With my sister starting middle school soon, I just had to wonder what our favorite Bohos would be like in the 7th Grade. And with that, I present… Young Bohemians of the 80's!

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Maureen sighed as she walked up to the front door of Scarsdale Public School with Mark. Even though they lived in the smallest town for miles, she managed to dress perfectly for the occasion; white leather jacket, graphic tee, black skinny jeans and white leather boots. Mark, on the other hand, was wearing the dorkiest striped sweater and - surprise, surprise! – a scarf.

"C'mon Markie! We're gonna be late!" Yelled Maureen to the apparently lagging Mark.

"Jeez, Maureen! I was just looking for Roger!" Retorted "Markie" as he ran to catch up.

Maureen walked into the dreaded hall and looked around for any friends; there was April Ericsson who Roger had taken a liking to, Mr. Dale the Science teacher, and Muffy Grey.

Hmm… talking to Muffy would be better than talking to Mr. Dale-Ick! She thought.

Maureen approached Muffy, rudely ditching Mark for a minute.

"Hey, Muffy!" She called to the soft-spoken girl.

"Oh, I actually changed my name to Allison, daddy's new wife HATES the name Muffy. But, uh, you're Noreen, right?" Muffy –er – Allison responded.

Maureen gave a quiet "oh" and walked away. She and Mark went to their lockers.

As she walked to her little area of storage space, she noticed a new girl at the locker beside hers. She had dark brown wavy hair and was wearing a blue blouse with a white camisole and –OMG- the same pants as Maureen! Maureen approached her to tell her that if she didn't change her pants this very instant she would slap her silly. Just then the girl said,

"Hi, I'm Mimi."

Maureen was about to respond when Mark said, "Wow… you're hot- I mean you look a little, uh, sweaty! Yeah! Do you want some water?"

Way to make a good first impression, Cohen.

"I'm Maureen, he's Mark," Maureen leaned towards Mimi's ear to whisper "He's not usually this awkward, well, he is, but, not THIS awkward"

Mimi giggled. Then from the other end of the hall walked a somewhat sexy rocker dude. No, no, it was just Roger Davis. (No offense!)

"Whoa." He whispered as he saw Mimi.

"What are you staring at?" Mimi asked, looking around nervously, thinking there might be some kind of giant dancing purple polka dotted hamster behind her or something.

"Your hair in the florescent light."

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