I am drifting, and I feel air around me, although I have no body. I know that the world will be in chaos when I return, so for now I will stay here, in peace. But–wait. What's this I see? A pirate brandishing his sword in order to chastise his

captive? Oh, no! There is blood everywhere, and the innocent is dead. The pirate's crew stares, rapt with admiration for their fearless leader. They must hope they will soon be like him. There could be no greater plight than this murder. And

now–the scene has changed. The young boy who had been killed is being mourned–by a whole village. He had been lively, curious, and clever, bringing joy to nearly everyone whom he passed on the street. He was an orphan, and

everyone became family to him. During the mourning, there is no smell of freshly baked bread coming from the bakery. There are no peddlers or merchants pulling their carts along the bumpy, rutted roads. Although school is out, you cannot

hear the laughter and shouting of children playing. There is only the quiet scuffling of feet as everyone remembers the boy. There will be no recompensation fro this horror. As the picture slowly fades and disappears into nothingness, I

reawaken to the real world.

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