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Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse the dead guy entered the lunch hall. Timmy was sat next to me talking about himself…again, so he didn't even acknowledge him. But then again Timmy does have Attention Deficit Disorder so he doesn't really notice much anyway. As soon as I saw the dude I dropped my fork in shock, splattering food over Timmy "TIMMY!" he scolded in disgust. I paid no attention to the disgruntled boy sat opposite me because I couldn't keep my eyes of the dead person in the cafeteria.

As I turned to see if Timmy had seen him yet I let out a sharp, chest rattling cough. Damn it, I mean I get ill like every other week but I've never felt this crappy before! The stranger started towards our table and I felt my heart thumb against my ribs in panic, which caused me to let out another loud cough. Ok, so this guy isn't really dead, he's more undead…a vampire… a fledgling to be exact. His bright sapphire coloured crescent moon outline stood out beautifully against the pale, chalk coloured skin. His eyes were a similar colour to his markings and glimmered hypnotically under the fluorescent lights and he owned a thick, glossy mound of black hair. In short, he was absolutely perfect.

I was pulled out of my unsurprisingly gay thoughts when he stopped in front of me and cleared his throat "Stand up" he ordered, I complied. "Kyle Broflovski! Night has chosen you, in death you will be reborn. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night."

I stared at him blankly "Are you cereal?" I asked.

"I'm super cereal!" he replied and with a swift movement he raised a pale finger and poked me in the forehead. Pain exploded underneath my skin enveloping my forehead in agony. The last thing I heard as I drifted into unconsciousness was the screams of my fellow students, the last thing I felt was a warm, strong pair of arms catching my lifeless body.

I gasped for air as I regained consciousness sitting bolt upright in what I now knew was a car seat, the passenger seat of my car to be exact "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?" I screamed out turning to face the fledgling from the cafeteria, who was now driving my car "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?" I regretted shouting when a chest wrenching cough beat against my throat.

The vampire-in-training smirked "I wouldn't yell too much if I were you" he warned "You could still reject the change and die, which is why we need to be quick."

"Fuck you! I don't know what's going on! I don't even know your name! Why should I trust you?" I spat.

"My name is Stan Marsh" he grinned. "And you have to trust me because your life depends on it."

"Well what's happening? Where are you taking me?"

"One question at a time please! First of all don't panic but you're changing, you're a fledgling now see?" he said handing me a mirror "Secondly we are going to your house so you can get your stuff, then we're driving straight to the South Park House of Night."

"South Park? But we're in North Park! It's gonna take all night to get there!"

"Goddess! Would you calm down? I've never met a fledgling who stresses as much as you do!" he said. "South Park is the closest place with a House of Night."

"Did you just call me a goddess?" I questioned, blushing slightly.

Stan laughed "No all fledglings and vampires worship the goddess of night, her name is Nyx, so that was the equivalent of saying 'oh my god'." Duh! How dull am I? I totally knew that. I'd read a book about Nyx before as part of a religious education project, we had to choose a religion other than our own and I always had a weird fascination with vampirism, kind of ironic now huh? Nyx is night personified, she is know as the goddess of vampires. Why am I acting so stupid today? I could kick myself right now. Stan broke the silence "So are you going to look in that mirror or just sit there holding it and staring blankly into space all day?" His lips curved up into a smirk that made my heart race and unfortunately provoked a coughing fit. I nervously raised the mirror and as I caught sight of my reflection my jaw dropped.

"Whoa" was all I could manage to say. It was like seeing myself for the first time, as if I hadn't really noticed how I looked before. I still had the same features as before the same green eyes, curly red hair and crooked nose. However my skin was now a pale snowy colour, I was always fair skinned, but now it was even lighter if that was possible. This made my red hair stand out in a firey mess on top of my head and my once leaf green eyes were now a shimmering emerald colour. I always hated my nose but now the fact that it wasn't straight added an element of effortlessness to my appearance. Finally my eyes found the spot on my forehead that I had been purposely avoiding and sure enough there in the middle of my forehead was a thick blue crescent moon outline. At first I was afraid to even blink in case the mark disappeared but to my delight it stayed there perfectly placed in the centre of my forehead. With the tattoo all of my features seemed clearer and more refined, almost perfect even.

"I know right? It's weird seeing the mark for the first time."

"It's a good weird though" I stated.

"Well" Stan said stopping the car "We're at your house, go in there, get your things and get out of there as fast as you can. Remember every second you're growing weaker and sicker, we need to get you to the House of Night quickly."

I gulp loudly. Crap! My mom is gonna flip!