more satisfying for him to thrust into her after pulling out. She screamed out incoherent words, hoping that she would not reveal her secret by accidentally saying his name during her roller coaster ride of ecstasy. The way she held onto her boyfriend's skin made him come along with her, falling over the edge and spilling his cum into her warm body.

"Nice show." An amused voice said and Elena shrieked loudly as she realized whom it belonged to.

"Damon?" Stefan's voice was unbelieving, just as though he had realized that he was lying on top of his girlfriend nakedly while his brother watched them coming down from their high.

"Didn't actually want to interrupt, but you made sounds like you were killed." He laughed. "Just wanted to check on you. Wouldn't want either of you to die."

Elena's eyes widened as she finally comprehended fully what was happening inside her room. In a fast movement she pushed Stefan off of her and wrapped the sheets of her bed around her heated body to hide herself from Damon's greedy eyes.

"Don't worry, precious. If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." She remembered the first time he had said those words to her, at a time where he still had a lot of reasons to throw thousands of dollars at her hidden body. But this time he had every reason not to throw a single dollar at her. He had seen everything of her. And that scared her even more.

"Get out of here, Damon." Stefan requested, too busy with hiding himself to notice the look of exasperation and hidden apologies Elena gave Damon. She knew how hurtful it must be for him to see her with his brother in bed, especially since they have had enough talks about her having to be honest.

"Just pretend that I've never been here." The handsome vampire said and sent a last grin towards Elena, but didn't even try to conceal the disappointment in his eyes.

She would burn in hell.

When she woke up the next morning, she shifted closer to the comforting body next to her, her movement eliciting a small chuckle from Damon. Sleep still enveloped her in a blanket of indifference and made it her only desire to try to go back and find another place to finally get peace. But the hand that moved along her spine and traced small circles on her sleepy skin, finally started to free her from her daze.

"Good morning…" She whispered and hid her face by pressing it against the soft skin of Damon's chest.

"Good morning to you too, sunshine." He pressed a light kiss on the top of her head, letting her feel the grin that formed during the process. "You should get up. It's way too late for you to be lying in bed."

"What do you mean?" Elena asked confusedly and finally raised her head to look at him. Inwardly she hoped that today's reaction to his features would be different than usually, but of course her mind played tricks on her again. It seemed as though she managed to forget how incredibly more beautiful he was in reality than in her dreams.

"Aaaah, enjoying the view again?" He teased and pulled her face closer to his, pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss. "But what I am talking about was the time you decided to end your beauty sleep. It's one pm, Miss Sleepyhead." For a short moment she wondered why she should care about sleeping longer than usually on a Saturday, but was instantly reminded of Bonnie's birthday by Damon's raised eyebrow.

"Shit." She muttered and tried to free herself from his comfortable embrace. "I promised to help her with preparing everything for tonight. Shit, shit, shit." The more she tried to get away from the deliciously half-naked vampire underneath her, the more he held onto her. She knew that she was fighting a battle that she couldn't win, but she needed to make him realize that he could not play this game with her right now. Not when she desperately needed every minute she could get to get ready.

"Just a small moment so you can have a wonderful start into your new day." He chuckled. "Wouldn't want you to get up on the wrong side of the bed, would we?" Elena smiled as she finally gave in to his demand and pressed her lips against his in an innocent kiss. She knew that she needed to keep things cool when she wanted to be at Bonnie's place on time, but with Damon this was doomed to be a problem. His hands soon started to wander over her body and he pressed his thigh in between hers to elicit a moan from her by rubbing against her moistening center.

"That's enough." She whispered and kissed him one last time before finally getting out of bed. He could have easily stopped her, but he simply smiled as she made her way to the door.

"Can I shower with you?" He asked innocently and batted his lashes at her in an attempt to convince her of his innocence.

"In your dreams." She retorted and rolled her eyes, but couldn't stop herself from laughing at his behavior.

"Oh, believe me, in my dreams we have showered together a couple of times already." He smirked. "I just thought that you might want me to show you."

"No!" She cried out and ran out of her room before she could think twice about her refusal. He was finally driving her crazy.

When she arrived at Bonnie's place and her friend opened the door, she smiled at her and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. Mumbled words of Happy Birthday left her lips as they stumbled into the house and laughed. It had become a tradition for them to help each other on their birthdays, preparing the parties together to make sure that it would be a blast.

"How are things with Damon?" Bonnie asked as they stood in the kitchen and prepared the food. Elena sighed and lay down the knife on the counter top and looked at her friend desperately. She had told her about the night they had spent together, but since then they had not had the chance to talk anymore. Her friend didn't know about the vampire sneaking into her room at night.

"I don't know, Bonnie." She closed her eyes and rubbed over them with the back of her hands. The movement expressed all of the fatigue she felt during the last two weeks. "He's… he's wonderful, Bonnie." Elena admitted and opened her eyes again. "I…"

"God… you really like him." Her friend figured out and looked at her expectantly. Elena nodded and sighed again. "Have you told Stefan yet?" This time the young girl shook her head and she could see the disapproving expression in the witch's eyes.

"But I will."

"You will have no other choice…"

When the evening arrived and along with it the first guests, Elena tried to shake of any feeling of shame and guilt to be able to enjoy her friend's birthday party. She could not spend the entire time wondering about what to do with the supernatural part of her life when she had to get in touch with her human life again.

Stefan was invited as well and appeared at the same time as a group of students from Mystic Falls High, who Elena did not remember to be invited. The house was crowded with people who were having a lot of fun. It was a great atmosphere and she had to smile at seeing Stefan getting along with all those people incredibly well. The thought of him being the perfect boyfriend tugged at her heart again.

But she couldn't contemplate her guilty feelings long enough as she felt her phone vibrate in the back pocket of her jeans. A text message had arrived.

I'm standing outside and I'm bored. Help me.

She laughed at his tone as she pictured him pouting at her along with those words.

Come in. Here's alcohol, I bet you'll like it. ;-)

It didn't take long for him to write back while she constantly checked whether Stefan might be watching her. What if he found out that she was texting his brother? It would definitely lead up to questions she did not want to be asked.

Don't care about the alcohol. I want you.

She smiled at his honesty, but suppressed a shiver as she imagined his raw voice whispering those words into her ear after a heavy session of lovemaking.

I'm here, too.

A sigh escaped her lips as she realized that she would regret being so flirty with him tonight. Until now she had always had a healthy distance between her and Stefan whenever she had allowed herself to open up to Damon – but tonight Stefan was a few steps away from her and it would not take much for him to find out what was happening.

Can't get in. Tell your witchy little friend to invite me in.

She laughed at the simplicity of the problem and decided that she would keep him company for a few moments. Keeping her eyes on Stefan, she walked out the front door and tried to find the handsome vampire. When she couldn't make him out among the crowd of people in front of the house, she started to walk around. The darkness made her feel uncomfortable, but she needed to find him.

All of sudden someone grabbed her from behind and put a hand over her mouth, pulling her into the shadows of a few trees, which were standing next to the house. She kicked at the person holding her, but had to realize that they were a lot stronger than her. Almost inhumanly strong.

"Damon!" She gasped as he let her go and turned her around to enable her to look at him.

"Yup…" He retorted, stressing the p as he preferred to do so much.

"God, you scared me." Elena exclaimed reproachfully and let her fist meet his forearm in an ineffective punch.

"Sorry for that, but it was way too tempting." He smiled and cupped her face, pulling her up to him to press their lips together. "I missed you." Damon mumbled into the kiss as it grew more heated with every second and their hands started to roam over each other's bodies.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A voice said and the couple jumped apart at the sound of it. Just a few feet away Bonnie stood in the darkness and looked at them with an angry expression on her face. "What do you think you are doing here, Elena? Stefan is inside the house and you leave to thrust your tongue down his brother's throat?"

Elena flinched at the hard words and Damon wrapped his arms around her small form in a protective gesture.

"What do you want, witch?" He asked angrily and moved his hands over Elena's arms in calming strokes.

"I want to make Elena realize that she is making a mistake, vampire." She answered. "You two will hurt Stefan, if you continue like this. You have to tell him!"

"I want to tell him, Bonnie!" Elena exclaimed. "But I can't find the right time for it."

"There'll never be a right time for this. But eventually you will tell him." She paused and looked at the couple with fiery brown eyes. "Otherwise I will tell him."

"You have no right to do that." Damon retorted and blinked angrily.

"And you have no right to play those games with Stefan. He's a good guy! And you're just hurting him." Bonnie moved closer to them and raised her finger in an accusing gesture.

"Oh, now I get it." Damon chuckled humorlessly. "You have a thing for my dear brother."

"What?" The young witch looked at him confusedly for a moment, before apparently deciding that it was not worth it to respond to that comment. "Whatever… You two will leave now, I will make up some excuse for Elena and then you will decide how you're going to tell him."

"That's nice." Damon smirked while Elena looked at him unbelieving. "Hey, she's giving us alone-time. I was just trying to be appreciative."

Elena and Bonnie sighed simultaneously, realizing that this would be the only thing they'd have in common tonight. While the young witch retreated to go back into the house, Elena raised her to look at Damon.

"Can we get away from here?" She mumbled and smiled slightly as he nodded his head.

They entered the boarding house and walked through the hallway in silence. Neither of them knew how to express their feelings, their thoughts, but somehow the missing voices had a comforting effect on their whole situation. Bonnie's words still ringed in their ears as they tried to figure out what to do next, how to explain their relationship to Stefan.

For Damon it seemed like a good idea to drink a glass of scotch.

"What are we supposed to do?" Elena asked and sighed as both of them sat down on the couch in front of the unlit fireplace. Usually this place had a calming effect, enveloping its visitors in a blanket of comfort with the sound of the crackling fire. But the unusual darkness and silence made it seem like a sad scene tonight.

"We – or better you – should finally tell Stefan what we've been doing behind his back." Damon answered and downed the content of the glass with one huge gulp. She moved her head to the side to watch him and bit her bottom lip at the distinctively suppressed sadness in his expression. The last few weeks were taking its toll on the normally calm and unemotional vampire and she couldn't help but notice that this was her fault.

"I know…" She whispered and leaned towards him to take the glass away, standing it on the ground next to the couch. It had always been unbearable for her to watch him drowning his sorrows in alcohol, but now that she was the reason for his depression it was even worse.

"You've had enough time to contemplate your feelings." His voice was hoarse and tired, making her fear that he would flinch away from her touch as she reached out to cup his face. But he didn't. "I love you, Elena, and I hate to put any pressure on you. But I just cannot go on like this. It's too much."

She nodded. "I love you, too." Her voice was very similar to his and she bit her lip again as the first tears started to stream down her cheeks. Again. How was this supposed to work out?

"But you also love him, don't you?" There was no reproach in his statement; he was merely unveiling the facts which were making their lives so incredibly miserable. "If you didn't love him, you would have told him about us already."

Elena was incapable of answering, the lump in her throat constantly growing in its attempt to suffocate her. Instead of forcing out any unnecessary words, she moved her body on top of his to straddle his lap. Now that she was facing him directly, he could no longer hide the tears that had formed in his own eyes. But she could sense his embarrassment as he closed them to hide his emotions from her.

"I love you, Damon." She repeated, ignoring his earlier observation about her feelings towards his brother. "I. Love. You." She emphasized every single word and tried to make him realize the truth behind them, caressing his face with her fingers at the same time. Maybe it worked, she thought as he opened his eyes again to look at her, studying the expression on her eyes in an attempt to find any trace of dishonesty.

"I know, Elena." He chuckled humorlessly. "But you have to understand that I'm not as strong as you might think I am." One of his hands rose to cup her face in a movement that mirrored her own. His touch was neither warm nor cold, the last traces of coffee and blood keeping his skin at a neutral temperature. "I've allowed myself to open up to you, to show you how weak I can be. Don't use this against me."

"I don't want to hurt you." She said. But I know I do. Thinking those words she leant in to him and let their lips touch in a sweet but, ironically and contradictorily, bitter kiss. Neither of them was good with words but when they let their bodies do the talking, all of their human and supernatural problems dissolved into thin air at least for a few moments.

She moved her hands away from his face and into his black tresses, intertwining them into his hair as though she was trying to press his lips impossibly close against hers. Their mouths moved against each other in a well trained rhythm while his hands started to roam over her dressed body. His touch left hot traces of arousal behind whenever he reached a new part he had not yet touched tonight. Only Damon could make her feel this wanted, this loved, that she was ready to actually combust and not worry about dying too young. With him it felt as though he would be able to make a life after death just as worthy living.

She bucked her hips against his and they moaned simultaneously, each tongue using this as an invitation to slide into the other person's mouth and tasting them as good as possible. Every single thought of sadness and bitterness was left behind as their bodies finally took over completely. As much as either of them had tried to suppress the feelings for the other one in the past, once they touched like this they could not deny the passion and love coursing between them. It was the most incredible thing anyone could ever experience and they were given the possibility. Foolish would be the only adjective to describe any trace of doubt and hesitance.

But this passion made it unbearable for them to wait any longer. They had had their moments of sweet lovemaking and had taken their time on numerous occasions. Tonight, it seemed, everything was about the release. All they could care about was to dissolve some of the sexual tension that had built up between them within a few seconds. It was a sensation which sent tingles down their spines and blurred the lines between good and bad, right and wrong. There was not a single thing in the world that could exceed the incredible but confusing impact of their relationship.

His hands moved underneath her dress and lifted it, giving his fingers access to her moist thong. The smell of her arousal soon met his nose and she could feel his fangs extending against her exploring tongue in response. Greedily she lowered her hands away from his hair down to his pants, unbuckling the belt, opening the button and pulling down the zipper. Her fingers moved beneath the waistband of his boxers, pushing them down as far as possible and wrapping themselves around his erection to free it from its confines.

He moaned into her mouth loudly as he felt her delicate fingers on the sensitive skin of his shaft. In return, he pulled at the thin material of her underwear and ripped her thong into tiny shreds of fabric. But she couldn't care less at the moment. Every eliminated piece of clothing between them brought her closer to the sheer pleasure of feeling his hardness inside her, which in return would make her get the release she needed in a matter of a few moments.

Damon grabbed her hips and moved them closer to his body, both of them groaning when the tip of his cock brushed against her oversensitive clit. Carefully she lowered herself down onto him and their lips parted as they started to breathe heavily. All the angst and drama that complicated their lives were unimportant as they started to find their rhythm again. His hips thrust upwards continuously while she steadied her hands on his shoulders to make it easier for her to move up and down along his hard length.

She leaned her head back and forced her eyes to open, hoping to be able to sneak a glance at the beauty of Damon Salvatore. Little did she know that he had watched her since their mouths had stopped touching and the expression in his eyes was sending little current surges through her body. It was love. Despite the veins around his eyes and his sharp fangs beneath his slightly parted and swollen lips, she could see the vulnerability in him. And it left her even more breathless than the thrusts he made into her wetness.

Her fingers moved away from grabbing his shoulders up to his face and her thumbs started to caress his lips again. It was a gesture she loved performing, hoping that it would convey some of the unbelievable feelings that were flowing through her body. His lips puckered and sucked in one of her thumbs and she could feel the sharp edge of teeth piercing the thin skin of this finger. It didn't hurt at all, but the simple thought of him being able to taste her blood made her internal muscles clench around his hardness involuntarily.

"Bite me." She whispered and watched contently as his eyes widened at her request. Of course he would be surprised, considering the fact that she had shied away from his extending fangs a couple of times already. But she hoped that he could see the honest desire in her eyes while she expressed her wish. In her dreams she had wondered a lot about how it would feel like if Damon pushed his teeth into her skin and drank her blood. She trusted him and knew that he would do everything to make it enjoyable for her, so she offered him the only thing she had kept away from him yet.

The look he was giving her was showing her obviously that he was trying to figure out whether she was absolutely sure. Just the simple fact that he took his time to feel confident that she wouldn't regret this, made a warm feeling pool in her stomach from where it spread through her veins into every single part of her body.

In response to his studying she simply nodded her head and moved her hair to drape it over one shoulder, exposing the left side of her neck to him. The veins around his eyes became even darker as he concentrated his gaze on the pulse of her blood underneath the olive colored skin. His hands moved to cup her head and pulled it closer to his mouth. She could feel her heart beat accelerating at his touch and tried to concentrate on her inner walls move over the length of his erection. But as good as the friction at her lower body felt, nothing would ever be able to exceed the feeling of his fangs piercing the skin of her throat.

For a small moment she thought that this might be her end. A human's throat is one of the most important parts of their anatomy, enabling them to breathe in the vital oxygen and connecting their body to their head. But it is also the most sensitive part since it was thin and placed the essential bloodstream dangerously close to any outward impacts. Being bitten in this delicate area let fear and adrenaline flow through her body in enormous masses.

However, once she felt the calming movement of Damon's hands on the back of her neck she couldn't help but feel comforted and safe. The expression she had seen in his eyes left no trace of doubt in her that he would do everything to protect her from harm and that he would never hurt her willingly. Soon the pressure of her blood being literally sucked out of her started to increase her arousal. It was a heavenly feeling she was unable to describe. She felt as though she was becoming a part of Damon in a way that was so intimate that it nearly hurt while she had to realize at the same time that this was forming another kind of connection too. Something she would never share with his brother.

The upward thrusts of his hips became more urgent the longer the erotic dance of their bodies took. She moved her own hand to the part where they were connected and started to rub the sensitive bud. Not a lot of pressure was needed – the second she touched her clit, she climaxed immediately, his name on her lips in a chant which sounded like a prayer for forgiveness. Again her inner walls convulsed around his cock, sending him over the edge along with her while his fangs were still buried in the side of her neck.

It took a few moments for them to realize that they had gotten the release needed and Damon pulled back. He looked at her and for second she thought that she might need to run away and hide from the vampire underneath her. His lips were smeared with her blood and the veins still hadn't disappeared. But the smile that formed on his face changed the whole situation and she returned with a sudden happiness she could not explain. Slowly she leant in and kissed him, flinching back slightly at the metallic taste of her own blood. However, there was something sinfully erotic about the fact that she could taste her own blood on his lips and tongue.

"I've corrupted you." Damon whispered against her mouth and pulled back, raising his wrist to his teeth and bit down. He smirked at her shocked expression. "You would have a hard time explaining that bite mark. I'm just offering you a way out of having to explain yourself to various people."

Elena wondered for a moment whether she should really do this, but she had already crossed one line tonight. A second one wouldn't hurt too much. With this thought in mind she raised her own hands and pressed his wrist against her lips and opened them to let his blood flow into her mouth. She had expected it to have the same disgusting tinge of metal as her own blood, but she was surprised. It tasted so different from everything she had experienced before that she was unable to describe it. The only association coming to her mind was Damon.

And then a hoarse cough broke the silence that had enveloped the room.


Elena pulled away her bloody lips from the wounded arm and looked at the younger vampire with wide eyes. Underneath her she could hear Damon sigh at the turn of events and she suppressed her desire to do the same.

"Stefan…" She whispered after trying to lick every drop of blood off of her lips and stood up, Damon's softened cock sliding out of her in the process which elicited a both frustrated and embarrassed moan from her. Luckily her dress fell over her uncovered body while she moved around the couch, sparing her the total embarrassment of having to explain the things that happened while being naked.

"I'm sorry. I can explain everything." She said and stepped closer to her boyfriend, trying to ignore the sound of Damon zipping his pants again.

"There is no need to explain anything, Elena." He answered with a cold voice. "I think I have seen enough to get my own idea of what happened between the two of you." Her face flushed at the thought of Stefan watching her and Damon being intimate like this.

"I have expected that something was going on between you." Stefan admitted and took a few steps back to keep a distance between him and Elena. "But did you just actually let him drink your blood?" His voice had a terribly reproachful undertone and she flinched as reality finally caught up with her completely. He had seen everything. And he didn't even care about any explanations. Before she could even say a single word, he was gone, leaving nothing behind but a light breeze created by his fast movement.

"Shit." She muttered and turned around to face Damon.

"I guess the cat's out of the bag." He said in return and made his way over to her. Tears were forming in her eyes again as she watched him.

"I did not want him to find out like this." Sobs were starting to shake her delicate form. "Why didn't I realize that he was standing there and watching us?"

"You were just too busy having fun with me." Damon answered and wrapped his arms around her once he was close enough.

"But he must have made a sound." She mumbled into the crook of his neck. "Even you didn't hear him coming." As she breathed in his heavenly scent, she waited for a response that didn't come. "You would have done something to stop things from getting out of control if you had known, wouldn't you?" Her last question was clearly insecure, but she couldn't hide the fear that was forming in her mind.

"I'm sorry, Elena." He said and pulled at her head to force her to look at him. Her eyes were unbelieving as they met his.

"You knew?" Exasperation found its way into her consciousness as she realized that she had been the only one who had believed that they were only two people in the boarding house.

"I wanted him to know. It was –… I just couldn't tell you. He needed to see what we are like. God, I needed him to know that I'm with you and that you are with me. Why don't you realize this, Elena?" His voice was getting louder as she freed herself from his embrace and stumbled away from him.

"I cannot believe you did this!" She shouted. "Do you have to ruin everything?"

"This wasn't an attempt at ruining something, Elena! Don't you get it? I was trying to fix this!" Damon walked towards her while she still moved backwards, hoping that he would not use his supernatural abilities to get to her.

"How was that supposed to fix it? He'll never say a word to me again!"

"Well, that will save you the pain from thinking about whom to choose anymore." His voice was harsh now that he realized that her anger would not dissolve soon. She knew that he had a right to be angry at her too, but the hurtful experience of being betrayed by him tugged at her.

"So that's what all of this is about? You want to force me into making a decision!"

"Yes!" He admitted and threw up his hands in surrender. "Yes, I think you definitely need to choose. Because with every day you spent thinking about this, you get a little bit more like her."

She could see the regret in his eyes once the last words had escaped his lips, but it was too late to take them back. "Elena, I'm…" He whispered but she just shook her head at his failed attempt to apologize. She could taste the salty liquid of her tears on her mouth as silence engulfed the room and all of their senses.

"You're right." She responded and walked towards him as she realized that he had stopped trying to invade her personal space. Slowly she stood on her tiptoes and pressed their lips together in a confusing kiss as she mumbled "I'm the one who is supposed to be sorry." before she walked away.

On her way home thousands of images and whispered words of the Salvatore brother's whirled in her mind. Why did she even dare to go so far? She had known before that this would cause nothing but pain. However, this had not stopped her from following her desires and taking what she wanted. Elena had become like the vampire that had turned them in a matter of a few weeks. Her worst nightmare had come true.

When she entered her house, she ignored a worried Jenna who tried to find out what was wrong with her niece. She also shrugged off Jeremy's attempts at comforting her with meaningless words, since he didn't even know the cause of her sadness. All she wanted to do was lying in her bed and falling asleep. A part of her hoped that she would never wake up. Little did she know that someone was waiting in her room who hoped just the same… that she would never be one of the living again.

Elena opened the door to her room and bit back the scream that threatened to escape as she saw herself standing in front of her.

Well, not herself.


"Hello, Elena." It was paradox. For a moment it had seemed as though she was simply looking into a mirror until the image she could see had developed its own life. Katherine Pierce was back and the human girl swallowed at the thought of the things the vampiress was able to do.

"Oh, don't be scared. Just close the door behind you and we'll have a wonderful girl talk." But Elena couldn't do as she was asked, her body frozen in its place. "Close the door or I'll have to decide whether to kill Jeremy or Jenna first."

The threat of her beloved ones getting hurt was enough to wake her from her daze. She entered her room completely and did what Katherine had asked – forced – her to do without even looking in another direction than at her twin.

"Good." Katherine said and smiled maliciously. "Well, I think you already know who I am. So we can skip the unnecessary and incredibly boring part of introducing each other. It always takes to much time."

"What do you want?" Elena asked, failing her attempt of keeping her voice steady. There was no way she could hide her fear from the female vampire in front of her. She'd know everything that was going on in her mind.

"What do I want?" Katherine repeated laughingly and stepped closer towards Elena, making it nearly impossible for the human to breathe. The mere presence of her evil copy suffocated her as she thought of the horrible things she had done to Stefan and especially to Damon. "Well, first of all, I was curious. I had a hard time believing that you'd actually look like me. But of course that explains the Salvatore's infatuation with you. They always had a weakness for pretty women and that you are nearly an exact copy of me will just help them fulfill all those fantasies they had to give up when I left."

The way Katherine looked at her made Elena feel sick. There was an expression of false friendliness on her face that hurt like a thousand small pinpricks in her stomach.

"And then I realized how much fun we two could have. Just imagine how easy it would be for us to confuse everyone around us. We could play Good Elena, Bad Elena with your friends, Stefan and Damon or just some strangers in the streets. God, we could conquer the world in a single night if we wanted to." Elena blinked confusedly at the vampiress' words, not sure whether the smirk on her lips was supposed to be an actual smile. "But then I watched you and had to realize that you are so… righteous. It's boring."

"Just because I don't walk around and break people's hearts as though they are not important?" Elena countered and tried to suppress her fear.

"When you live as long as I do, Elena, you realize that nobody is important. Everyone is just a tool to get rid of at least some of the boredom eternal life comes with." Katherine replied and moved a hand to touch Elena's cheek with the back of her fingers. "Would it sound biased to say that you are actually very pretty." She laughed. "Yes, it would. Considering that I just look the same."

Elena's breathing stocked at the feel of Katherine's touch. Once she had found out that the vampiress was still outside in the world, she had constantly wondered about what a meeting of them would actually be like. But she would have never in her life expected this. Except the few threats Katherine had thrown into the conversation, she was actually… polite.

"But just after I realized what a good girl you are, I had to find out that we two are even more similar than I had expected." She brushed a strand of straightened brown her out of Elena's face and smiled at the only obvious difference between them. Their hair. "First Stefan and then Damon. You are more corrupted than you'd like to believe yourself and I have to admit, I love it."

"What are you trying to do, Katherine?" Elena asked and stopped herself from flinching back at the confusingly careful touch.

"I'm bored and looking for a distraction. Actually I had planned to mess with the Salvatore's minds together with your help, but the way you revealed your dirty little secret to Stefan ruined everything." She sighed. "And I had to realize that we still lack some common attitudes. I would have loved the situation you were in fifteen minutes ago. But what do you do? You cry. God, girl, you are so weak."

Elena shook her head at the things Katherine told her. Everything was so surreal that she expected to wake up every second and realize that she was safe in either Damon's or Stefan's arms. But another part of her doubted that this would happen very much.

"And now I have made a decision." She smiled in a feeble attempt of looking ruefully as she trapped Elena against the wall. "We are actually going to have a lot of fun. But first of all, you will have to die." She wrapped one hand around the delicate throat of the human girl whose eyes widened at the sudden turn of events. No molecule of oxygen was able to vanquish the barrier of Katherine's strong grip as she watched amusedly the human dying at her hand. Elena thought back to Stefan and Damon and the innumerable times they have told her that they loved her as the world around her turned black.