Author: Melissa the Damgel (a.k.a. g33kg1rl)
Title: Why Not?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Raph/Mikey and a hint of Leo/Don (bloody hell! A different pairing! D: )
Disclaimer: I don't own the turtles. damnit.
Summary: Mikey wants to know why not?
Warnings: Michelangelo is horny.


Why Not?
by: Melissa the Damgel

Sighing in exasperation, Michelangelo flung himself over the back of the couch and in the process over Raphael's right shoulder. "Why not~?" He whined, his lower lip pouting at him.

Growling, Raphael rubbed the bridge of his nose, his brow twitching as Mikey's breath waifed over his neck. "Because, Mikey, I said so!" He snarled and shot a glare his way.

Rolling his eyes and slumping forward, his hands falling across Raphael's thighs and his head bowing towards his chest, Mike whimpered. "But it's not fair! You promised! You even said you'd give me a sponge bath and pretend I was a patient just like what Leo and Donnie do when they think we aren't watching!"

Raphael's brow twitched for the second time. "Yes..." He said carefully, a soft color touching his cheeks. "But I also said I'd rather beat your sorry ass then light some fucking candles and sing you poetry while you lounge in a bathtub."

Sticking that lower lip out again and laying Raphael with a look of utter sadness that boardered on beaten puppy, Michelangelo's eyes swelled with tears. "But, I thought you wanted to kiss me and devour me and... and you promised to light candles! You even used the word 'love making' in order to prove you loved me and I was your cute Mikey-Bear!"

"Can we talk about this later?" Raphael finally ground out, his face flushed and his eyes promising death.

"Nooo~" Mikey whined, pawing at Raph's chest with his tail wiggling behind him.

He scowled, "Don't pout."

"But you like it when I pout. You said when I do, you just want to throw me down and bite my lip and ravish me. You even told me last time that the next time I pout, you'll give me a spanking." Mikey pointed out, wiggling a finger in his face to prove his point.

"Mike, for the love of God, let's talk about this later!" Raphael hissed, grabbing at his wrist and no longer trying to hide the fact he was blushing profusely.

"Noooo~!" Mikey whimpered, leaning in close to nuzzle at Raphael's cheek and kiss at his neck. "Why don't you want to screw me? I want you too! I'll even do it that stupid way you like to do it! On my side with my leg up and over your shoulder. I mean, I don't like it, but I know you do. I'm willing to do it anyway you want!"

"Not right now!"

"Why not~?"

"Because we're sitting right here." Donatello sighed, finally setting his book down, his cheeks flushed with a mortified looking Leonardo who was still replaying the words of '-what Leo and Donnie do when they think we aren't watching!' over and over in his head.

Michelangelo narrowed his eyes. "Then leave."

"That's it!" Raphael snarled and stood, hauling Mike with him as he stood and he stormed out of the living room, carrying Mikey with him.

Michelangelo smiled. Worked every time.

XD So I live! It's not that I haven't been writing, I just got lazy - and also, I'm trying to write more on my original novel. So thusly, TMNT got put aside for a bit (not completely, just for a moment in time).

But here is a new silly little one shot. I wrote it for Robina :) about time! I promised her a Raph/Mike about oh... 3 years ago XD ahahhaa, but I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think!

~Melissa the Damgel