There was one small, tiny, insignificant problem... I had absolutely no idea where Stark's Pond was.

I had been running for thirty minutes now, just trying to find someone for directions. Unfortunately, since it was a small town with few inhabitants and it was the middle of the night, there was no one around. My feet were aching and blistered, I could no longer feel my legs and I was covered in sweat - not a good look. I also had no idea where I was going in the dark, everything looked so different, but I kept sprinting as fast as my feet could carry me.

Then I caught sight of something strangely familiar. Underneath a streetlamp on the other side of the road stood a pale, sheet white figure. At first I didn't know if my mind was playing tricks on me or if it was real, but as I moved closer I recognised what I was seeing instantly. It was the ghost girl from that day in the lunch hall, when Tweek had first proved to me and Wendy that he could see, talk to and make contact with spirits. As I slowly and nervously made my way over to her she looked up, her white, translucent eyes meeting mine.

"Were you waiting for me?" I asked. She nodded slowly, her shoulder length, wavy hair bouncing slightly with the movement. "You knew this was going to happen didn't you?" I didn't need to say anything else, she knew I was talking about Craig. A sad, pained expression crossed over her features as she nodded again, knowing that I couldn't hear her. "Can you take me to Tweek?" I requested. She nodded a third time and grabbed my good arm, causing a hair raising chill to crawl along my skin. Then she began doing that creepy hovering thing that the ghosts do as she lead me towards Stark's Pond. I didn't realise how fast these things could move, I spent the whole journey stumbling over my own feet as I struggled to keep up with her.

As we neared Stark's Pond my jaw immediately dropped. There were hundreds of pale, translucent beings, creepily shimmering in the moonlight, all centred around one spot "That must be where Tweek is" I thought out loud, running in the direction of the ghosts without a second thought. However the dead fledgling girl grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards "What the heck are yo-" she smashed her other hand against my mouth and shot quite a hostile -for a girl anyway- glare at me. Taking her hand away from my mouth, she placed a finger against her lips in a shushing motion, then she pointed frantically at the other ghosts. I looked at them, really looked at them this time instead of just glancing and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming in pure terror.

These spirits weren't like the other ones... they were deformed. Parts of their bodies or facial features were morbidly twisted and contorted, making them look even more disturbing than they already were. I don't even know how I didn't realise this at first but they were also outlined by a thick black smoke that moved when they did, almost as if it was a living part of them, the smoke oddly reminded me of that orb of isolation thing that was possessing Craig. "Evil spirits?" I questioned in a whispered tone, the ghost girl nodded. "Well then how am I supposed to get to Tweek?" The girl folded her arms and grinned knowingly, exposing a two thin, shiny lines across her teeth, which -I can only guess- must have been braces when she was living and not see through or as white as fresh snow.


"You've got to be kidding... right?" I asked as I stood in front of the first tree in a long line of trees, which surrounded Stark's Pond. The girl just smirked at me and shook her head. "I'm a vampire, not a monkey" I argued. The ghost rolled her eyes at me and nudged me out of the way, grabbing a branch and gracefully climbing the tree, she stood on a branch just above and in front of me, keeping her balance with ease and making a gesture that said 'Now it's your turn'. I tried to copy her, but I epic failed, stumbling and cursing as I clumsily made my way from branch to branch.

"There" I said when I finally reached her branch "That is why I should never ever be allowed to climb stupid trees" I snapped, only to look up and see the girl laughing at me. "Yeah, this must be so much fun for you" I commented. "You just float along from tree to tree as I try not to fall to my death!" She rolled her eyes at me again and grabbed my arm with both hands "What are you doi - Oh my goddess" The ghost girl had floated above the tree so that I was also in the air but dangling below her, still concealed by the branches and leaves.

She started to fly towards the spot where Tweek was and I reached up with my other hands so that I was gripping her arm tightly with both hands "Wow, you are incredibly strong for a ghost... and a girl" I stated, she answered by looking down at me as if to say 'Do you want me to drop you?'. "Ok, I'll just shut up then" I answered anxiously. When we reached Tweek's tree she put me down slowly on a branch just above him and drifted over to a different branch.

I could see the blonde boy directly below me. He was in hysterics, crying and clutching his hair tightly as the evil spirits advanced towards him at an extremely slow pace... like they were some kind of ghost-zombie hybrid. "Tweek" I called down.

"AHHH! DON'T EAT ME!" he screamed.

"No Tweek, it's me, Kyle" I reassured him, he looked around with a confused expression on his face. "Up here, in the tree."

Tweek turned around and his face filled with relief when he saw me "K-Kyle!" he called. "Wait how did you -gah- get up there?"

"I found an old friend, she helped, long story" I explained. "Now take my hand so I can pull you up here away from the things that are trying to kill you."

"But what if Craig is out there -nngh- among those things and trying to find me?" he asked.

"Tweek, listen to me. I believe you, you were right and Craig's not dead, but this? This isn't safe" I reasoned. "Craig made me promise to keep you safe and I will until the day he comes back. Now take my damn hand before those things hurt you."

"Ok" he answered, reaching up and grabbing my hand. Unfortunately I was caught of guard by the reoccurring feel of pulsing energy, but this time it was much, much stronger. So strong that it caused me to gasp and lose my balance, falling out of the tree and landing flat on my face. I quickly scrambled to get to my feet in time to see that the spirits had moved another couple of inches. "W-what do we do now?" Tweek asked shakily.

"Tweek" I said, reaching towards him. "Stay still I want to try something." The blonde nodded and stayed completely still, except for his usual twitching. I slowly and tentatively placed my hand on his shoulder, gasping and letting out a loud, breathy laugh when I felt the familiar pulsing again. It was just like in horticulture class with the tree and all of the other times I'd felt it, only a lot clearer and more powerful. "I have an affinity" I stated with a smile.

"What with?" Tweek asked.

"Energy" I answered. Then I noticed that the ghosts were closing in even more and I panicked, forgetting that I was still using my affinity until I felt the pulsing start to flow into my arm and spread through my body, making me feel stronger somehow.

Tweek let out a loud gasp, dropping to his knees and coughing "K-Kyle stop, you're hurting me." I instantly pulled my hand away from him, staring at it in shock.

"Sorry Tweek I don't-" I was cut off by a twig falling on my head, looking up I saw the ghost girl waving and pointing desperately at the other spirits, who were now almost within touching distance. I glanced back at my hand for a second before muttering "Sorry Wendy" and pressing my palm firmly against the tree. "Nyx, if you're listening I ask that I may borrow this tree's energy to save my friend and possibly the rest of South Park from the evil spirits" I whispered, inhaling sharply when the energy from the tree start to pour into my body.

I concentrated on the rhythmic pulse as it made its way to every part of me. I closed my eyes, only feeling slightly shocked when I felt my feet leave the ground. The energy was thrumming through my entire being by now as I hovered above everything. Following everything my instincts told me to do I crossed my arms over my chest, inhaling deeply and letting my mind focus purely on the evil spirits. Then, in one swift motion I flung my arms out, releasing all of the energy again in a powerful blast. My eyes snapped open again in time to see all of the evil ghosts being wiped out so that it was just me, Tweek and the girl spirit left in a now empty field.

"So I can do stuff when I take in energy, that's kind of cool" I mused. "Thank you Nyx" I added in a whispered tone. I slowly floated back down again, running over to Tweek as soon as my feet touched the ground. The blonde was now kneeling on the floor with face buried in his hands. "Tweek? Are you ok?" I asked.

He looked up at me, smiling weakly "Yeah, just a bit tired."

I gasped when I saw that his mark had changed and was now a vibrant green, identical to Wendy's "Tweek your tattoo it's-"

"G-green like yours?" Tweek finished. "I know" he beamed at me. "I -gah- I've wanted to be like you and Wendy for a long time now I just never thought it would actually hap-"

"Tweek? Kyle?" A familiar, monotone voice interrupted in a confused tone. We both turned in the direction of the voice to see someone, who -at one point- I thought we'd never see again...


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