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Happens during The Legend of Candy Face…..

Sleep Walking

They finished listening to the Candy Face story and went straight to their tents. The Mackenzie Falls cast went to their overrated tent and the So-Random cast went to their rebuild tent. It was a quite night and neither Sonny nor Chad knew that by the morning their lives will change tremendously.

Sonny was sleeping tightly in her sleeping bag. However suddenly she got up, got out of the tent, walked a little, bumped into something, lay down and slept.

Chad was also sleeping when he got up, got out of the tent, walked a little, bumped into something, lay down and slept.

Little did they know that they actually bumped into each other and slept in each others' hands.

Soon came the morning, Sonny wake up to find herself being cuddled by something very soft. She was terribly shocked to know that this thing was actually Chad Dylan Cooper. However she didn't move, she liked how she fitted perfectly in his arms, even though she knew that those feelings were wrong since they are rivals, but also was loving him. Yes she couldn't deny loving him anymore, she knew that she was hopelessly in love with him. So she closed her eyes and acted as if she was still sleeping.

Ten minutes before Sonny wake up, Chad walked up also to find her in his arm, at first he didn't know if he was still dreaming or not, because hay Sonny sleeping in his arms was sure a dream for him. However he decided to play along and cuddle her even more. He noticed how even in the woods she smelled like strawberry, and how peaceful she looks when she is asleep and how her body fits perfectly in his arms.

After Sonny was awake, Chad couldn't help sneaking another peak on her. She looked so beautiful and he couldn't help the words coming out of his mouth "Oh, Sonny if you only knew how you make me feel about you and how could the smallest tiny things in you change my day, and how you have changed me since you came here." He sighted "If you only knew how much I love you."

What Chad didn't know was that Sonny was actually awake and that she heard every single word he said. So she just turned around to face him and before he could even say a thing she placed the sweetest kiss on his lips and told him "I love you too." She smiled and he couldn't help smiling back, but this time he didn't just smile he kissed her again only this time the kiss was deeper and passionate. The kissed till they couldn't breathe anymore and needed some air.

When they got up, they were confused. "How did we get here?" Sonny asked, but Chad just shrugged "Maybe we sleep walk". They couldn't think of any other explanation so they just agreed on this one. "So" Sonny was the one to break the silence "Where does that leaves us?" "Well would you like to go out on a date with me on Friday night when we go back?" Chad asked. "I would love to." said Sonny. "Great, I will pick you up at seven then". "okay" answered Sonny. Then they kissed a again.

"I think this will be a great relationship" Sonny said. Chad smiled at her "I think it will"

"But we can't tell anyone from our shows, at least not till the feud is over" said Sonny , and Chad agreed. Too bad was that they had to go back to their friends for the day was about to begin.

Little did the know that their friends, wake up in the night and found them sleeping and caught everything on Zoë's camera.

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