Alright, this is my first Top Gun Fanfiction ever and by now I am not completely sure where I am going to take it since the idea just popped into my head and of course it's generally about Iceman, due to me completely adoring him. So let's wait and see if somebody is interested. Sadly I don't own any of the characters and it's all just my personal imagination. I guess that's it, so have fun reading it. Reviews are very welcome.

Come Close To Perfection

Lt. Tom Kazansky was the living, breathing proof that God wasn't fair. There was no other explanation than God being unfair, or he was trying to show off. No matter what you prefer it all came down to Tom Kazansky being perfect.

Optically, that's it. Handsome features, a perfectly shaped and trained body, blonde hair, clear eyes, a dazzling smile, damn it even his teeth were white enough to blind the hostile pilots so they'd crash and burn. One could think such beaming beauty would be enough, but no, Tom fucking Kazansky was also gifted with an incredibly sharp mind and the contemptible ability to be the best in whatever he did.

And last but not least Tom Kazansky knew all of this. He knew that he was the best, he knew he was gorgeous and he wanted everything to stay just like that. Perfection, he wanted to be that, he wanted to symbolize it, he wanted his picture next to the definition of that term in the dictionary. Unfortunately Tom Kazansky never considered himself or anything he did as perfect and that's why he kept trying and trying, pushing and pushing, driving all the others crazy because he made them look bad and still wasn't content with his own achievements.

And still everybody loved the Iceman. He was a cool guy after all, fun to hang around with, nice to look at, easy to talk with…Iceman was the prom king. No, he would be the prom king if there wasn't one thing, the coldness. He needed to be cold, needed to keep a certain distance to everything, so he analyse it, study it. The Iceman was farouche, but that only made him more attracting.


Maverick almost jumped out of his skin when someone spoke up to him, sounding rather annoyed and impatient. Looking up Maverick faced Charlie who was looking at him reproachfully.


"Lieutenant, I just asked you a question and I would be very delighted to hear an answer." Charlie cleared her throat, adjusting her glasses.

Maverick let his gaze drift off to Goose for a second, searching for help, but it turned out to be in vain. "Sorry, Ma'am. I guess I was lost in thought for a second…" Maverick mumbled and fought down the lump rising up in his throat. Normally he wouldn't care to get caught not paying attention during class, but right now he was feeling embarrassed because of the stuff he had been thinking about.

"I see. I guess that answers my question if my deliberations are boring you so much that you don't feel the need for paying attention." Charlie narrowed her eyes for a second at him and a general chuckle spread in the rows behind Maverick.

"Sorry, Ma'am." Maverick repeated himself and put on a guilty expression until Charlie looked away again and continued her lectures. Releasing an almost inaudible sigh Maverick slumped back in his chair and let his head slightly fall to the side what turned out to be a mistake. Iceman, who was sitting on the other side of room, was now in his field of vision. As usual he was twirling a pen with the fingers of his right and watching Charlie carefully. And as usual Ice noticed when he was being stared at. He turned his face to Maverick, found him watching him, sent him a short grin that said 'You can't help but fucking everything up, can you?' and then he simply turned back to Charlie.

"Jerk…" The word escaped Maverick's lips so quietly he almost couldn't make it out himself.

"Mav…" Goose was whispering to him about a minute later. "What's up with you, man? After that disaster at the Officer's Club you can't afford pissing her off."

The thought crossed Maverick's mind to tell Goose that it'd be better than if she didn't notice him not paying attention again, but the truth was he didn't give a crap. "I know…I was just thinking…"

"Yeah, that was obvious. What about?"

"Kazansky." Maverick spat that name out as if it was hurting his tongue to say it.

"Ice? What has he done now?"

"Just can't believe he's still in the lead…That isn't right." Maverick whispered, checking out of the corner of an eye that Charlie wouldn't watch him.

"Yet, he has been in the lead yet. You know we're going to win. Don't rack your brains out about Kazansky. It would just make him happy that it bothers you so much being in second place behind him. And the last thing we want is making Iceman happy, isn't it? After all he could melt…"

Maverick had to swallow a soft chuckle and nodded. Goose was right, Ice wasn't worth thinking about. Sooner of later they would beat him anyway and it would turn out that Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky wasn't perfect after all. And that would be a very happy day for Maverick.

After what felt like an eternity class was finally over and all the guys were getting up from their seats, leaving the room. Automatically Maverick turned around watching Ice and Slider leaving together, feeling slightly surprised that Ice hadn't commented his little lapse. He didn't say anything at all, or even looked at him. Probably not important enough to be visible on Ice's radar. Stupid, arrogant, self-centred son of a bitch.

"We're going to fuck him up today, right?" Maverick muttered to Goose while finally standing up himself.

"Who?" Goose looked confused and Maverick let out a sigh. "Kazansky, who else? We're gonna win today and give him a taste of his own medicine. No points for second place, remember?"

"Oh yeah, right. Absolutely. But to be able to do that we need to get outta here first. Come on, Mav, move, unless you decide to strike roots here."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Maverick muttered under his breath, pushing all thoughts away how unfair this whole…Iceman situation was. After all nobody was perfect, right?