Author's Note: Alright so I have decided that I really love this story and so I am taking it from my short stories ABC's and Love and I am turning it into a separate story on its own! I felt like that would also help clear up some confusion for some people. =] Let me know what you guys think.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hannah Montana or its characters.

Most people think I have a perfect life, and in lots of ways I do.

Great job that I love, gorgeous apartment, beautiful clothes, lots of friends, a wonderful family and a pretty good social life.

And my looks. People say that's not important, but it is. I mean who would rather be plain than pretty? I think I'm pretty, not beautiful or sexy…just pretty and maybe cute. That's what people say anyway.

And smart. Smart enough to get into a good college and graduate a year early. Smart enough to use what talents god gave me to be a success, a respected star in both America and Europe. Smart enough to not let the fame get to my head either. Not me. I'm not an idiot.

What I am is a masochist.

Lilly, my girlfriend, who I love more than life itself, says that I'm not, she says that I'm a romantic and that they're two completely different things.

I disagree.


Because Lilly is married and that person is not me. I'm in love with a married woman.

And I stopped wearing mascara a long time ago.