A/N: This is my first story and I would like to know what you think;) I know it's a little short, but I promise the next will be longer!


Chapter 1:

He didn't know how it happened, or why, or when. But what he knew was that he loved him. More than anything. More than his own life.

But maybe this was not enough. Maybe he lived just to screw everything up. That's what he was told when he was just a kid. And later in Peioria and Philly and Boltimore. Only when he came to live in DC someone was there who had faith in his skills. Someone who had faith in him.


The man he fell in love with.

But he couldn't tell him. The liklihood that he would be fired was too high. Just as the probability that he would loose him as his Boss his mentor and friend. He didn't know what to do. The only thing he knew was that he couldn't live like this anymore. He had to do something. Maybe it was time that he moved on. But that would mean he couldn't see him and all his friend, his family, anymore. Maybe he just needet a good nights sleep. Maybe tomorrow he could think of something.

Too many maybe's. He should just tell him. Maybe he would not get fired. Oh great, another maybe!

Tony closed his eyes. Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would think of something. Tomorrow he would make a decision.

Yeah, that's what he told himself every night before he fell asleep.