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Pepper, Rhodey, and Tony lay back on the grassy hill, watching the clouds gently drift by.

"You know, if you use your imagination, you can see a lot in clouds. Their shapes and forms can signify many different things to many different people. It's a sign of a healthy soul if you can relate them back to your life. Rhodey?" asked Pepper.

"Well, I see rows over there, like the lines of military men. I see a face screwed up in concentration, aiming his rifle."

"...Aiming his rifle..." Tony snickered to himself.

"I see tears, tears of the fallen. There's a bomb exploding, and an airplane speeding across the sky."

"That's a real plane, dumbass," Tony mumbled, as the, quite real, plane scooted along.

"...Well, yes. I see a man helping his co-pilot out of a wreckage. I see a medal, and a bullet, and a helmet. There's a sand dune from Afghanistan. I see a Humvee, and a mounted cannon. And over there's a soldier shielding an innocent civilian. That's what I see."

"That's really good, Colonel. I can easily tell from that you are very passionate and focused on your job. You obviously are well-settled within yourself. What about you, Tony?"

"Well, I was just going to say I saw a fluffy cat and a marshmallow, but I change my mind."

Did you like? JLW wrote it with Pirates. Awesomene.