There it goes, second chapter. Sorry it took so long, but I still haven't quite figured out where I want to take the story. So just let's see where it goes

Maverick should be proven right. Somebody had been fucked up that day, had been fucked up big time. Unfortunately it hadn't been Ice. Of course not, Ice was perfect, no chance to fuck him up. Quite the opposite had happened, Ice had fucked up Maverick. Big time. To be completely honest Maverick had still no idea how this had happened. Somehow Jester had gotten a missile lock on him. That was still the part of the story Maverick understood the least. To make the story perfect Ice had won his fight, perfect textbook manoeuvre as usual. Ice must sleep with that damned thing underneath his pillow. If he slept at all, Maverick somehow doubted that. Ice probably thought of sleep as a form of weakness. How detestable.

"Mav, don't you think you could at least try to smile?"

Finally Maverick became aware of Goose talking to him, but he still hadn't been able to make out any of the words, so all he could answer was a retarded "Huh?" That was also an expression Ice would never use, never. Ice always expressed himself in full sentences, maybe a foreign word thrown in. What kind of name was Kazansky any way? Hadn't those guys on Ellis Island been able to find a better one? Nobody in this country seemed to be doing their job right…oh yeah, but Iceman. He was perfect after all, never gets shot down by anyone. Stupid son of a bi…


Startling Maverick turned around to face Goose. "What? Sorry Goose, I was lost in thought…"

"Yeah, that was very obvious." Goose sighed, raising his bottle of beer to his lips and took a quick sip. "And it's also been very obvious what you've been thinking about. If you don't want everybody in here to notice you should stop staring at Ice as if you got paid for it."

Screwing his face up Maverick feverishly shook his head. "I have been not staring at Kazansky."

"Whatever…Mav, I'm pretty sure the recipe for his success isn't written down on his forehead in bold letters, so stop staring. People might get the wrong impression and then Ice would even have more fun jerking you around."

"Yuck…Now I need an extra drink…" Maverick muttered under his breath and quickly down his battle of beer.

"So what were you thinking about this time? Analysing his and our flight?" Goose asked carefully, leaning back against counter, watching Maverick expectantly.

"No, I've already done that…a few times…" Like 1084 times in the last three hours.

"And it's still bugging you. Come on, Mav, it's just been one lousy flight. Get over it. There will be other opportunities…"

"Right, for Ice. To kick my ass." Maverick muttered bitterly and automatically turned around to look at said man. The Iceman who was living up to his name. Some girl was talking to him, a very pretty girl of course, average girls would never have the guts to speak up to a guy like… Kazansky. Yet, Ice didn't seem to be interested at all. His sunglasses were shielding his eyes, but his whole posture told everybody who looked at him that he wasn't interested in the girl. Why was he talking to her though? Shaking his head Maverick decided not to think about it, he would never be able to understand the thinking process of the Iceman.

"Mav, if you don't stop gaping at Ice soon your eyes might pop out any second…"

Maverick flinched. God no, this was the last thing he needed. That guy really was a sucker when it came down to have good timing. Putting on his 'I have everything under control and nothing you could ever say would bother me' Maverick turned back around and Slider who must have joined them while Maverick had been busy staring…looking at Ice. Observing, that's the word. Observing to find out what made him so…perfect. Maybe that was the meaning of Kazansky? Would be explaining a lot…

"I was not gaping, Slider. What are you doing here anyway, Slider? Shouldn't you be busy sucking it up to Mr. Iceman?" Maverick smirked lightly, but he didn't make it to put Slider off his stride.

"Just fetched myself a drink. Don't worry, I'm off. Wouldn't dare to keep you from staring a second longer." Wearing a stupid, amused grin on his lips Slider walked off and Goose released a loud sigh. "You see that's what I have been talking about. This kind of stuff happens when you can't stop staring…"

"How often do I have to tell you that I didn't stare at Kazansky! I just happened to look into his direction…" Maverick snapped, hating it that the situation had slipped out of his control.

"Okay, but that's not what Slider's telling Ice this very moment…" Goose pointed out and indicated Maverick to turn around.

Frowning lightly Maverick did just that only to see something that caused a sick feeling spreading inside his guts. The girl had somehow disappeared and Slider had taken her place, talking to Iceman. Or rather going on and on to him. Whatever Slider told him and Maverick had a very dark suspicion what he was telling him…it clearly amused Ice. Both members of this terrible dream team started to laugh and the sickness Maverick felt became even worse.

Just great, the last thing he needed was Ice knowing that he was thinking about why he was damned perfect and how he could finally beat him 24/7. And moreover he definitely didn't need Ice to know that he even ended up starting at him because of that. After all that arrogant son of a bitch definitely didn't need to know that his attempts of being God's greatest creation and to upset everybody around him with his flawlessness were beyond successful. No, Ice definitely didn't need to know any of that. Yet, when Ice shortly turned his head to him with a meaningful grin on his lips and beckoned at him, Maverick couldn't fight off the feeling that Ice already knew.

As soon as Ice had turned away again, not wasting any more of his precious attention on Maverick, said man let out a loud, frustrated sigh. "I don't like this…I don't like this at all."