"Who's that new girl?" I said as I punched Miles in the shoulder.

"I have no idea… But look at what she's wearing…" he said. He was referring to the large hoodie and baggy pants. Girls don't usually wear clothes like that- especially not at his school. "Maybe we should go talk to her. She looks lonely."

"Ugh… I guess. Maybe she's not a preppy jerk like Honor or Stacia." We walked over to the table she was sitting at. She was alone with ear buds plugged in her ears, music on at full blast. I didn't think she had even seen us until we sat down right in front of her.

"Hey. My name is Miles," my gay friend said as he extended his hand. "And this is Haven." He looked at me expectantly. I finally just smiled at her. She didn't smile back. She just squinted at me and looked at my attire. This wasn't unusual though, considering mostly everyone looked at me like that. But that's how I like it. I would rather have people look at me oddly than not look at me at all.

"What's your name?" Miles asked the girl.

"Ever…" she said shyly.

"Ever?" I said confused. "That's a weird name." We continued to talk as lunch flew by, and she opened up a little. But there was no taking the hoodie off and she barely made eye contact with either of us. She definitely wasn't like the rest of the girls. She was really pretty, too.

On the way home, Miles chattered about his day, but all I could think about was the new girl and how different she was. I wanted to get to know her. From the way she acted, I just felt like she had some terrible tragedy happen. Whether it was recent or not, I didn't know. Plus, don't the people who befriend the new people get some kind of attention too?

"Miles, what do you think of Ever?" I asked as I interrupted his chatter that I obviously wasn't listening to. He began to answer my question without hesitation, continuing to talk as if he wasn't just talking about something. He always loves to gossip. Miles and I aren't extremely close, but we're friends- the misfits of the school.

"Oh, she seems pretty nice… Really shy… And I don't know but she just seems different and intriguing. I wonder if she has made anymore friends?" We both stared into space as we thought about the new, interesting girl named Ever. Maybe we'd become friends and learn more about her.