By: Emo Fox

Naruto thought the icy chill of dread should have passed by now.

They have had this thing of theirs for quite a few months now; maybe even a year. He had even gotten Sasuke to eat some more normal food types; and sometimes he could coax him into a five minute nap. The voices had continued to ignore Sasuke when he visited; so as far as Naruto knew, everything was going very well.

But sometimes when Naruto would catch a glimpse of Sasuke out of the corner of his eye and noticed those calculating sharp black eyes staring at him.

He can't help the shiver that rolls down his spine; or the images of their first fateful encounter as they stab into his conscious.

He can still feel the blade digging into his face, could still feel when that same weapon stabbed harshly into his shoulder and when he had looked up into that blood-stained face and truly saw his death there.


Naruto knew Sasuke was a murderer.


Sometimes when Naruto merely observed Sasuke from the kitchen(like he was doing now); when he just stood and watched as the Uchiha stared intently at the T.V with that ghost of a smile on his lips as he enjoyed a program with all the innocence of a child.

In these moments Naruto could forget about what had happened then, could forget about all the blood that stained Sasuke's hands.

In these rare precious moments he could forget that Sasuke was a cold blooded killer.

And that realization scared Naruto most of all.


Very short drabble of nothing really. This is spawned from, "Sasuke the Homicidal Maniac" which I will get around to updating. I enjoy the world that story is set in, so I have a few other little one-shots from that era floating on my profile. Thank you for reading; this was sort of just a blurb to get me back into the mind-set of Naruto in general.