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Ironic, Isn't It?

I was a lonely child.

I always followed what my father and grandfather told me and was very obedient. Being so focused on being a good girl in school always hindered would be friendships that came my way. Academics and being a refined lady always was top priority for me, no matter what. Thus my social skills were poor and I had a very snooty attitude towards others. Always saying what's on my mind immediately and being brutally honest with others. My family liked it, not so much the children. I never really cared about others feelings and only for myself.

That is until I met you one day.

Despite you only knowing me for two days, you talked to me like you actually wanted to see who I was. To see how I liked certain things and try starting any interesting conversation with me and didn't bore me to tears. I was really impressed…

and I developed feelings for you.

The way the sun shone on your skin, the way you were so in command with yourself. The way you actually respected your grandfather and made him aware that you yourself knew what to do on your own. You made me yearn for that, for what you could do while I couldn't. I had to respect the men of my village, but you had the freedom to choose what you wanted to do. You made me admire you.

and made me want to be near you at all times.

The two days may have been short when thinking of it, but to actually live through it with you felt so much longer. I wish it did last longer but I could see good things never last for me, for you didn't feel the same for me.

I only tried to tell him the truth. It wasn't my fault that I didn't like him that way. I liked you. But apparently that wasn't good enough for you. You got extremely hurtful when I told him no, and I was shocked to know that the person I had such big a crush on had hated me that way, hated the way I disrespected your relative. It hurt to know that I took a big risk for speaking the truth, and in return I got nothing.

No friends.

No love.

No you.

I was alone again. But I simply brushed it off and acted like it was nothing. It wasn't until then that I overheard you talking to him about crushes, how you can get crushed by it just as much as you receiving positive feelings. It then made me realize how the only time you ever talked to me was all about your cousin.

What I thought about him?

Did I get freaked out when he transformed?

And various other questions about him. It made me so sad to know that I was used just for you to forward information for your cousin.

Well you were right. I was crushed by someone who didn't even pay attention to me, and just used me for their own means.

Which I guess can be how you feel Ben…I'm sorry. I really am. Knowing how you feel makes me angry that either of us felt this way for someone so unrequited.

How bittersweet this ironic event happened to be for all of us.