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Chapter 1: Let's Ride Again.

Summer break was finally over. It was time to return to Hongo Island... to Academy Kamen Rider. It came at not a moment too soon for Dax Komodo & Philip Friendly, who were itching to get back into the mix. They, along with Amanda Kyle & Christina Hearts, sat among the other students at the examination center in Saagen Town to see who would be joining them for the new year.

"To think one year ago... you two and Erik were here, doing this." Phil reminisced. Dax nodded as he watched a Rider by the name of Drake Adams a.k.a Kamen Rider Fenris defeat an examiner with a brutal Final Vent attack. It was announced that Adams had passed, causing the new student to pull the Fenris Deck from his V-Buckle and revert to human form. Dax was somewhat intrigued by the fact Adams had red eyes. He looked very violent, even while standing next to his Contract Beast.

"Damn, he's good." Dax commented.

Phil smirked: "We're better."

Amanda had her eye on the ZECT-type Rider known as Scythe. This one initiated a Rider Slash and obliterated the opposing examiner in less than two minutes with the Scythe Staff.

"Erik doesn't know what he's missing!" Amanda said.

"He's a tad busy. He'll be here. Don't worry." Christina responded.

"So... let's count up your sins!"

Everyone turned to see Raz Hybrid & Eddie Williams, in full suits with fedoras. Eddie was in white while Raz wore black. Amanda stood up to hug both of them.

"How've you guys been since the summer break?" Amanda asked.

"Eddie & I cracked another Gaia Memory distribution ring down in Shantontown. But I think we'll cut back on Twin Maximums from now on." Raz replied, showing Amanda the huge burn mark on his forearm.

"Ouch. Better luck next time, Raz." Amanda commented as the would-be detectives took their seats.


"Oh, god! Damn! 'Scuse us! Pardon us! Sorry... we're in a hurry!" Erik exclaimed as he ran as fast as he could... but he wasn't alone.

"Damn it, Erik! You sure know how to make people late! And it was only a freaking Tournament DVD!" Puppy raged as he & Dogmott followed after Erik, quickly losing breath with each step. Erik then suddenly stopped, hearing a weird screech. He looked up to see a bird in the sky, but it didn't look ordinary.

"What do you see?" Puppy wondered, walking up behind Erik. Erik pointed upwards at the bird, which looked slightly mechanical. The bird did a loop, revealing a golden cross emblem. YuKivat chased after the bird, but he instead scared it off.

"That was weird... but not as awkward as it will be seeing others take the tests." Erik commented, focusing on the Academy's entrance exam halls.

Puppy placed a hand on Erik's shoulder: "Hey, look at it this way... it'll be a good opportunity to scope out the newcomers. See who's strong enough to rival you. Y'know?"

Erik nodded as the two began to walk inside, only to come across Professors Muro & Liger talking. Muro noticed and the professors walked over to the students.

"Ah, Erik, fashionably late as usual. I hope your day has been well... and I just want to say that if you get drafted to a different dorm when Professor Ryker facilitates it, this past year with you under the Den-O banner has been my pleasure." Muro began, shaking Erik's hand.

Muro turned to Puppy: "And you, Puppy... I can't express how much of a joy it has been to teach you at the academy. You are currently one of the students I'm hoping to hold onto to in the dorm drafting process... but if you end up donning different colors by the end of the day, it has been an honor."

He shook hands with Puppy. Suddenly, Kamen Rider Diend crashed to the ground behind them, with Kamen Rider Accel in close pursuit. Rito Inukaze and Joseph Harbinger were fighting again. Rito slammed the Engine Blade on the ground, narrowly missing Harbinger who rolled forward and shot Rito in the chest with the Diendriver.

"Give up the bear, Harbinger... it may not be Rider gear, but it's pretty valuable!" Rito demanded, loading up the Engine Blade with the Engine Memory.


Harbinger smirked, taking a small bear statue in hand: "I think I'll hold onto it for a little while. It's a great treasure."

Attack Ride: Blast!

Harbinger shot upwards, causing Rito to be caught up in a hail of firepower. The enraged professors stepped forward.

"Harbinger! Inukaze-kun! Enough!" Liger demanded. But the unruly thieves refused his demand, instead clashing weapons over the bear statue once again.

Erik turned to Puppy with a little bit of a grin: "Some things haven't changed."


At that announcement, which sounded like it had come from a Visor, a large mechanical crow monster swooped in and took both the thieves down. The bear statue was sent flying, which ended up in another Kamen Rider's hand... a female Kamen Rider, who looked like a completely black version of Femme, lacking the cape.

"Too bad... looks like you guys aren't ready for the big time." This Rider sighed, placing the statue in a duffel bag.

"What kinda' broad are you to be messing with the Kaito?" Harbinger raged.

"Someone who's far more experienced than either of you at this business. You guys should both quit, because you'll never reach my level. Although I'd like to see you try! My name is Kurosaki Asuna... otherwise known as Kamen Rider Raven. That monster is my partner Kurow." The Rider introduced herself.

"I think I'll take care of your big pet first... then that bear is mine!" Harbinger planned.

Final Form Ride: Kagemarou!

Harbinger summoned and hopped on the Kagemarou Wyvern, hoping to drill through the Contract Monster with the Wyvern's final attack. Calmly, Asuna jumped on Kurow's back and decided to attack Harbinger head-on.

"You're not leaving me out of this!" Rito yelled out, annoyed.

Engine! Maximum Drive!

Rito released the A-Slasher attack at Asuna, but she retrieved a card and activated it through the Feather Visor.

Deflect Vent!

The A-Slasher changed direction and slashed Rito straight across the Accel Driver, causing the Accel Memory to eject and the Rider Form to dissolve.

"You're mine!" Harbinger thought, loading up the Diendriver.

Final Attack Ride: Kagemarou!

The Wyvern assumed its drill form and thrust forward at Kurow, which kept flying towards it.

Trick Vent!

Asuna & Kurow both cloned themselves. The Wyvern's drill attack obliterated a clone, but left Asuna to activate her penultimate card.

Final Vent!

Asuna & Kurow parted, with the Mirror Monster clutching Harbinger by his arms and ascending further into the air. With a mighty swing, Kurow sent Harbinger flying to the ground below, where Asuna delivered a brutal crescent kick that caused Joey to revert to human form. Sliding the Raven deck from her V-Buckle, Asuna's human form was also present.

She gave the bear a once over: "You amateurs should really quit while you're behind. Now that I'm on Hongo Island... your talents will all be nonexistent. Later, my pretties."

Asuna took off into the building, raising the eyebrows of both Erik & Puppy. Meanwhile, Professor Liger pulled both Joseph & Rito up by their collars and marched them inside.

Puppy turned to Erik: "Erik, it might seem funny to you, but I've had to deal with people like that since my first year. A lot of people tried to slow my progress and I had to fight to get to where I am. This is my last year just as Augen's was a few months ago. I don't want to leave with a bitter taste in my mouth. There's no doubt Augen will go down in history as the Academy's greatest Rider. That's why I want to surpass him this year. Will you help me break my own limits?"

Erik nodded: "Anything for a friend."

"Alright, we better get inside... festivities have probably started without us." Puppy concluded. As the two went in, Erik was passed by a long, black-haired student, flanked by a crimson Kivat-type creature. Erik and the man made eye contact briefly before Erik continued inside. YuKivat flapped up to Erik worried.

"A Kivatas... what are you doing here?"


As it was the previous year, the ferry trip back to Hongo Island was long and arduous. Raz & Eddie took a trip round the ferry to pass the time, they watched as the Memory Gadgets and the Fang Memory hopped around. A green one and an orange one that Eddie had never saw before joined them.

"Raz... what's up with the snail and the frog?" Eddie wondered.

Raz smirked: "New Memory Gadgets. Say hello to the Denden Sensor and the Frog Pod. Denden is a motion detector, so we can find invisible enemies. And the Frog Pod is a good voice-masking device... all in all, a good prank here and there. Oh shit!"

Raz realised at the last minute that Fang had fell off the side of the ferry and rushed to the side. Luckily, a man in a long white trenchcoat had caught it, setting it free so it could return to Raz.

"I guess I should thank you. What's your name?" Raz wondered as Fang rested on his shoulder.

"Professor Takeshi Tanaka. Professor Ryker called me in as a favour because Riding 101 needs a substitute teacher... plus there's a rumour he might make me the Ichigo dorm's permanent head professor. But as with any rumours, only take them with a pinch of salt." The man introduced, shaking the hands of the would-be detectives.

"Raz Hybrid."

"Eddie Williams."

"You two seem like great Riders from the aura you're giving me. If it turns out that I am taking over the Ichigo dorm... I hope I get to draft you two. I'll see you around." Tanaka concluded before he walked away. Raz & Eddie glanced at one another.


"Dori Nobuya?"

Nobuya broke out of his lonely trance in the mess hall of the ferry and looked up to see a flapping crimson Kivat-type creature.

"You look like that bat Yusei uses to transform." Nobuya coldly greeted.

"The useless YuKivat family. A Fangire relic that should've stayed buried! I am Kivatas... the most superior of the Kivat families!" Kivatas raged, flapping back to the balcony, where a long-haired man stood ready.

"Who are you?" Nobuya demanded, pulling the MakaiDriver from his jacket.

"I'm an exchange student from the Eastern Riders' Alliance Academy in Japan. My name is Aaron Hiroshi. Because of the press this academy has gotten, I decided to fly in. I hear you're some kind of badass... wanna' prove it to me?" The man introduced.

"Are you challenging me?" Nobuya yelled back, flabbergasted that someone had the nerve. Aaron simply nodded and held his hand up.

"Kivatas." Aaron called out, bringing Kivatas to his side.

"The strongest and most powerful of the Kivat Race... Kivatas-bat the Thirteenth! Archfiend will bay for your blood!" Kivatas announced as Aaron stuck his hand out.

Once Bitten!

The stained-glass tattoos appeared on Aaron's body, mostly with a crimson theme. From ghostly chains came the Kivatas Belt to Aaron's waist. Aaron took Kivatas in hand and thrust him forward, upside-down.


Slowly pulling Kivatas back, Aaron latched Kivatas to the belt and released him. Aaron was then encased in burning crystal. The fire expanded and hit Nobuya as Aaron smashed from the crystal to reveal Kamen Rider Archfiend... which looked like a dark crimson version of Yusei.

"Good... some action!" Nobuya cheered mockingly, strapping the MakaiDriver to his waist.

Kamen Ride...



Nobuya became Kamen Rider Makai once more. Aaron jumped down from the balcony, and launched himself at Nobuya. Aaron came to a stop right in front of him and swiped the claws he gained at Nobuya, which Nobuya quickly dodged by pulling his head back. His other hand came around and Nobuya dodged that as well.

Then he put his palm up against the back of his arm to prevent his claws from coming around for a third strike. His other arm, however, came up from below and Nobuya had to pull his arm back. Aaron swung his armed leg at Nobuya and he pulled his head back to avoid it.

Then he swung it at him again and again multiple times and forced Nobuya to avoid them with backflips. But that method was made useless when he ended up at the edge of the platform. Nobuya watched how close he was to the edge and switched his attention back to Aaron, his large, intimidating eyes, staring at him.

He was finished if he stayed where he was between Aaron and a possibly unpleasant fall to death. He changed his situation around when he ran at Aaron and rolled under his leg when he tried to kick him again. Nobuya now had more space to move around. He turned and faced his opponent again with his fists up. "What's wrong, badass? Don't you have a weapon?"

"Weapon? That's right; still no MakaiBooker." Nobuya reached down into the card holder and searched for an Attack Ride card.

"What's wrong?" Aaron clenched his fist as he approached Nobuya and swung it at him. Nobuya ducked it and blocked the other one with his elbow. Then Aaron put his foot on Nobuya's chest and swung the other foot up right into his jaw. Nobuya flew off his feet and fell back onto the ground as Aaron flipped back onto his feet.

Nobuya sat up and moved his tongue around in his mouth. It had filled with a small amount of blood. He turned his head to the ground and spat it inside his helmet. He finally took out an Attack Ride card, bearing the image of a golden sword.

Attack Ride: Zanvat Sword!

Kiva Emperor Form's weapon was summoned to Nobuya's grip.

"Fight!" Aaron called out as he charged once again. Nobuya dodged his attack and swung the Zanvat Sword down at him. The strike connected with his chest and Aaron grunted as noticeable damage was done to him.

Aaron lost his balance for a split second, just enough time for Nobuya to land another strike on him. Aaron quickly gained back his footing and swung at Nobuya again with his fist. Nobuya blocked it with the Zanvat-bat guard on the Zanvat Sword and kicked Aaron's chest, leaving him open and Nobuya landed another strike on him.

Aaron grunted and tried to jumpkick Nobuya. Nobuya tossed the Zanvat Sword into the air and threw his body back onto his shoulder and hands. As soon as Aaron's kick was avoided, he pushed himself back onto his feet and knees right before catching the Zanvat Sword as it feel from above.

Upon catching it, Nobuya put his right leg out and turned his body to the left. He grabbed the handle of his weapon with both hands as he prepared for his next attack. Nobuya swung his left foot around to the point where he was facing Aaron again and swung at him with all his strength.

The attack struck against the armor on Aaron's chest and he flew off his feet and onto his shoulder. Nobuya relaxed his body and approached Aaron, who was panting from the blow.

"You're good... but I'm better." Aaron retorted, kipping up and uppercutting the Zanvat Sword away.

"Final Demon Fuestle." Aaron simply commanded, bringing a silver and crimson Fuestle to Kivatas' mouth.

Once Awakened!

Aaron's armored fist flared up into an inferno of destruction that he swiftly discharged in a searing uppercut known as the Final Genocide, breaking through the Zanvat Sword's blade and striking Nobuya directly in the jaw. The Makai suit fizzled away and Nobuya was left on the floor in pain. He had excruciating toothache.

"You're good, Makai... but I'm better. Remember that." Aaron concluded before he detransformed and walked away.

"Kamen Rider Archfiend... is this a redux of Yusei? Is he Yusei's next rival?" Nobuya thought to himself as he retrieved his aching body off the floor.


"Ahh, we're home!" Erik cheered happily as he stepped back onto familiar territory.

Phil patted Dax on the shoulder: "How long before Lucifer comes a-callin'?"

"Don't worry about it... sooner or later he's going to realise he shouldn't mess with Code of Man." Dax confidently replied, making the familiar 'S' sign.

Christina & Amanda rolled their eyes at this. Shiro & Kenzaki kept to their own business. Raz & Eddie talked amongst themselves. Puppy, Dogmott & YuKivat all followed. Erik and the others passed by Joseph Harbinger, who was leaning against a wall. Puppy couldn't help but smirk at the frowning thief.

"Aww... what's the matter? Need a timeout? Or are you just upset I didn't bail you for once?" Puppy taunted.

Harbinger was quickly offended: "FUCK YOU!"

"Academy student, you are fined three credits for a Grade-Six violation of the Academy's Verbal Morality Code."

"What the fuck?" Harbinger retorted, staring at the ticket machine.

"Academy student, you are fined three credits for a Grade-Six violation of the Academy's Verbal Morality Code."

Two tickets popped out, causing Harbinger to snatch them.

Puppy couldn't help but chuckle: "You idiot. I guess the second year program forgot to mention that Professor Liger convinced the powers-that-be to raise the penalty for swearing. And if I'm correct, Joseph... that's just cost you your lunch."

Joey crushed the tickets in his hand and tossed them at Puppy: "To hell with you. Watch your back, teachers' pet!"

"Academy student, you are fined one credit for a Grade-Two violation of the Academy's Verbal Morality Code."

Joey stormed off angrily without retrieving the third ticket.

"He's probably just upset about being beaten at the thief game by that chick Asuna. Speaking of which, I'd hold onto your wallets... having two thieves was bad enough. Three is overkill, and Asuna looks like the most talented of the bunch. Extra warning to Dax & Phil since she has a Vent Deck." Puppy explained, petting Dogmott as the mechanical dog sat beside him. All of a sudden, they heard an explosion go off.

"What the heck was that?" Christina wondered aloud. Erik broke off from the group and began running towards the direction of the explosion's sound. He was also joined by someone riding a motorcycle called the Red Rhombus... Toby Venture a.k.a Kamen Rider Garren.

"Erik Caine! I'm Toby Venture! I was told to come find you!" Toby yelled.

"What? Who by?" Erik wondered.

"Chris Triton-James and Genki Tamashii! They're fighting the Dragon Dopant!" Toby answered. The last part distressed Erik.

"Did Frantz's Gaia Memory survive the battle from last term? Worse yet... is he back?"

Erik nodded and held his hand in the air: "YuKivat!"

Erik's partner came flapping after him, both of them also joined by Ziggy & Negataros.

"It's back to business!"

"Time for the Shining Wyvern to take flight!"

"Let's go deal with these amateurs!"

YuKivat bit Erik's hand, causing the stained-glass tattoos to appear and the YuKivat Belt to materialise around his waist.



Erik found himself back in Rider form, riding the YuseiRunner. He drove alongside Toby to the scene of the battle, where Genki & Chris had indeed encountered the Dragon Dopant. Erik slowly dismounted as the Dragon Dopant swiped its claw at Chris, knocking him down. Genki tried to swing his Ongekibou at the beast, but the Dopant made sure Genki fell the same way as Chris did. Taking his fighting stance, Erik followed Toby in charging at the Dragon Dopant. Toby fired his Garren Rouser several times to stun the Dopant, as Erik frontflipped over Toby's head and sidekicked the Dopant in the chest. While kneeled down, Erik patted Genki on the chest and told him to leave the battle to Erik & Toby.

"Time for you to go down!" Toby declared taking a pair of cards from the Rouse Absorber on his wrist. He inserted one into the Absorber's slot.

Absorb Queen!

He then swiped the other through the side.

Fusion Jack!

Now with wings and golden accents, Toby had entered Garren's Jack Form. He used the blade attached to the end of the Garren Rouser to slash away at the Dragon Dopant, followed by some more powerful shots. What he didn't expect was for the Dopant to not be fazed by any of the blasts. The Dopant reached down to its waist, where an active Gaia Driver rested, clicking a lever.

Dragon! Maximum Drive!

The Dopant took off into the air and unleashed a volley of fireballs upon Toby before descending and crushing him with a dropkick. The Garren Buckle forcefully released Toby from his suit, leaving Erik and the Dragon Dopant to do battle. Erik charged in from one side, and the Dragon Dopant from the other. The two Riders exchanged blows, with Erik trying to block the Dragon Dopant's attacks.

It wasn't easy: the Dragon Dopant was was displaying much more strength and force that Erik would be used to receiving from any normal opponent. Still, he tried to cope his best, forcing himself to ignore any pain in his limbs. He attempted to catch the Dragon Dopant by surprise by delivering a couple of sudden kicks to the stomach.

The Dopant staggered back but was largely unaffected. He leapt up and over Erik's head, kicking him in the back as he came back down. Erik stumbled forward but just about managed to keep his balance. He turned around, ready for another round. the Dragon Dopant moved in, but Erik quickly sidestepped to avoid him, finishing with a kick to the side that caught the Dragon Dopant off-guard. He retaliated with a swift roundhouse kick that clipped Erik's shoulder. He yelled out, clutching onto his shoulder and breathing heavily through gritted teeth.

"If you are who I think you are... then I'm taking you down!" Erik declared, pulling the Stardust Fuestle from his Fueslots.

Stardust Saber!

Ziggy energised into the Stardust Saber and changed Erik into Yusei Stardust Form. Erik then ran in and performed a flying slash straight into the Dopant's chest with the Stardust Saber. Erik kept slashing at the Dopant on the ground before stepping back and initiating the Stardust Bite. Erik attempted the Stardust Shot Splitter, but the Dopant unleashed another torrent of fireballs that caused Ziggy to fall out of weapon form, cancelling the attack.

"Ziggy!" Erik called out. He turned back to the Dragon Dopant and pointed: "You really have come back. That was a bad idea!"

"Erik! I'm switching in!" Negataros informed his contract holder. The Imagin entered Erik's body and pulled the Nega Fuestle.

Nega Buster!

N-Erik assumed Yusei Nega Form. Nega Buster in hand, N-Erik switched it to melee mode and went close-range again, striking the Dopant with small but effective slashes. Nonchalantly flipping the Buster into rifle mode, N-Erik released several shotgun-like blasts that forced the Dragon Dopant to stagger. As with the Stardust Saber, Erik initiated the Nega Bite, letting rip with the Negavolution attack. But even after the Dragon Dopant was forced to the ground, it still got to its feet, ready for more. Erik reverted to Yusei Form.

"YuKivat, let's go!" Erik said, feeding his partner the Awakening Fuestle.

Waking Up!

Erik turned day to night, the Hell's Gates breaking off from his ankles into demonic wings. Erik took a superhuman leap into the air and blasted the Dragon Dopant with the Dominance Crash Break, forcing the Dopant to its knees. Erik backflipped to verticality and approached the Dragon Dopant, with a large crowd watching.

"So, Frantz... how did prison treat you, you bastard?" Erik yelled. The Dragon Dopant looked up at him in surprise.

"Frantz? Prison? What are you talking about?" The Dopant retorted. Erik was surprised... the voice was female! The Dopant reached down to the Gaia Driver and clicked the lever upwards, ejecting the Dragon Memory. The Dopant became human once again. The user seemed to be a blonde girl with a well-toned body, wearing old Ryuki dorm colors.

"What's your name?" Erik asked.

"Jackie. Jackie Shirogane. I'm a second year here just like you." She answered. Erik could hear talking around them.

"Leave her, Erik. She's trouble!"

"Forget that, she's a Dopant!"

"She's a crook with no friends!"

"As you can tell... a lot of people know about me. But not anyone of them has ever tried to talk to me or attempted to be my friend. Therefore, I didn't know about Frantz being in prison until you told me." Jackie explained.

"Are you... a loner?" Erik wondered, having noticed the frown on many students' faces.

Jackie nodded: "It's because I use Dopant Memories. They think I'm here to kill them all. The only thing I want to do is graduate, as a Kamen Rider. Which I really am. The Dopant forms are secondary."

"How'd you come across the Dragon Gaia Memory?"

"I... bought it." Jackie hesitated. "All my Memories... except for my Rider form... were paid for. My Rider System is made from a standard Gaia Driver. You gave me a good fight. The Dragon Memory's powers should have killed you."

Erik sheepishly rubbed his helmet: "Heh... I've had experience fighting it before."

Raz Hybrid appeared on the HardBoilder: "Erik! It's time for the dorm drafting! Get your butt moving!"

Erik turned back to Jackie as the students dispersed: "Hey, we'll have to talk again, Jackie, but right now I'm going to see if I'm wearing different colors this year. And if you think I'm doing this just because I pity you, you're wrong... I want to give you a chance. The chance nobody else will. See you at lunch, Jackie."

Jackie smiled as Erik reverted to human form: "Just call me 'Jax', tiger."


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