Quiet, This is Our Time
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance
: R
: Mikado x Masaomi
Story Type
: One-shot
: Kida needed to learn to shut up sometimes.

Disclaimer: Durarara!! is the intellectual property of Narita Ryougo.

Spoilers: None.

Notes: Written for the Durarara!! kink meme, the prompt being "Kida spending the whole time during sex talking about all the girls that had turned him down that day, with Kida riding Mikado."


"—It was horrible, Mikado, the way they just kept looking at me like I have three heads or a really bad acne explosion all over my face – which I don't have, right? – and then they had the nerve to keep carrying on their own little conversation, ignoring me!" Masaomi huffed, still irked by that afternoon's failed mission.

Mikado murmured something sympathetic in his ear, making Kida jerk and unconsciously clench. They both moaned, and then the blond was back at full force.

"I even bought ice cream! Vanilla ice cream! Who doesn't like vanilla ice cream, Mikado? They didn't even lend me those tissues they got from the promoters when the ice cream melted, and you know there are loads being handed out around Sunshine Sixty. I even got one from Café du Monde, it's in my bag – nngh, yeah, right there."

A slow thrust upwards, and Kida was reduced to a speechless mass for a few seconds. Mikado liked it, liked to listen how their bodies interacted with each other, especially when he was controlling from the bottom. Sweat was gathering at the tip of Masaomi's nose, as it was also running down lean torsos. His hands tightened their grip on the blond, and Kida whimpered at the sudden force. Mikado liked this sound too.

"So then I gave up on them, but get this, there was another cutie sitting right by the fountain, reading her novel. She reminds me of Anri-chan, that quiet, studious air, but that figure can't match that of Anri-chan. She was so nice too! She helped me with the melted ice cream and then she took the garbage with her. I wonder why she didn't come back afterwards? Do you think she had tutoring to go to? Hmm, Mikado?"

He applied a bit more pressure, hard enough to leave bruises that won't fade until tomorrow, and he could feel the hip bones digging into his palms. Mikado made a noncommittal noise at the back of his throat, satisfying Kida momentarily, because he knew the blond would bother him about it and they would both find their releases just a little out of reach. And Mikado couldn't have that, not when he had already endured ten minutes of girls and nothing about him.

"Masaomi." The brunet's eyes were half-lidded and shadows covered half of his face, teeth showing partially through a smirk. Kida gulped, anxious and excited, and then yelped as Mikado used one hand to tug him by the hair, shortening the distance between their faces. "Don't you think it's about time you stop talking?" He breathed, the other hand moving between their bodies to stroke.

The blond obeyed (despite it being an extremely difficult task, but when Mikado got like this Kida was beyond pleased so he would comply), supporting himself and moving faster.

Satisfied that things were finally going his way, Mikado put in a little more effort. He could tell Masaomi was close – very close – by that delicious tightening, and it was by mere chance that Kida didn't collapse on to him right away. The blond shuddered as he felt himself being warmed in pulses, rolling over as Mikado slid out with a squelch, smiling lethargically.

"Next time, Masaomi, let's lay off your escapades."

"Then I'll say things about you until you die from embarrassment."

"Let's just stay quiet," Mikado grinned, and silenced any further protests with a kiss.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Vague sex is vague. I still can't cross that line myself.