A quick update!

I've been getting a few inquires about an update on The Road Less Traveled. I have to apologize for not posting any updates on this story for a long time. A couple of days after my last posting I had a bad fall on the ice and twisted both knees. I've been in a lot of pain for over a month and that has affected my writing :/ I've written drafts of ch 11, but they all end up very Mary Sueish... Tony is in an awful lot of pain, and Gibbs is cranky all the time...LOL.

I got the results of the MRI this week. My right knee isn't too bad, just stretched ligaments. My left knee may need surgery. The ligaments are badly stretched and I broke a piece of my femur. I may need to remove that and to repair the ligament. *sigh* On a happier note, my friends and colleagues have been wonderful. They've helped me with groceries, fire wood and stuff around the house. They've picked me up for work and driven me home (about 100 meters...LOL which right now have been far too long to walk...) I'm really grateful I have them in my life

So, as soon as I'm better, I'll finish the story. I don't intend to leave it hanging, I just need to feel a bit better.