Academy Kamen Rider.

Chapter 14: Dark Decade Pt.1.

A month ago...

"Doctor, subject is showing signs of neurological activity. Rapid eye movement has entered normal levels. The serum seems to be working."

"Good job. Hopefully Subject Shadow will show the promise he once had once he is released back into the world."

"I have concerns about that, doctor. I'm never one to question the boss' orders but is it wise to release him? Our experiment has gone so far without error... a little too convenient, if you ask me."

"It's good that you're not paid to think beyond your paycheck. We are to release him. Now get on with it."

"Yes, doctor."



Puppy dragged the Yaibuckle from his side to the center of his waist, pulling the Slash Buster with its blade from the buckle.

Yaiva Mark-Two, Activate!

Puppy once again transformed into Kamen Rider Yaiva, holding the Slash Buster ready for a mega-brawl with the leader of the Orphenochs. Gyro immediately mutated into the Wolf Orphenoch, taking the initiative. He rolled in under the Slash Buster and kicked Puppy in the side. Puppy sideswiped with the weapon, but faked it and slashed Gyro at the exact point Gyro tried to dodge.

Using his samurai techniques, Puppy shadowed across the battleground, eventually just becoming a blur to even the Orphenoch's advanced senses. With Gyro not knowing where he would strike, Puppy reappeared behind the beast and unloaded a pair of strikes to the back followed by a straight kick to the back of the head. Gyro stumbled and rolled forward to avoid hurting himself worse.

"Son of a bitch." Gyro cursed.

Puppy smirked under his helmet: "I love it when you talk dirty."

This enraged Gyro even more, causing him to charge for Puppy. Puppy nonchalantly sidestepped it and spun into a slash that knocked Gyro over. Not wasting time, Puppy moved in for a flying sidekick that sent Gyro rolling back onto his neck.

"NO MORE GAMES!" Gyro roared, using his superspeed to get the advantage away from Puppy, scratching and clawing at the academy prefect anytime he could. He capped the assault off by standing on Puppy's shoulders and mule-kicking him in the back of the head. Puppy rolled forward, the Slash Buster stabbing in the ground by him.

"Master, I recommend upgrading to Mark-Three software. The Mark-Two software's workload capacity is being exceeded by this fight." Dogmott suggested.

Puppy was apprehensive: "Are you sure you can handle it? Upgrading you almost shut you down."

"I have erected additional firewalls and antivirus software has been installed. This unit is ready to block any harmful data packets from getting through." Dogmott said, reassuring the academy veteran. Puppy nodded, resetting the Yaibuckle at his side. He reached into the secret compartment of the belt at the other side and pulled out the golden device from earlier he had named the Vangarder. He flipped it open and hit the red button.


He slotted it into the Yaibuckle and clamped the handles down over the buckle, causing it to turn gold.

Yaiva Mark-Three, Activate: Vanguard Mode, Active!

Puppy dragged the buckle back to the center of his waist, causing it to energise. The Yaiva armor enhanced, gaining additional armor on the arms and legs, the chest pattern changing and the helmet gaining samurai-like kabuto horns. The eyes changed from red to blue. Puppy was now Kamen Rider Yaiva Vanguard Mode. Puppy charged in from one side, and Gyro from the other.

The two exchanged blows, with Puppy trying to block Gyro's attacks. It wasn't easy: Gyro was was displaying much more strength and force that Puppy would be used to receiving from any normal opponent. Still, he tried to cope his best, forcing himself to ignore any pain in his limbs. He attempted to catch Gyro by surprise by delivering a couple of sudden kicks to the stomach. The Wolf Orphenoch staggered back but was largely unaffected. He leapt up and over Puppy's head, kicking him in the back as he came back down.

Puppy stumbled forward but just about managed to keep his balance. He turned around, ready for another round. Gyro moved in, but Puppy quickly sidestepped to avoid him, finishing with a kick to the side that caught Gyro offguard. He retaliated with a swift roundhouse kick that clipped Puppy's shoulder. He yelled out, clutching onto his shoulder and breathing heavily through gritted teeth. Gyro jumped in, causing Dogmott to act.

"Increasing Slash Buster software capacity from 75% to 100%. Adamantium Mode is now active."

Puppy pushed forward and struck Gyro with the Slash Buster, causing a minor explosion against the Orphenoch's chest. Gyro gingerly got up, noticing that his wound was losing sand and fast. It wasn't healing fast.

"Master, I suggest using the final program."

"Don't bore me with tech, Dogmott, just do it!"

"As you wish, Master. Executing final program."

"You will die for this, you bastard! Nobody can stop our secret weapon..." Gyro screamed in vain, knowing he was dying faster than usual. Puppy took his kicking stance, holding the Slash Buster backhand.

Final Program: Vanguard Tornado, Descend!

Puppy levitated into the air and began spinning rapidly as he came crashing down upon Gyro with a massive drill kick that pierced through the Orphenoch's sternum.

Puppy forced himself all the way through and stabbed the Slash Buster beside him, looking back to watch Gyro explode in defeat.


The leader of the Orphenochs was dead.


Present day...

"So, I'll bite... where were you when Frantz struck? Erik and us could've used your help." Toby asked as he walked with Jackie & Phil through Joji Forest along the shore, on the way to Clock Up class.

Jackie laughed: "Would you believe me if I told you I was faking taking my majors while on my time off? A friend back in my hometown still can't wrap her head around the fact that I chose this instead of Art and Design. So she disavowed any knowledge of me being a Rider and signed me up to my major in Art behind my back. I just laughed it off."

"Meet any guys while you were off?" Phil inquired... which earned him a swift punch to a very tender area.

"Nope." Jackie smirked. "Most guys back at home know better, especially when I'm interested in someone already."

Toby was flabbergasted: "Who?"

Jackie just tapped her nose, giving Toby the signal to stay out of her personal business. Toby nodded in quick understanding, having a desire not to end up like Phil.

"You'd think after getting Amanda as your girlfriend, you'd learn a little respect to women's privacies?" Toby joked.

Phil grimaced in pain: "Screw you."

"Academy student, you are fined one credit for a violation of the Academy's Verbal Morality Code."

"Wait, that's a thing now?!" Phil complained, retrieving his ticket.

"Anyways, you guys didn't need me. Erik took down Frantz. And Frantz passed away." Jackie pointed out.

"Which makes you the sole owner of a Dragon Gaia Memory." Toby responded, causing Jackie to pull said-Memory out of her pocket. She then shrugged and returned the Memory to her pocket.

"Wait, guys... what is that?" Toby wondered, pointing to the water, where something was bobbing against the shore, so the trio ran towards it, curious as to what it may be. As soon as they reached it, the three soon realised it was not an object... but a teenage boy, no older than them, wet, bleeding and shivering. Toby tried to shake the boy awake, doing so. But the boy jolted in fear, backing up into the foetal position.

"Hey, we're not here to hurt you, man..." Phil said, slowly approaching the boy.

"Hurt... h-hurt?! HURT! No! No more..." The boy cried frantically.

Jackie pulled Phil back: "He's obviously suffered a lot. Nothing we will say is going to help. And judging by his jacket, he's suffered for a long time."

"His jacket's Kuuga. That means trouble." Phil said.

Toby nodded in agreement as he glanced upon the tattered and torn Kuuga dorm blazer the boy wore: "I think we should call the Disciplinary Squad. They could sort this mess out."

Toby went for his PDA and sent out an alert to the Disciplinary Squad.


"What is your name?" Muro wondered. The drenched boy in front of him wearing the Kuuga dorm colors just stared blankly, unsure of what to say.

"My name..." The boy said. "Oh my god... I don't remember... I don't remember my name."

The boy began to quickly break down, leading to Muro and the Disciplinary Squad officers to calm him and comfort him. Muro placed a reassuring hand on the boy's shoulder as one of the Disciplinary officers handed him a ledger, adorned with the Kuuga crest on the front cover.

"Professor Muro, this is the roster from right before the Kuuga dorm was discontinued. Most are assumed dead after the Brotherhood attack, but there were a few anomalies."

Muro nodded as he took the ledger: "Nice work."

He turned back to the distraught boy in front of him: "I'm going to show you the names in this book if it will help you remember."

The boy nodded as he used a tissue to wipe his face. Muro opened the book and they scanned through it together. They rifled through a few pages before the boy stopped Muro from proceeding further and pointed at one name in particular. Muro gazed upon the name with a raised eyebrow.

"Toushiro Yamata... you were presumed missing during the Academy's first year of existence. You were nowhere near the Oni Brotherhood at the time of their attack." Muro recalled, hoping to jog something within the boy's memory.

The boy shook his head: "I... just don't remember... I can't remember anything... I don't recognise anything."

Muro sighed: "No problem, Toushiro-kun. We'll contact Professor Jack Ryker and continue our investigation. We'll find something for you to do in the meantime."

"Ryker?" The boy perked up.

"Something wrong?"

The boy shook his head again: "No... nothing wrong..."


"Have to say, I'm enjoying this catchup, boys." Jarek Leiter said before he sipped on his coffee, sitting with the Elias Brothers while Sagarc flew overhead.

"You went off the grid after your brother's wedding. What exactly happened?" Anakin asked.

Jarek smirked: "Went south. Competed in a small event and won. Then I sat in Mexico for a year. The Tarot Empire is still tracking me but they haven't crossed my path since before I bought a place in Mexico."

Anakin piped up: "Probably too naive to think they've given up?"

Jarek nodded as Sagarc spun above him. A few tables over, Erik & Dax were studying for a test in Rider History 101.

"So, Dax... how did Orphenochs come into being?" Erik asked incredulously, as Dax locked eyes with his longtime friend.

"The result of human evolution moving too fast." Dax responded, putting pencil to paper as his writing repeated his words. Erik slow-clapped and flicked a few pages over in his textbook, patting Dax on the shoulder. They were soon joined by Phil & Toby.

"Hey," YuKivat greeted. "How was Clock Up class?"

Phil gasped for breath: "Exhausting. Jackie whooped our sorry butts from one side of the room to the next."

"That's probably because neither of us could believe what happened before Clock Up class. Distracted us." Toby followed, causing Dax to look up from his essay.

"Something go wrong?" Dax wondered.

Toby shook his head: "No... but something weird went on. We found a battered kid by the shoreline. He was dressed in a Kuuga dorm jacket."

"Kuuga dorm?" Erik said. "Like Taichi & Doug?"

"He was alive and had been for some time..." Toby nodded. "And he'd also been suffering for a long time. We handed him off to the Disciplinary Squad for Professor Muro to take care of."

"It was weird... where's Amanda?" Phil asked.

Erik pointed backwards: "Studying with Christina. They wanted to catch up and watch pro wrestling together. Damn that John Cena."

"Amanda always did say she'd leave me for the Undertaker at the drop of a hat." Phil chuckled. "I'll go find her and see what's she's doing after. See you guys."


"But I called dibs!" Phil yelled as he and Dax ran to class. Dax rolled his eyes and turned around.

"You can't call 'dibs'... especially when I've called shotgun. Shotgun overrules dibs. Code of Man 101... did you not do your research?" Dax responded. They were about to open the door, when they noticed Professor Muro and the Disciplinary Squad escorting the boy from earlier around the academy. Toushiro made brief eye-contact with Dax as he walked around a corner.

"What was all that about?" Phil wondered.

Dax shook his head: "The kid that was washed up on the beach. Looks like they're getting him situated in the academy, man. Heard he doesn't remember anything before today."


"So... Anakin Gates Elias... I'll be damned." Tanaka greeted, as he crossed paths with the Tournament veteran.

"Professor... Tanaka, right? Pleased to meet you." Anakin replied, holding out his hand. Tanaka gladly shook it.

Tanaka smiled: "Your exploits during the tournament were inspiring... kinda the reason I became a Kamen Rider. Becoming one of Jack Ryker's contacts was easy enough as I dipped my hands in teaching at the RIDE Academy in Florida. I'm interested to see if you've become a little rusty."

Anakin grinned sheepishly: "So, you're challenging me to a battle? I'm sure Kamen Rider Makai will tell you I'm the real deal."

"I'm going on a hunch. Trust me on this." Tanaka smiled. Anakin backed up and reached into his jacket pocket.

"I don't properly know you, so I'll take a raincheck on trusting..." Anakin said, pulling out both the Decadriver and the Decade card. Tanaka did the same with the Lightdriver and the Light Decade card. Both Drivers expanded around their owners' waists and both flipped the Drivers open. Both stared strangely at their cards as the images fluctuated a little bit before stabilizing.



Kamen Ride: Decade!

Kamen Ride: Light Decade!

Tanaka & Anakin got into the thick of it from the get-go.

"Hey guys, look." Rito Inukaze pointed out as he, Jackie, Dax, Toby & Eddie stopped on their way to lunch to see the Decades duking it out.


"Erik..." Professor Muro said, greeting Erik & YuKivat after class. "I have a special assignment for you if you're up for it."

Erik blinked: "Whoa, a bit out of left-field, Professor."

"I'm sorry, I was under the assumption that you enjoyed a challenge." Muro smirked. Erik chuckled, knowing Muro had him bang to rights.

"Indeed I do." Erik laughed. "What do I owe the pleasure, Prof?"

"Right," Muro began explaining, getting straight to business. "As you are aware and was unavoidably publicised, we found a former Kuuga dorm student at the shore this morning. Trouble is, he's been suffering amnesia for some time and we're trying to help him remember his roots. If I were to trust you with the keys to the forbidden grounds, would you mind showing him around and seeing if it jogs anything in his mind?"

Erik blinked twice more: "You'd trust me with such a big task? There's no guarantee his memory will come back, with all due respect, sir."

"We're hoping something is triggered in his memories... because the Disciplinary Squad did some digging and found that his natural parents died shortly after he was declared missing. If he regains his memory, then he is the only one to tell us who his next-of-kin are."

"You're sending him out of the Academy?"

"Keeping him here will cause more damage than good... and mostly to him. Anybody he could've made friends with in that dorm are also gone due to the Oni Brotherhood's invasion. Can I trust you, Erik?"

Erik nodded: "Of course, sir."


"You're pretty good." Tanaka complimented, as the blade of his Lightbooker clashed against Anakin's Ridebooker.

"You're no slouch yourself." Anakin replied, thrusting forward with the Ridebooker but missing by inches as Tanaka rolled away, converting the Lightbooker to its Gun mode.

Attack Ride: Blast!

Tanaka fired off a few shots at Anakin, who blocked with the Ridebooker and then switched it to Gun mode, turning their duel into a quickdraw competition. Anakin hid behind a tree trunk and reached for a card, but a hand above belonging to his opponent stole it. Tanaka jumped out of the tree with a backflip and used the card he took.

Kamen Ride: Agito!

Tanaka switched from Light Decade to Agito, striking Agito's Rider Kick pose. Anakin almost laughed, amused that Tanaka had managed to one-up him.

Kamen Ride...

"If you're playing that game... play it against someone whose stronger than you!"


The card projection blasted out of the Decadriver and pulsed over Anakin as he soared through, becoming Blade while dropping Tanaka with a front dropkick. The two traded punches to the gut and a kick to the shins. Tanaka backflipped, but Anakin frontflipped after him and drove his head into the ground. He spun back to his feet and then went to the Ridebooker once more.

Final Attack Ride: Blade!

Anakin went for the Lightning Blast, when suddenly, a surge of electricity pulsed throughout his suit, causing him pain and reverting him to Decade. While he thought it was a weird occurance, Tanaka planned to take full advantage of the situation, rushing in... before the same electricity spark put him on the ground too, reverting him to Light Decade.

"What's going on, Dax?" Eddie wondered.

Dax shook his head as they watched: "I don't know..."

"This is weird." Rito said, pointing out the obvious.

"You alright, Tanaka?!" Anakin called out.

"Yeah," Tanaka groaned as he picked himself up off the floor. "What was that?"

Tanaka helped Anakin to his feet, and they both detransformed. Tanaka handed Anakin his Agito card back and the two walked in seperate directions. Toby & Dax looked at one another and then at Jackie, Eddie & Rito.

"The fluctuation of power between the Decades..."

All five turned their heads and were greeted by Kivatas, Aaron Hiroshi's partner in Kamen Rider Archfiend.

"Wait..." Jackie inquired. "Do you know what's happening here?"

"Such a conversation is not for public ears..." Kivatas responded, which led to Eddie inviting the bat back to the Blade dorm along with the others.


"Kivatas... can you tell me anything about what happened to Anakin Elias and Professor Tanaka out there? It's like their powers fluctuated in and out. Everything got really weird." Eddie requested. The Kivat-Bat flapped its wings, almost amused at the request.

"This is very priveleged information, detective." Kivatas explained. "A hefty price must be paid for it. Namely, your blood."

While reluctant, Eddie knew he had to get ahold of the information to find out what was going on at the academy. Dax & Toby both cringed and Eddie winced in pain as Kivatas sank his teeth into Eddie's neck, absorbing a small portion of Eddie's blood before backing up and licking his lips.

Kivatas grinned: "Most delicious. You should be the one to ask for my help in future. Now onto business... Light Decade and the real Decade's powers were weakening and strengthening all at once. Like strength and weakness were trying to cancel one another out. There's two reasons behind this... the number one reason is that there can be only one Decade. Decade's power is divided and changes on a whim. Anakin Elias has been unaffected by this rule for years, as the Lightdriver and the Nega Decadriver did not exist during the Tournament. But that's all changed. And his power is being affected. Unless the fluctuation is corrected, Anakin's power will mutate into Violent Emotion and he will be an unstoppable destruction machine, incapable of compassion to anyone."

Rito narrowed his eyebrows: "What's this about a Nega Decadriver?"

"Heh," Kivatas replied. "That brings me to reason number two. Before the NEXT Corporation was expelled from the academy, their erstwhile leaders were working on creating a live experiment, seperate from the Orphenochs. They wanted to create a Kamen Rider, and bankroll his addition to the academy. But the enrollment plan was scrapped when NEXT was taken over. The subject was implanted with the Nega Decadriver embedded in his nervous system and only released when the Orphenochs were defeated. You know him all as Toushiro."

"What?!" Jackie blurted out.

"That... can't be... Toushiro's the one who's causing all the commotion?" Toby asked.

Kivatas nodded: "He may not remember at this very moment... but his memories are starting to come back. Once he remembers who he truly is, he will be the most dangerous entity alive, who holds many secrets not even I can decipher. I must now take my leave. My master has summoned me."

Kivatas left through an open window while the others mulled over what they had just learned in utter shock.

"I should've seen it..." Jackie said.

Dax shook his head: "How could you have? For all you knew, you were just helping a kid who lost his memory."

"Still, it didn't feel right... the guy is Dark Decade, which means he's completely insane and he's going to kill everyone in his path... we gotta find him!" Jackie stressed.

Rito nodded: "First, we gotta find Erik and bring him up to speed. I'll call Raz."

Rito tapped into his Rider PDA and called the wannabe-detective: "Raz?"

"Rito, is that you?"

"Hey man, we got a situation. Do you know where Erik is?"

"Yeah, he was heading through Joji Forest with the new kid."


"Erik wanted to help Toushiro remember more, so they headed into the forest."

"If he hurts one hair on my baby's head..." Christina halfway threatened.

"Raz, meet us there ASAP! Let's move!" Rito yelled. Everybody grabbed their jackets and darted out of the dorm.


"So... anything?" Erik said, pointing to the trees. Toushiro slowly moved towards them in curiosity, placing his hand on the tree trunk and revealing a wooden carving that read 'TOU + KIRA = 4EVER'.

"Ah, Kira," Toushiro recalled. "My sweet."

"You had a girlfriend?" Erik inquired.

"Yes, " Toushiro nodded. "She was quite a sight to behold. Always had a twinkle in her eyes and a gentle heart. Shame it all ended badly for her."

Erik blinked: "What do you mean?"

Toushiro turned around: "She passed. The Oni executed her during their first uprising. But it's nothing compared to what is to come."

"What is to come?" Erik wondered in confusion.

Toushiro smirked and held up something that totally shocked Erik: the Decadriver buckle, along with the Decade card. Erik stepped back.


Christina's call was followed by Erik's friends coming to his aid. Toushiro's expression changed from his grin to a dark frown. Suddenly, the Decadriver Toushiro held in his hands turned black with an indigo gem. Toushiro then held up his Decade card, which faded into a grey Decade with blue eyes. The logo on the back changed to something more distorted while the color flashed from magenta to dull cyan.

Erik stepped back: "You... your memories were never lost, were they?"

"Oh they were... I just had trouble remembering. A side effect of NEXT's shoddy experimentation. Beneath this world, I was a failed experiment... well, I was a successful experiment deemed too powerful and then left for dead. I was revived, with the Nega Decadriver in my grasp." Toushiro proclaimed, the Nega Decadriver expanding around his waist. He inserted the Dark Decade card into the Nega Decadriver.

Kamen Ride...


...Dark Decade!

Toushiro became a blue and grey version of Decade, with his cross a shining golden color.

"I am the real Decade... and I will destroy everything!"

To be continued...


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In this package is your new dorm uniform. I will see you at the entrance examinations. Your opinion on potential new members of the IXA dorm would be greatly appreciated.

Professor Russell Liger.

"Looks like the Academy's going to be under the spotlight..."

Placed in the public's eye...

"Augen Shinoda? Hi, I'm Darren Eckman from Pepsi. I'd like to talk to you about a sponsorship deal."

With new freshmen...

"Blazer-sempai, nice job... but let me show you what I can do!" Zane requested, slamming the Hunter Knuckle into his free hand.

"You can call me Puppy. Don't be fooled... I may be a dog-lover and all but I'm still not gentle when it comes to competition!"

"Your skills are incredible, Dori Nobuya. You shouldn't have been placed in such a lowly dorm as the Agito dorm..."

"Care to rectify that mistake then, Professor Frantz?"

"Christina Hearts, Kamen Rider Seraph. You'll have to defeat her if you want to advance in this heat. She's the Ichigo dorm's most-powerful Rider."

"Augen, I'm not trying to say I want to replace your old friends... I just want to be a friend."

"Raz Hybrid. Hongo Island's personal private investigator!"

And new adversaries...

"After all that nonsense about not wanting friends and shit, you pull this on me?! You're an interesting guy, Kagemarou... I'll give you that, but you're not interesting enough for me to want to keep alive."

"Augen, thanks for everything. I came here and you took me under your wing, even with your emotional baggage. I'll always be grateful to you for that, and I'll also always be grateful to you for having more friends. I'm proud to say you're my adopted older brother. Time to pay your bills and count up your sins!"

A whole new year in the saga of Kamen Rider Kagemarou...

"There's a lot to learn, Eddie... stick with me and I'll make sure the fate of the fallen will not befall you. Only leave enemies behind."