PEOPLE! MY FIRST ONE SHOT! OF! THE! BEST! GAME! I HAVE PLAYED FOR THE XBOX 360 SINCE HALO 3 (Mw 2 does not count cause it was a waste of time, space, and every bit of effort if any that went into it, in my opinion.)

A Metro one shot that might be extended into an actual story, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IF I CAN MAKE IT A STORY! Most likely, but enough talk.


Also this is my first "non Star Fox story" XD it's quite amazing.

Remember, also, this takes place a bit during and after the ending cutscene of the ending of the game, I hope you guys enjoy, and please tell me if you want to have this made into an actual story, I already have an idea or two thought out for it!


"The missiles have launched!" Ulman said as I continued to stare at the large, volcano like spout in front of me. I turned to look behind me, seeing the flame of the missiles as they rose from the horizon. The three made long arches of smoke all the way to its target. The flaming mushroom clouds extended into the sky, reaching almost the height I was standing at. It was a beautiful sight, and I sat down next to the guidance system, watching the fire burn the beings known as the Dark Ones from the surface of the planet forever. The air within my mask quickly became stale and I quickly replaced the filter. I smelled the foul air of the irradiated world around me, and it was replaced by sweet smells once the filter was back on. "Ahh… Our work… what we have strived for, for so many years… finally complete." Ulman continued. "Artyom, find a way back down, I'll meet you at the entrance of the tower… JESUS CHRIST! Hurry up with that Artyom, the Demons are doing a full blown assault on my position!"

I stood up and looked at the large hole that took up half of the roof behind me, then I turned and looked off my perch to the city of Moscow hundreds of feet below. Directly below me, about five floors down, was a wrap about catwalk along the side of the tower.

Glad I have that rope with me. I thought, removing my bag and grabbing the hundred foot rope. I quickly crouched down by the flag pole on the perch and wrapped the rope around the pole. Tying a quick a tight knot, I pulled as hard as I could on the rope, and then slowly lowered myself off the perch, satisfied.

I slipped a bit down the rope, but quickly regained my grip. The wind picked up and I started to swing. "Fuck fuck fuck!" I yelled as I started to lose my grip again. I swung around the building, smacking against a jagged piece of metal, tearing my jacket open and shedding blood. My grip released and I was thrown across a room of computer server towers and the computers monitoring them. All I could remember was a short fall after that, then an immense pain in my back. When I awoke, I found Ulman over me, the long stretches of the elevator shaft reaching above him.

"Artyom!" He yelled, the gas mask he wore muffling his voice a bit. I looked around, noticing the small crack in the gas mask of my own. "You're awake? I just got here, but I didn't expect to find the dent in the top of the elevator. You must have taken quite a fall." He held out his hand, and I gladly took it and I was pulled to my feet. Ulman jumped down into the elevator, and I followed. "I got the elevator working and lowered it down to go up and find you, but instead you were already on it. Now, we must hurry before the Howlers catch our scent." He said as we walked past the ruble of the base of the tower. We finally emerged into the white abyss that was in place of Moscow, my home.

The streets and buildings were destroyed, and the land was plagued by an endless nuclear winter. The crunch of the ash snow under our feet, a familiar sound, but a heart breaking one.

This is what our world was reduced to. We were to forever dwell within the metros of our city, living off of what we can scavenge from above and taking them into the depths of darkness.

This was life now… Forever dark, forever mournful.



I hope you enjoyed this oneshot/ possible full story of Metro 2033, the best game for Xbox 360 EVA! That I have played that is…

Anyway, like I said in the beginning, please tell me if you guys would like to have this made into a full story or not, and I will do so!